Breaking The Day - Chapter 234

Li Chengfeng took a deep breath, about to scream when he realised the golden threads on his body were disappearing fast, the energy that wrapped around his body was dissipating at an alarming speed. 

Eh? What is going on? 

Have I reached some time limit on the fulu seal? 

So soon? 

What a poor quality seal! Unless… Did Grand Senior Sister cheat me? 

That’s impossible. How good is she at fortune-telling? How would she have known I would need her seal? 

As he panicked, he saw Grand Senior Sister appear next to him, as if going to laugh. “Do you need help?” 

He cried, “What stupid seal was that? It expired so quickly!” 

She explained patiently, “It’s not a seal for long-term flight, the full name of this seal is actually ‘Magical Golden Armour Nine Heavens Cloud Seal…” 

Chengfeng could no longer keep his balance as the energy weakened around him. He roared, “What the heck? That’s such a long name, are you freaking making it up?” 

She had a mischievous look in her eyes, like a cat catching a mouse. “Yep, you’re very smart, how did you know…” 

He was about to shout when all the fulu seal powers on him disappeared. He felt himself dragged downwards, and thus began his quick descent. 

“Curse you and your family!” he roared. 

Almost laughing, she replied, “Go ahead, the more you speak, the more it proves how… you do not have any more tricks up your sleeves! Other than you and the people close to you, no one else actually knows about the incident in the forbidden area!” 

Chengfeng’s heart skipped a beat. The panic he felt from this realisation far surpassed the panic from falling! 

He had been careless! 

He should have considered that a person like Grand Senior Sister would never give up and accept her fate! Asking her to teach him cultivation was the same as playing with a tiger. He knew he must be careful but did not expect her to find his weakness at a moment like this! 

GRand Senior Sister was right. If he had another trick up his sleeve, this time he should just be angry and threatening her back, not angry and panicking…

What now?! 

Chengfeng paled as he dropped at high speed, Grand Senior Sister watching him fall farther away with an amused look. He was rapidly descending while she remained high above, just like the power dynamics they always had. 

Pain and regret filled him. Ever since he arrived in Spiritual Mountain Sect, he had relied on his wit to live through the loopholes and cracks of the four courts. He had used his wit to escape every threat, sometimes even taking advantage of the situation! 

Although he never said so, he was actually secretly delighted with himself. 

How many people could claim to have so many seniors under his control as a newcomer? Even the Grand Senior Sister herself was threatened by him! 

Now, reality had just given him a slap across the face! 

His mind raced. If I die, Grand Senior Sister will surely kill Zhao Xiaobao and Su Yuehan, and my family… they won’t escape either. Too many people want them dead! 

No, I cannot die! I must not die! 

The desire to live burned within him. He survived being almost burnt to crisp at the forbidden area, this was nothing! 

Chengfeng did not want to take his chances. He did not want to check if he could live after being smashed into pulp. 

He quickly fished out another seal and dripped some blood on it- but nothing happened. A voice came from far above, “Just give up already, you can only use seals like that once per day! Just… accept your death!” 

He gritted his teeth to look up at her in the clouds. At this moment, he was already falling through the cloud layer.

Grand Senior Sister looked down at Li Chengfeng, her silhouette flickering as she was about to head to Hidden Sword Court to kill Zhao Xiaobao and Su Yuehan. Suddenly, she heard a sharp bird’s caw. Turning to look, she saw a snow falcon approaching with its wings spread wide open, then circled around her. 

Grand Senior Sister was first shocked, then immediately bowed in respect, “Master!” 

The snow falcon glared sharply. “I have not been able to find you. What are you doing here?” As it spoke, it looked down into the sea of clouds. 

She smiled, though her chest tightened. “Teaching a junior cultivation.” 

The falcon stared straight at her until her back was drenched in sweat. “This is strange! I’ve known you for decades, you never paid attention to any man.” 

She grew even more nervous but quickly responded, “This is no ordinary person. He humiliated me in front of everyone at the conference, if I don’t teach him a lesson, would that not ruin Hidden Beauty Court’s reputation?” 

The falcon averted its gaze and looked down at the clouds. “Stop fooling around!” 

Grand Senior Sister privately heaved a sigh of relief, knowing she had passed the test. “Master, you were looking for me?” 

The falcon replied, “I received news that the Nine Heavenly Immortal Zhao Feiyue had been spotted about 250 kilometres away from Spiritual Mountain. She should arrive at Hidden Beauty Court soon, make preparations to welcome her.” 

Grand Senior Sister’s chest tightened once again, her gaze focused. “Master, she’s… coming to Hidden Beauty Court? Why?” 

“A few days ago, Zhao Feiyue went to Sunset Plains in the Northwest and fought the Dragon King Zhan Qisheng for three days and three nights. Then, she started to head towards the Spiritual Mountain Sect, apparently to investigate matters regarding the reincarnated traitorous immortal from nineteen years ago!” 

Grand Senior Sister gasped, “The reincarnated traitorous immortal? Didn’t we kill the immortal nineteen years ago?” 

The falcon replied mockingly, “That old emperor is just being a coward! Don’t ask too many questions, just treat her well and do not embarrass the Hidden Beauty Court! You’re going to be the future court master, do not make us lose face!” 

Grand Senior Sister bowed. “I would never!” 

“Go now then. It’s time for you to reprimand your Junior Sisters too. They’re always mixing around with those men, it’s inappropriate!” 

Grand Senior Sister looked towards Hidden Sword Court’s Eagle Mountain regretfully, then flew off in another direction. 

The falcon flew in a circle, let out a piercing cry, then left in the same direction. 

At this moment, Chengfeng’s mind was spinning. What do I do? What do I do?! 

I’ve survived so many obstacles, there must be a solution! 

With great difficulty, he struggled to correct his position mid-air so his limbs were spread out, face facing downwards to maximise air resistance, even by a little. 

His cultivator’s robes expanded as they caught the wind, flapping loudly. 

When he saw his robes, an idea struck him! 

Right! I have an idea! 


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