Breaking The Day - Chapter 239

Su Yuehan’s words made Chengfeng widen his eyes, suddenly realising that this adorable, pitiful-looking girl was not as simple as she seemed. 

Li Chengfeng asked solemnly, “What do you plan to do?” 

Su Yuehan replied, “Slip into the Hidden Beauty Court and find out Grand Senior Sister’s true identity. I’m sure she’ll leave some traces behind, there’s no way she can clean everything up!” 

“How will you do that? Actually enter the place?” 

Su Yuehan’s eyes were fixed on his face with a look of resolution. 

He immediately protested, “No way! Wouldn’t that be walking straight into a tiger’s jaws?” 

“If there’s someone in this world who can slip into Hidden Beauty without alerting anyone else, it’ll be me!” 

Chengfeng shook his head. “Even if you can slip inside, where do you plan to start looking? How? I don’t like that you’re taking such a huge risk over just some speculation!” 

Su Yuehan clutched his hand and shook it gently, her clothes falling slightly but she did not notice, “Every sect has its own forbidden areas that either contain invaluable treasures, terrifying beasts, or earth-shattering secrets! If Grand Senior Sister is making so much effort to trouble the sect, then she must hold a deep grudge towards it!” 

“Also, based on what you mentioned about the beast you said she released, it’s probably an ancient Flood Famine magical beast: King Zhuyan!” 

Chengfeng asked in confusion, “Flood Famine Magical Beast? What’s that? And what’s King Zhuyan?” 

“I read about this from the Zhan family’s library. Five thousand years ago, the Flood Famine Realm invaded our realm and started a bloody fight against the gods. It was a violent war and although the magical beasts were forced to retreat, the gods declined too, that was when humans took the opportunity to prosper.

“Apparently the Flood Famine Realm was very bitter from the defeat and intended to invade again. That is why they would secretly send some magical beasts over in hopes of creating chaos so they can invade once more!” 

“I have read about this in a book before but I thought it was fictional. I can’t believe it’s true?!” 

Su Yuehan asked, “Where do you think magical beasts like dragons and phoenixes in this realm come from?”

He was stunned for a moment and gasped, “You mean… they’re Flood Famine magical beasts?”

“That’s right, they are actually tamed magical beasts that slowly became legendary, becoming legendary totems of this world.” 

“What about King Zhuyan?” 

Su Yuehan looked solemn. “King Zhuyan is the general of the main Flood Famine military cavalry, Red Army, also the leader of the Zhuyan race. Legend has it that disaster and war follows wherever it goes!” 

“You mean… Grand Senior Sister released King Zhuyan to create chaos in this realm? Why would she do this?” 

Su Yuehan said in a low voice, “I’ve thought about it too and have come to two conclusions- first, she has a grudge with our emperor; second, she plans to profit from chaos here!” 

Li Chengfeng furrowed his brows and thought for a while. “But why would she want to instigate conflict within the sect?” 

She whispered, “I’m guessing that she holds a grudge with the Spiritual Mountain Sect, that’s why she went undercover here to instigate chaos. As long as I can slip into the grounds to read every record of Spiritual Mountain Sect’s movements from the past hundred years, I will find something!”

“What grounds?” he asked immediately, “Where?” 

“At Hidden Beauty! Hidden Beauty Court controls all the most important documents and secret information of Spiritual Mountain Sect, these things are all stored in the Heavenly Library at Goddess Peak. You need an order token and a Jade Token to enter.” 

Chengfeng smiled bitterly, “That must be a tightly-guarded forbidden area then! How will you get inside?” 

She whispered, “I can disguise myself as Grand Senior Sister…” 

He shot up and gasped, “You’re insane! Forget about whether you can accurately disguise yourself as her- how will you make sure you won’t be exposed?” 

Their eyes locked. “But do you have any better ideas?” 

Without thinking, Chengfeng said, “Even if we don’t have any other ideas, I will not allow you to do this! You would die for nothing!” 

“So we sit and wait for death?” she asked angrily. 

“I don’t care, you can’t go! I will think of an idea eventually! That’s the end of this conversation! ‘

“You have no right to make the decisions!” 

Chengfeng grabbed her by her chin and looked into her eyes, “I do, because I am your Young Master, and your Brother Chengfeng!” 

Although he was scolding her, she felt a tender sweetness in her heart, blushing as she looked down, “You’re shameless!” 

Chengfeng reiterated sternly, “I’ll say this one more time: you’re not to go! I’ll think of another solution. We’ve survived all our problems so far, haven’t we?” 

She nodded lightly. “Mm, I understand.” 

Chengfeng heaved a sigh of relief and continued applying the ointment on her wound. What he did not know was that Su Yuehan’s eyes were already filled with tears, but also a look of resolution. 

Su Yuehan knew that it didn’t matter if it was for Li Chengfeng or herself, she MUST go! 

He was applying the medicine when they heard a yell from outside, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, are you there?!” 

“Yes, coming!” Chengfeng sped up and quickly bandaged her wound. Embarrassed, she clutched her chest and whispered, “You should go quickly. It must be something urgent if Senior Brother Su You is here.” 

Chengfeng grunted and walked out. Indeed, it was urgent. 

“What…” Chengfeng’s face fell. “Han Tianxing’s task… has been transferred to Hidden Sword Court?” 

Su You smiled bitterly. “Yep!” 

Chengfeng yelled angrily, “Who reassigned the task, do they have the right to do this? These are two unrelated matters!” 

Su You muttered, “This was instructed by Hidden Brocade’s Grand Senior Brother, Qian Shanxue. He’s in charge of… these matters.” 

Chengfeng drew in a sharp breath. It was obviously going to be a dangerous mission. 

After some thought, he said, “Tell me about the assignment in detail. “

“Within ten days, we must get back the three hundred and eighteen thousand silvers that Tong’an City’s Zhou, Sun, Xie etc clans owe us.” 

He asked incredulously, “Isn’t this considered a GOOD assignment? Why would they give it to us?” 

Su You smiled bitterly, “Junior Chengfeng, you don’t know about this, do you? While Tong’an City does fall under Spiritual Mountain Sect’s territory, the Profound Life Sect is growing fast and its influence has already expanded to Tong’an City. These clans have refused to pay their offerings because they have the Profound Life Sect behind them.” 

Chengfeng had grown up in the streets and immediately understood. “So this assignment also means an inevitable conflict with Profound Life Sect- but if we let the clans continue disregarding their payments, it’ll destroy Spiritual Mountain Sect’s reputation?” 

Su You praised him, “Not bad, Junior Chengfeng!” 

“Why would they send us an assignment like this if it’s obviously going to end in death! Do the Martial Uncles not care?” 

Su You sighed. “Qian Shanxue had already convinced them and there’s even a signed document as proof.” As he spoke, he passed Chengfeng a document, who crumpled it up after reading it with widened eyes. 

This is vicious revenge! 

And Chengfeng had no way to retaliate! 

Chengfeng asked, “Can we push this responsibility to someone else?” 

Su You shook his head, “No… If you push a task given by the sect away, the punishment is expulsion from the sect.” 

Chengfeng’s mind raced for a solution but the sudden bad news had plunged his mind into chaos. How would he find a solution like this? 

His heart suddenly clenched. Wait… Tong’an… Zhou family? 

Oh no, it’s not Zhou as in Zhou Qingyang’s family, is it?!

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