Breaking The Day - Chapter 232

Chengfeng was probably first in the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect to witness the venomous side of Grand Senior Sister. Or rather, his repeated crossing of boundaries triggered this response. 

Not clear which though. 

However, as a skilful debater himself, Chengfeng thought to himself: I’m always the one insulting others, yet today I’m the one rendered speechless from her repeated insults! He could not bear it any longer. 

But he must! 

He was getting the better side of the deal, can’t he just let her insult him all she wanted? 

Holding back his anger, he said, “Have you changed your mind, Grand Senior Sister?” 

She said wistfully, “I merely agreed to teach you…” 

He stared at her, then let out a hearty laugh. “I thought you were a woman of your word but after today, I no longer think so…” Before she could reply, he interjected, “But, it’s fine even if you want to drag this on! You just need to go with me to purchase this seal. You will not need to spend even a copper!” 

Although she was very irritated by the request, it intrigued her enough. Eyeing him suspiciously, she asked, “What do you want now?” 

He smiled. “If you don’t want to help me, I’ll figure this out myself.” 

A bad feeling rose within her. Is this idiot going to… use my name to fan more gossip again? 

The incident of Chengfeng’s first day at the sect had made headlines- a newcomer cheated Huangfu Song and another three more Seniors at their banquet, even scamming them of their money! If Chengfeng hadn’t known his limits and returned the rest, this would be a scam known across the entire Daqi! 

With such a shocking backstory, Grand Senior Sister knew she must remain guarded. This man did not play by the rules and could not be trusted. 

After some thought, she realised she was being too cautious and in turn only hurt herself. She had been trying to take advantage of him but his unpredictable retaliations only made her suffer. Exasperated, she said, “Fine, I’ll sell them to you.” 

He grinned. “That’s kinda embarrassing, isn’t it? Can I buy them on credit?” 

Her face fell, she scoffed, “Two thousand silver pieces for one Cloud Seal! No credits, no discounts!” 

Regarding her up and down, he tutted, “Sigh, I didn’t know you knew how to bargain! Unless… do you lack funds too, Grand Senior Sister?” 

She huffed, “I am just being fair to everyone!” 

He grinned mischievously, “But isn’t this a private arrangement?” 

“What are you calling ‘private’ now?!”

He gasped, “Oh, so it’s a public affair? Then I should announce it publicly!” 

Furious, a green vein popped from her forehead as she did her best to stop herself from slapping him into pulp. 

Grand Senior Sister took a deep breath, suppressing her boiling anger and flicked her wrist at him. 

Extremely startled, he dodged to the side only to realise the flying objects were a few seals. 

He would never dare to catch them so he finally picked them up from the ground after they landed. They were covered in strange patterns that glowed a dim golden and seemed very mysterious. 

Flipping these three identical pieces to study them, he looked up to ask, “What’s this for?” 

She did not even look at him when she huffed, “Use your Qi if you can, or your blood if you can’t!” 

Chengfeng remembered the ‘family heirloom’ hidden with him and understood immediately. Pricking his finger gently on his bone spear, he squeezed a few drops of blood on the seal. 

The droplets of blood quickly seeped into the patterns, which soon brightened to become a bright gold. Then, faint golden rays shone outwards to slowly engulf Chengfeng in golden light. 

Chengfeng studied the golden threads wrapping around him. They did not make him feel claustrophobic, instead seeming to contain some energy as they flew quickly around his body and started to support him. 

The energy strengthened until his body was slowly lifted upwards. He felt himself levitating, now only the tips of his toes on the ground. However, he still could not move- not up, not down, especially not sideways or ahead. 
To his puzzlement, the golden threads fused together and headed straight between his brows. 

He asked in a panicked tone, “Hey hey hey, you’re not trying to kill me, are you?” 

She scoffed, “You’ll be able to feel the energy yourself soon. Then, you can control it and fly.” 

Indeed, the golden threads quickly arrived between his brows and penetrated his forehead. 

Since the immortal powers in his body did not perceive the golden threads as a threat, they were allowed direct entry. 

After this energy merged with his body, all he had to do was think and the golden threads outside his body spun quickly to lift him up. He tried controlling this energy to bring him forward. 

He had just formed the thought when his body shot forwards like a cannonball. He disappeared in a flash, shooting like an arrow, screaming as he scratched past many branches in the forest. 

He was lucky he did not hit any tree trunks, merely colliding with dense branches that slowed down his momentum or he could have been crippled just from this! 

When Grand Senior Sister saw him disappear into the forest, she could not help but smile, her expression filled with schadenfreude, delighted to see him suffer. “That’ll teach you to take advantage of me!” 

After a while, the forest remained dead silent so she yelled, “Hey! Are you dead yet!” 

She had just shouted when a crashing sound of broken branches came. She almost clapped in delight. I hope he falls and dies! 


Chengfeng was ghastly pale- the sheer speed and surprise had scared him sh*tless! 

He could not believe how fast that was! 

After landing, he checked his body to make sure there were no severe injuries. Then, he focused and mentally wielded this power again. 

Having learnt his lesson, he only wielded ten percent of the seal’s powers. He felt himself slowly floating up, then moved sideways, front and back based on his intent. 

Chegnfeng was ecstatic! He had always admired people who could fly! 

Furthermore, not being able to fly had always been his weakest point. He knew more than one battle was inevitable when the sect evaluation arrived. If he was targeted and his opponent fired long-ranged attacks from mid-air, what would he do? 

He would be a sitting duck! 

It did not matter how good his close-range combat skills were, he must be able to reach them first! 

Also, knowing how to fly was an indicator of status and abilities in the sect! 

Chengfeng chose this unorthodox method to tackle the examination in a month because he knew he would not survive through conventional means. He needed a backdoor! 

Now that he could fly, he would have one more trump card up his sleeve for the sparring sessions! 

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