Breaking The Day - Chapter 236

Li Chengfeng never would have expected that he would fall into the hot springs of Hidden Beauty Court-- while the view was good, it was the equivalent of falling into the tiger’s jaws! 

When he saw Ji Chunhua fuming, getting ready to attack him with her powers, all his hairs stood on end as he shouted immediately, “Wait! You cannot kill me!” 

This was the Goddess Peak’s bathing spot for Hidden Beauty Court members, a spring that remained warm throughout the year. It was also a healing spring and its temperatures could be used to concoct pills. 

Only Hidden Beauty Court members of a certain rank can bathe here. Forget about men-- there were some cultivators from the Hidden Beauty Court who had never set foot in here in their lives. 

That was why no one would have expected an outsider to barge in, let alone a man. More specifically, why did he fall from the sky? 

All the cultivators were stunned! 

The cultivators here were all exceptionally talented, every one of them could beat Li Chengfeng up without a problem. Yet none of them reacted in time, their jaws on the ground as they watched Chengfeng. 

What a shocking way to appear! 

The most shocking part was that the first thing he did when he fell was… to curse at Grand Senior Sister! 

They were all shocked, not noticing all the strange magical phenomena when he fell. While they intended to make Chengfeng pay for this, they still did not move. 

Only Ji Chunhua, who held a grudge with him, stepped forward to ask for ‘compensation’. 

She obviously would not be stupid enough to kill Chengfeng- but she was at a disadvantage here. If she did not retaliate, what would others think?

She thought that others might see her as a softie, weak. 

Chengfeng had no time to think, the only straw he could grasp at for a chance to live was to throw Grand Senior Sister under the bus immediately! 

“Grand Senior Sister was the one who made me fall here!” shouted Chengfeng. 

All of the girls in the spring had a strange expression, giving each other odd looks. Chengfeng’s eyes darted around and felt his own heartbeat quickening at the view! 

These were all high-ranked, usually arrogant Senior Sisters, yet right now they were mostly naked, or half-naked… The scene here was enough to excite Li Chengfeng. 

Seeing Chengfeng looking, Ji Chunhua roared, “You scum, what are you looking at? I’ll gouge your eyes out!” 

Chengfeng quickly covered his eyes with both hands, turning his back. “I didn’t see anything, Senior Sisters! My vision dimmed after the fall, I can’t even see properly!”

No one believed him, especially since he reacted immediately after his gaze fell on Ji Chunhua- though it did calm them a little. 

Chunhua smirked. “Don’t you dare twist the truth, you pervert! How could Grand Senior Sister make you come here? Do you know where you are?”

Chengfeng wanted to turn around to reply but she roared, “What are you looking at?! Don’t you want your eyes?!”

Knowing he had made a mistake, he grinned apologetically and awkwardly, “No no, please don’t gouge my eyes out, Senior Sister Ji! If you do, how will I be able to appreciate beauties like you again?”

Some of the more amused girls could not help but chuckle, feeling like Chengfeng must be the most reckless person ever to anger Qian Shanxue as a newcomer, then enter a forbidden area of the Hidden Beauty Court and flirt with a Senior Sister! 

“Senior Sister Ji, gouging his eyes out would be useless! You should cut his tongue off! That tongue is a slippery one, you wouldn’t bear to hurt him after hearing what he says!” A more straightforward girl could not help but interject. 

Ji Chunhua spat, “That’s enough, have you fallen for the scum already? A tongue? Might as well cut off his head too!” 

Chengfeng quickly turned around, wringing his hands, “Please have mercy! Both would kill me! Please forgive me!” 

Ji Chunhua roared, “Who gave you permission to turn?!” 

Chengfeng turned immediately. Why did he have to bully Senior Sister Ji? Now that he had fallen right into her lap, what would she do to him? This was bad! 

The other Senior Sister covered her mouth and chuckled, “Aiyo, I would not DARE to snatch a man away from Grand Senior Sister! Ji Chunhua, you’re the brave one here, why don’t you have a taste? If you liked it… you could let us try too!” 


Chengfeng realised that the situation was turning very strange and suddenly thought of a classic joke: there was once a queen who kept getting frailer by the day, losing appetite for food. After the royal physician did a checkup, he gave a prescription: ten strong men. That day, ten strong men were sent into the palace and ten days later, ten frail men left the palace. Confused, the minister asked, “What is this?” 

The royal physician replied, “Medicine remnants!” 

Was he going to… be medicine? 

No, he must not become medicine remnants! 

Chengfeng dared not stay for long. There were many girls here and girls became bolder in numbers. He was already uncomfortable from a few words, now he did not dare imagine what they would do to him, or if he would lose his virginity… no one would hear his cries then. 

Chengfeng chuckled nervously, “Senior Sisters, I have matters to attend to and I don’t wish to disturb your cultivations. I’ll be leaving now.” 

Ji Chunhua smirked. “You trespassed into Hidden Beauty Court’s forbidden area, and you wish to leave just like that?” 

He smiled bitterly, “Senior Sister Ji, this really is just a misunderstanding. Grand Senior Sister was teaching me cultivation today but unfortunately, I was untalented at it and fell mid-air. That's how I accidentally entered this forbidden area... It was not on purpose." 

Ji Chunhua squinted and suddenly interjected, "So this means that you're blaming Grand Senior Sister?" 

Chengfeng wished he could directly throw Grand Senior Sister under the bus. "I would never put the blame on Grand Senior Sister. Love runs deep and lessons are for me to learn. She... did that all for my own good!" 


All the Senior Sisters regarded him from head to toe. 

Was he insane? How could he say such a thing? 

Chengfeng was betting on the fact that they would not dare as Grand Senior Sister directly, that was why he recklessly created a relationship between them out of thin air and left them to connect the dots. 

Indeed, after he said this, Ji Chunhua had a more cautious look in her eyes. But the way she regarded him was filled with more complex emotions now. 

In the beginning, they thought he was the fourth young master of the Zhan family, that was why she had to be nice to him. Then, they realised he was a heartless thief and she hated him to his bones. Very soon, this b**t*** suddenly had relations with Grand Senior Sister and MIGHT be dating! 

This was absolutely baffling! 

Grand Senior Sister was known for her personality throughout the world of cultivation, even the name 'Flaming Iceberg' was as impressive as thunder in one's ears. 

This was a woman who was cold towards every man on earth. And yet now she was having a questionable relationship with a newcomer, even teaching him cultivation! 

Now, they would never believe it if she said there was nothing between them! 

Ji Chunhua's mind was racing again. Looks like this guy is quite intelligent after all. 

Thinking about this, Ji Chunhua giggled. "Well, that sucks. The man literally pulled Grand Senior Sister's name out of nothing, and as her juniors, what can we say? You should go. We can't keep you here now, can we? Or Grand Senior Sister would... kill us, wouldn't she?" 

Delighted, Li Chengfeng took a deep bow. "Then I'll get going then!" He quickly ran backwards, and when there was enough distance between them, he sprinted off and threw their laughter at the back of his mind. 

Chengfeng sprinted like a madman out of Goddess Peak. He was about to run up the transporter when he suddenly saw a silhouette. It was a girl with a veiled face, revealing only her eyes, which were exceptionally beautiful. 

When this person saw Chengfeng, a venomous hatred seethed from them, her fists clenched as she stood with her eyes darting around, hesitating for a few moments.

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