Breaking The Day - Chapter 233

Li Chengfeng completely relied on the fulu seal to fly, all he had to learn was the technique and keeping his balance, effectively bypassing the most difficult parts of truly learning to fly. 

He learned a new lesson: they don’t need to know how to wield their Qi to fly, nor did they have to suffer through intense cultivation to do something a MAgical Unblocking cultivator could do. 

All he needed to do was master flying before the inevitably violent battle in a month! 

Despite starting off on the wrong foot, he gradually familiarised with the sensation. 

Humans lost balance easily mid-air, a slight tipping could cause one to fly straight into dirt. The reason was simple- there was no support. 

Keeping one’s balance on the ground was easy because having both feet on the ground led to a stable stance. Comparatively, one would feel unstable with one foot- that tested one’s balancing abilities to ensure that the centre of gravity was balanced. 

There was no point of support in the air. To fly straight, one needs a force pushing from behind, or pulling from the front. A unique stance is required to suit this momentum, as well as get accustomed to the movement to prevent slamming into the ground or shooting far backwards. 

After falling more than ten times, he finally found a sense of balance and could almost stagger ahead. 

GRand Senior Sister, who was watching him, was miserable with this progress. While watching Chengfeng fall countless times dissipated her anger, she wanted him to fall more- even better if he cracks his head and dies! Then she will never have to see him again. 

Too bad the idiot found his balance this quickly. Looks like he is talented in balancing after all. 

When he first started off, Chengfeng flew nervously near the ground, afraid he  might fall to his death if he went any higher. 

Like an eaglet learning to fly, controlling his own body took strenuous effort and he flew extremely slowly, grasping the feeling of flying in different stances. The speed and suitability of each stance in battle was different. 

It was just like riding a horse. Beginners often found it difficult to grasp the rhythm of a horse and would get tossed off easily. Experienced riders, on the other hand, could not only follow the horse’s rhythm but also borrow its momentum to fight and even shoot arrows! 

Flying was the same. Experienced cultivators used flying to dodged spells and its momentum for ambush. 
Excitement mounted as he grew familiar with flying, he started to familiarise with flying straight, sideways, diagonally, upside down, backwards etc. Just when he began to have fun, he heard a voice. 

“Hey, do you see what’s below you?” Grand Senior Sister materialised beside him, looking at him out of the corner of her eye. 

Chengfeng halted mid-air and turned to look at her. “Below me? Why?” 

“Don’t you see it?” 

He looked down. At this moment, he was close to the crown of a four-metre tall tree. He looked down and other than white snow and stubborn weeds, there was nothing. 

“What is it?” 

“A turtle just crawled past, didn’t you see it? It was crawling faster than you!” 

“Hey, turtles hibernate in the winter!” protested Chengfeng. “Are you bullying me because I didn’t go to school?” 

She smirked. “I’m bullying you because you’re dumb! There is a type of snapping turtle here at Spiritual Mountain Sect. It’s carnivorous and aggressive, and continues to hunt during winter. Haven’t you read ‘Records of the Spiritual Mountain’? 

Chengfeng turned red and grinned. “I’m new here, I haven't had the time! If it’s an aggressive carnivorous turtle, so what if it overtakes me?” 

She replied mildly, “A snapping turtle is as slow as a snail. It relies on camouflage to hide and wait for a prey, that’s when it moves. Usually, snapping turtles don’t even crawl more than ten metres a day, looks like… you don’t know this either!” 

He gave her a tired look and asked, “So you said it overtook me. Where is it now?” 

“You’re too slow, it’s gone already!” 

“Hey!” He rolled his eyes, then shot up to a height of almost twenty metres. His body accelerated mid-air. 

In the beginning, he was as quick as a horse, then an eagle, then a shooting star. Air resistance pushed stronger against him, his eyes almost forced shut by the powerful winds slamming into his face. 

The breeze cut like knives into his cheek. 

Chengfeng could not help but wonder, ‘how do cultivators prevent this when they’re battling at high speeds?’ 

How could they fight if they could barely keep their eyes open? 

He was just wondering when he heard Grand Senior Sister’s voice again. “Do you see the mountain ahead?” 

He looked ahead and squinted, preventing tears from forming due to the strong currents. “I see it! A mountain! Why?” 

A gust of wind rushed straight into his open mouth, almost choking him as he coughed violently. 

GRand Senior Sister pointed at the mountain ahead. “Fly that way, break it!” 

Shocked, he asked, “Are you insane? How can I break a whole mountain with just my body?!” 

She snickered, “Now that you’re aware of that, why aren’t you stopping?” 

Chengfeng looked at her, exhausted, “Can you please stop mocking me and help me instead?” 

Grand Senior Sister replied, “Remember YOU were the one who asked!” 

“I will!”

“You won’t regret this?” 

Chengfeng said determinedly, “Absolutely not!” 

Grand Senior Sister nodded but remained in the same spot. Chengfeng’s eyes widened as they locked eyes, then he asked in surprise, “Why aren’t you leaving?” 

“Do you own this place?” 

He sighed. This woman was a pain indeed, especially when she was powerful enough to squash him. He could not afford to provoke her more! 

I’ll stay as far away as possible, alright? 

In a flash, Chengfeng shot upwards to test his limit. 

He had already tested his speed, now he needed to know the height limit for his physical body. That was important. 

Chengfeng shot up into the sky like a rocket through the clouds, becoming smaller and smaller. 

He felt the wind slam into his face, a chill seeping into his bones. He looked down and was stunned by the view. 

At this moment, he was at an altitude of two thousand three hundred metres, looking down on the Spiritual Mountain Sect only to see that the once magnificent mountain range was now obscured by a sea of clouds, only scattered peaks peeking through the cloud layer. They appeared in and out of sight, it was a gorgeous view indeed. 

He could no longer people on the ground, only clouds and mountain peaks. It was a metaphorical representation of cultivation: a mountain always finds another mountain taller than itself, a cloud always finds itself among a sea of clouds. 

There is no end on the path of cultivation! 

Chengfeng felt a strong energy brewing in his chest, as if it was slowly waiting to be released in an explosion. 

This was the effect from a reaction between his own Immortal Qi and the heaven and earth Spiritual Qi. Why did cultivators like heights? Because of the Qi found between heaven and earth! 

Chengfeng wanted to scream as loud as he could. At that moment, he knew why people loved living high up in the mountains. They could look down on the world! 

At such a height, looking down on the world, one would feel a sense of pride, like they were king of the world! 

And Chengfeng knew he would make a name for himself in the vast world! 

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