Breaking The Day - Chapter 237

Chengfeng had his suspicions when he saw this person, the silhouette familiar but he did not think much as he wanted to get away as soon as possible, brushing past in a flash. 

As he was sprinting fast, he brought with him a gust of wind that lifted a corner of the girl’s veil. His eyes darted quickly to find that she had an exceptionally beautiful outline of the face but had a deep scar on it. 

His chest tightened, recognising this person: Huang Nishang of the Pine Mountain Martial Sect!

Although Huang Nishang was the one who struck first, humiliating Chengfeng when he was at his lowest, and he got his revenge, Chengfeng’s heart clenched when he saw that her face had been permanently scarred.

Did I overdo it? 

He felt some regret, for it was all just a youth’s moment of rage but enough to scar a girl for life! 

Chengfeng’s lips parted, about to say something but Huang Nishang suddenly lowered her head and walked quickly away, her back cold as ever. Taking this to heart, he privately sighed and promised himself to help Huang Nishang recover her looks. 

He got on the transporter, his vision darkened and then brightened again. He was now out of Goddess Peak and at the entrance of the Hidden Beauty Court. Turning around, all he could see was the beautiful mountains, clouds and mist obscuring countless threats from view. Terrified, he quickly ran off to his quarters. 

Meanwhile, Hidden Brocade Court, Heavenly Solitary Peak. 

“Are you sure about this?” Qian Shanxue’s eyes were fixed on the man in black. 

The man in black said with a lowered head, “Yes. Chengfeng argued with Grand Senior Brother, forcibly taking in Han Tianxing, a traitor who escaped from the Hidden Modesty Court. The Hidden Sword Court has fallen to shambles because of this disagreement.” 

Qian Shanxue closed the little folded fan in his hand abruptly, gently hitting it on his palm as he squinted in thought. After a while, he grinned arrogantly. “Looks like he has lost his common sense after letting the fame from the Spiritual Mountain congregation get to him! That’s great, I was just looking for an opportunity to teach this insubordinate bug!” 

He spoke with gritted teeth, then curled his fingers hard and broke the exquisite jade fan in his hand. This extremely expensive treasure was instantly crushed, cracks appearing along the fan. 

No one in the Spiritual Mountain Sect had ever dared to cross him like this! 

Ever since Chengfeng appeared, Qian Shanxue was humiliated for the first time. This was also the first time his romantic interest had been taken away just like that! 

Li Chengfeng must pay for this!

His eyes flickered as he clenched his teeth, “Not bad, Hidden Sword Court is trying to trigger chaos within our court! Then I shall destroy them first!” 

The man in black looked up frantically, “But this goes against the sect rules. If you were found out, I’m afraid…”

Qian Shanxue gave him a patronising stare, “Don’t look so scared now, I’m not asking you all to do anything!”

“Then you’re planning to…”

Qian Shanxue grinned. “Why did Han Tianxing betray the court?”

The man in black replied, “I heard the seniors arranged for him to collect offerings at Tong’an City, then arranged for someone to kill him along the way.” 

“These lowly scums are too narrow-minded, how can they still use such despicable tactics to remove their own kind after all these years? Absolute idiots!” Qian Shanxue then turned to the man, “Arrange to assign this task to Chengfeng and the rest in Hidden Sword Court, let them go to Tong’an City.” 

The man in black could not help but praise this, “That’s impressive! This Li Chengfeng has a grudge with Zhou Qingyang of the Zhou family in Tong’an- and this time, the Zhou family owes a large debt to the sect. If we make them pay the Zhou family a visit, these Hidden Sword Court idiots wouldn’t know what hit them! To borrow a knife for murder, to kill two birds with one stone! Good plan, Senior Brother!” 

Qian Shanxue was delighted with himself, knocking on his head with the fan. “We need to use our brains a little more, unlike those blockheads in Hidden Modesty Court who only know how to wave knives around after a life of cultivation. Even their undertable tricks are too lowly; it's heart-wrenching to watch!” 

The man in black grinned. “You’re so talented! As your junior, I’m afraid I can’t achieve such a level of genius.” 

Qian Shanxue was grinning happily until his grin faded suddenly. “What about Grand Senior Sister? How has she been?”

The atmosphere turned awkward instantly, for the man in black stuttered and did not reply. Qian Shanxue frowned and asked, “What is it? Spill!” 

The man said in a low voice, “I just received an update… Grand Senior Sister… was teaching that Li Chengfeng cultivation.” 


The invaluable treasure in Qian Shanxue’s hand was thrown hard at the ground. The man in black felt his heart ache from the destruction of such expensive goods. 

Qian Shanxue raged, “That B******!” 

Like a raging tiger, he paced back and forth around the hall while the handmaidens standing at the sides shivered quietly and stepped back knowingly. They did not want to end up like Xue Man, the man who became just a spot of red on the floor tiles. 

“She… she… she… How could she do this to me!!!” Qian Shanxue was so furious he looked like he was about to explode, a green vein popping on his forehead, his eyes bloodshot. 

The man in black thought Shanxue looked like a terrifying magical beast from hell, frantically comforting him, “But I heard that the Nine Heavenly Immortal, Zhao Feiyue, is arriving at Spiritual Mountain soon and I think Grand Senior Sister should be in charge of welcoming this princess to the sect. That is why I think she won’t have time to teach this Li Chengfeng again…”

Before he could finish, Qian Shanxue roared, “She can die for all I care! If she wants to mingle with such lowly scum, then she can go! I would like to see what happens next!” 

How could he lose a girl to a poor punk with no family background?! 

Qian Shanxue’s pride and self-esteem could not take this! 

He felt like he was about to explode, looking for a place to vent his anger on but afraid that if his venting methods were not subtle enough, they would not be fit for his high status. 

The man said in a low voice, “Grand Senior Sister is ignorant and unable to recognise a good man. In my opinion… the Nine Heavenly Immortal, Zhao Feiyue, is the one for you! You two would be a match made in heaven!” 

After a momentary pause, Qian Shanxue’s rage turned into delight. “You make sense!” 

He paced around the hall excitedly a few times, then said, “Go prepare a few generous gifts now!” 

He had just issued the command before immediately backtracking, “No, I’ll go, I’ll go prepare it myself! You need to go watch Zhao Feiyue! I want to know every step she takes, do not lose her!” 

The man in black replied, “The princess is not deliberately covering her footsteps anyway. Since she entered the Spiritual Mountain Sect’s lands, she has been travelling by foot.” 

Qian Shanxue instinctively felt the spot where he usually kept his fan, only to find that it was empty and finally realised that it was a pity he had just smashed it. This thought was thrown to the back of his mind quickly though, for he said, “Good! Go make the necessary arrangements then!” 

The man in black heaved a sigh of relief, then disappeared in a flash. 

Qian Shanxue turned to his handmaidens with a grin, “What are you all still doing here? Go practise your dances! If Her Highness sees a flaw in your dance, you and Li Chengfeng will all be growing flowers in my garden!” 

While this might seem to be a neutral sentence, all the handmaidens paled at the thought because they witnessed how Xue Man had been turned into fertiliser for his garden’s flowers. 

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