Breaking The Day - Chapter 238

Li Chengfeng ran like the wind back to his quarters, yelling the moment he stepped into the house, “Yuehan, Yuehan, Xiaobao!” 

He saw no one in the house but heard subtle scuffles so he panicked and rushed in only to hear Su Yuehan’s low gasp, “Don’t come in!” 

But it was too late, for Li Chengfeng had already peeked half of his body through the thin fabric that separated two rooms. He looked inside and heaved a sigh of relief, though his eyes could not move away. 

Su Yuehan was topless, frantically covering herself with the clothes piled nearby so she looked dishevelled, revealing her beautiful shoulders and flawless back that looked chiselled from jade. 

But there was one glaring scar slashed through this white jade, deep red in colour and surrounded by very yellow skin. The flesh there seemed to sizzle as if there were flames burning in it. 

Su Yuehan quickly covered her chest with some clothes when she saw him, turning her back towards Li Chengfeng but then realised this was not right and turned around-- to find that Chengfeng was staring at the wound on her back and panicked even more. 

Compared to being seen topless, she was even more afraid of Li Chengfeng seeing the terrifying scar on her back. 

The girl in love wanted to be flawless in her lover’s eyes. 

“You, get you!” Su Yuehan turned frantically so her side was facing Chengfeng and he could no longer see the wound. But now Chengfeng could almost see the sides of her breasts, which looked like soft jade and her beauty only made the situation more pitiful. 

Chengfeng’s heart ached at the sight of the wound, his curiosity from seeing her naked dissipating instantly. Not only did he not leave, but he took a step forward. 

Like a cornered prey, Su Yuehan lost all her pride and merely yelped in panic, “What are you doing? Young m-master, you should get out.” 

Chengfeng pressed down on her shoulder and said with a low voice, “Let me see!” 

She blushed, her nostrils flared as her voice shook, “Young master… Li Chengfeng, you can’t do this! You haven’t solidified your foundations, you can’t do this!” 

Chengfeng laughed and rapped her head, “I said let me see the wound on your back! What are you talking about? Do you think I’m a pervert? That I wouldn’t let you go even when you’re hurt?” 
Knowing that she had misunderstood the situation, she blushed even harder and felt her cheeks burn, forgetting her pain as she hung her head and whispered, “I… I didn’t mean that, Young Master.” 

Chengfeng reached out and caressed her cheeks lightly, “Let’s drop the formalities when we’re in private. You know I don’t see you as a servant, just like Xiaobao.” 

Su Yuehan and Li Chengfeng’s eyes locked. She gazed right into his eyes, dancing like starlight and could not pull herself from the darkness within them. 

With reddened cheeks, she said gently, “What should I call you then?” 

Chengfeng pulled her closed by her shoulder gently so her back faced him and said, “Mm… Call me Brother Chengfeng then!” 

She burst into laughter, “You’re shameless! You want me to call you Brother? That’s practically sinning already.” 

Chengfeng smiled. “Is that so? But being with a little demon like you is already the biggest sin.” 

Su Yuehan paled, jerking around as her cheeks turned from red to white. “Is… that really what you think?” 

Knowing that he had made a mistake, he started to change the topic, “Yeah, do you know how tempting you are? I am still a man in his prime after all. Alright, don’t move and let me see the wound… sigh… Grand Senior Sister is vicious! If she hit any harder, she would have broken your bone already!” 

Su Yuehan’s colour returned slightly after hearing his explanation but felt more uncomfortable having Li Chengfeng look at her wound and cupping her gently. 

Her mind a mess and heart racing, she looked for a new conversation topic, “Right, weren’t you cultivating with Grand Senior Sister? Why are you back so early?” 

He was still calm before but now that the name was mentioned, Chengfeng ranged, “I don’t want to talk about that vicious woman! She’s more venomous than a yellow wasp’s sting!” 

Understanding the implication, Su Yuehan covered her mouth and snickered, “Brother Chengfeng, looks like she did you a good one!” 

He raged, “Don’t say that! That evil woman tried to trick me! Thank goodness I was smart enough or I would have been killed!” 

She listened curiously, “What happened?” 

Chengfeng told her everything while Su Yuehan shuddered at the story, knowing that she had almost died in Grand Senior Sister’s hands. 

“Then why hasn’t she come yet?” 

Chengfeng mulled over it. “Something must have happened! Or I wouldn’t be here with you right now!”

Terrified at the thought, she gently leaned into his chest and whispered, “Promise me never to leave without a goodbye, and never break your promises.” 

He nodded. “Come, I’ll help medicate your wounds and bandage them.”

She clutched his hand and cried, “We don’t have the time for that! You need to think of a plan!” 

He grinned. “Grand Senior Sister has missed her best chance, she’ll know the next time she sees me. The best time to kill all of us was when I crashed, that would have been her chance to come kill you two first. But if she didn’t do it, it means she had a particularly urgent matter to attend to! Hmmph, she’s lost her chance and I’ll never give her another one again.” 

Su Yuehan said worriedly, “But… while one can be a thief for a thousand days, one cannot guard against a thief for a thousand more! You can’t remain on guard forever, she’ll get another opportunity one day!” 

He smiled bitterly, “What else can I do? Take the initiative to provoke her first?” 

“Have you ever wondered… who IS Grand Senior Sister? What is the true position she holds? Why would she release that ancient beast? Why is she trying to instigate chaos in the Spiritual Mountain Sect?”

Chengfeng slipped into deep thought. “You mean…” 

Su Yuehan gazed deep into his eyes and in that moment, the century-old thousand-faced demon appeared. “Find out her true identity, expose and defeat her with one fatal strike!” 

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