Breaking The Day - Chapter 235

Li Chengfeng struggled to pull his robes off, revealing his martial artist’s light wear underneath. His spear, ‘family heirlooms’ and personal belongings were either tied to himself or hidden in a secret pocket. 

Chengfeng stuffed the remaining seals in his pocket, then pulled out his bone spear, tying the large robe to it to form a parachute. 

Tying knots while losing balance midair was a true test of determination and fortitude. 

He had been a swindler since young, sometimes even a shaky hand would foil an entire plan! He was already a master at this. 

Chengfeng tumbled irregularly through the air, his focus completely on the robes and his spear, forgetting about everything around him. The roaring winds in his ears seemed to vanish. Working his hands like metal pincers, he tied the robes tightly to both ends of the spear. 

Then, he grabbed the spear and the robes instantly filled with air like a small parachute, slowing him down instantly. There was a violent shaking, then he finally restored his balance. 

However, he might still die at this speed! 

Can a pile of pulp come alive again? Chengfeng was not optimistic. He felt like the most his Immortal Qi could do was protect his internal organs. But under such impact that could turn his organs to pulp, he did not think the Immortal Qi was enough to revive him.

Chengfeng grabbed his emergency parachute with two hands, forcing his body parallel to the ground using his core strength to maintain a large surface area. 

Unfortunately, he was still accelerating. The winds roared in his ears while his robes swelled more. At this point, he could hear the sturdy robe material ripping right above him. 

He craned his neck to see that there were several obvious tears on the robes where air leaked through. 

Silently cursing, he looked down. Beneath him was a forest with a patch of jagged rock formations, all bare like messy swords piercing through the skies. If he fell on one of those, even the buddha would not be able to save him. 

But there was lush green forest far away. An idea struck him as he turned the spear to adjust his direction. The ‘parachute’ immediately changed its angle and headed towards the lush forest. 

Now that he saw a glimmer of hope, he forced his eyes wide open despite the stinging winds. Tears flowed but he did not dare blink in fear of missing his landing spot. 

He fell faster, and faster. Rrriip-- A large tear ripped open and he accelerated even more. His heart pounded in his chest as he locked his eyes on the forest, screaming in his heart, ‘A little more! A little more! I just need to get to the forest!’

He saw the forest approaching quickly- two hundred metres, one hundred and fifty, one hundred, ninety… eighty… seventy… sixty! 

About fifty metres away, he finally sensed the lush forest, teeming with life. He immediately formed an intent to control the plants below. 

His desperation to live had reached its peak, using all his Immortal Qi to control the plants below. The trees beneath started to grow at an alarming speed, branches extending upwards to form twisting ropes until a large hand made of leaves and branches formed. 

Chengfeng did not dare use tree trunks to make this hand because he knew that he could also die if he landed on a tree trunk. 

Only flexible branches and soft leaves could soften his landing enough without hurting him. 

A giant hand reached out into the sky, opening its palm to catch Chengfeng. 

When he was thirty metres away from the ground, he fell heavily into the hand, hurling through the thick layer of leaves and branches.

Every layer of twig had created enough friction to slow him down so the fall was not fatal. 

Countless branches had rushed after Chengfeng, twisting and turning, getting broken and then growing again. Ultimately, they did not grow fast enough to catch him, looking like a crowd of snakes writhing after Chengfeng. 

Chengfeng’s vision blurred from the impact, almost momentarily blinded. The soft, tender leaves and twigs had turned to tiny blades cutting him like metal whips on his body until he bled! 

However, he felt no pain because all his attention was on his speed and the ground that went in and out of his vision. When he was about to reach the ground, he controlled his chlorokinesis once again. Suddenly, he fell out into open air, breaking through the giant hand, and his eyes widened. A patch of green grass awaited two metres below. 

Chengfeng slammed hard into the grass, though he reacted quickly by tumbling away the moment he hit the ground, neutralising the momentum. 

After a few turns, he gradually slowed down and finally stopped. Panting heavily, he chuckled softly, which grew louder and soon became the hysterical laughter of a madman who had just conquered death. 

“Grand Senior Sister! Do you see this?! I didn’t die! I DIDN’T FREAKING DIE! HAHAHAHAHA!” He laughed like a maniac, “TRY TRICKING ME AGAIN! I DARE YOU! I AM A LUCKY MAN, I CAN’T DIE! HAHAHAHA!” 

He was laughing until his vision focused on his surroundings- it was misty- on the left was a patch of greyed grass while on the right was a steaming hot spring. 

More than ten pretty girls were hidden half-naked in the spring, some revealing only their heads, some covering their chests, others covered in a towel. They were all different yet beautiful, of all shapes and sizes. He also saw a pile of clothes neatly placed by the spring. 

Chengfeng clearly recognised them as Spiritual Mountain Sect robes with Hidden Beauty Court’s symbol embroidered on them! 

Wait… is this… 

No way! 

His heart skipped a beat as he had a bad feeling. He nervously looked around only to realise there were a few familiar faces in the hot spring! 

Ji Chunhua had a hand across her chest, smirking at Chengfeng, while the other wielded a murderous spinning ball of light. She gritted her teeth, “Right, looks like you intend to die today!” 

Chengfeng: “...” 

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