Breaking The Day - Chapter 241

Early in the morning, Chengfeng got up and washed quietly. He picked up the luggage that Su Yuehan had packed for him last night and prepared to sneak out. 

However, he had just opened the door when he heard Zhao Xiaobao’s voice. He turned around to see that Xiaobao had long finished washing up and carried a back with him, his eyes fixed on Chengfeng as if afraid he would disappear. 

Behind Xiaobao was Su Yuehan, who was watching Chengfeng pitifully. He sighed softly when he saw her and said, “When did you two get up?” 

Xiaobao and Su Yuehan looked at each other. They had been up since three, making early preparations as they were afraid that Chengfeng would sneak off in the morning. 

Xiaobao said, “Young Master, you cannot abandon me! I must go with you, that’s what Madam told me! You cannot push me away!” 

Chengfeng was speechless at how Zhao Xiaobao was using Madam Xie’s name to convince him. Glaring at Xiaobao, he said, “Not bad, you’re now using my mother’s name to twist my arm!” 

Zhao Xiaobao shrank his neck and said with a small voice, “Well that’s what Madam said, you can ask her if you don’t believe me.” 

Chengfeng glared at him so hard that he almost hid behind Su Yuehan. Chengfeng looked at Su Yuehan, “What about you? Are you going to use my mother’s name too?” 

She blinked. “Young Master, I’ll be lots of help if I go!” 

At the moment, the person with the highest combat abilities was probably Su Yuehan but Chengfeng did not want her to go. 

He shook his head. “No, you were just injured, you’d better focus on recovery. You and Zhao Xiaobao can’t go at the same time. If he goes, you must stay, and vice versa or Grand Senior Sister will target our group to kill us all. It’ll be very dangerous.” 

Chengfeng could tell from the previous events that Grand Senior Sister was an adaptable, stubborn, risk-taking, determined person. 

She looked down on Chengfeng but she still made the decision to work with the person she patronised the most due to the situation. During their work together, she was always testing the waters, observing closely and even turned the situation to her advantage. 

Reality proved that she had succeeded and she was also a gambler. She had won the bet. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had an emergency and didn’t get to Chengfeng’s quarters in time, Chengfeng would have become a life-long nemesis. 

That was why no matter if Chengfeng had any more tricks up his sleeves, he decided to never have these two travel together as a defense against Grand Senior Sister! 

Unseen cards are the most formidable ones! 

Chengfeng had been leaning towards letting Su Yuehan go because she would definitely be able to help. However, he had just helped her tend her wounds yesterday-- how could he let her risk her life in this state? 

Su Yuehan looked defiant but he fixed his eyes on her and said sternly, “You’re not to go! Listen to me! Focus on recovery, I will definitely return safely.” 

Her eyes lit up. “You’ve thought of a solution?” 

He nodded. “I have an idea. That’s why, don’t you go around acting smart now!” 

She nodded, stepping forward warmly to help him smoothen his clothing like a wife sending her husband away on a long trip. 

“Mind your temper when you’re out there, use the internal conflict between Tong’an’s major clans to your advantage. I heard the Profound Life Sect is also worried about the Universe Religious Sect’s expansion so you can use this point to rally support. Also, Zhou Qingyang’s younger sister, Zhou Lingbo, is a known heroine. You can start from there.” 

He gasped, “Zhou Qingyang has a little sister who is a known heroine? Are you sure?” 

She replied, “I heard it from someone else too. But reality might not live up to her name, it’s best you remain vigilant. What you’re dealing with is no small matter after all!” 

Chengfeng reached out to stroke her hair and replied gently, “I know. Be careful here, keep a low profile.” Then his expression turned stern as he frowned, “You’re not allowed to investigate Grand Senior Sister’s identity! Do you hear me? It’s too dangerous! I don’t want to find you missing when I get back!” 

She nodded hard. “I won’t investigate Grand Senior Sister’s identity!” 

“Swear it!”

She lifted a hand. “I swear, if I investigate Grand Senior Sister’s identity, I’ll die a tragic death!” 

He raged, “Are you insane? Why would you say that? Ptui ptui ptui, that’s so unlucky!” 

She giggled, “Don’t worry, I won’t go.” 

Finally, he calmed down and led Zhao Xiaobao out. However, he did not see the cunning glint in her eyes, along with subtle tears when he turned. 

This was the thousand-faced demon who once roamed the world, she would never remain a delicate little girl, would she? 

She had long made up her mind. While she could stop investigating Grand Senior Sister for the moment, she knew that the most important thing right now was to recover her past strength. Once she was as strong as before, she would be confident enough to disguise herself as Grand Senior Sister without being exposed in Hidden Beauty Court! 

The fastest way to replenish her strength was… to absorb other cultivators’ life forces! 

Just like how she wanted to absorb Chengfeng’s Yang energy when they first met. 

However, this was extremely dangerous. If her true identity was exposed, the dangers would be unfathomable. 

But it looks like she did not have the luxury to think because she had to help Chengfeng. 

And she was confident that her secret would be well-kept!

Chengfeng left his quarters and walked to the transporter but saw a few familiar famous there. 

“Senior Su You… Tianjun… Block- He Zhu!” Chengfeng’s jaw dropped when he saw them all, fully equipped. “Why are you all… here?” 

Su You grinned. “This is your first assignment, of course we’ve got to come, we’re your seniors.” 

Tianjun winked. “He sounds like he’s doing you a casual favour but the idiot tossed and turned all night!” 

Su You glared at him and elbowed Tianjun without a word. Tianjun clutched his belly in pain, “Help! This guy’s trying to kill his own junior!” 

He Zhu looked at them with slanted eyes, annoyed. “Stop it, you two. We’re in a hurry here, let’s not waste time. “

Su You and Tianjun looked at each other silently. It did not feel good to get reprimanded by a guy they called ‘Blockhead’. 

Irritated, Su You said, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, are you ready?” 

Chengfeng was moved by this gesture. “My seniors, you do not have to do this… this trip will be dangerous, and I brought this upon myself…” 

Tianjun grinned. “We’re not going for you, we’re going for ourselves.” 

Su You sighed. “All of Hidden Sword’s hope rests on you. If you do not return from this trip, what will we do then?” 

Chengfeng felt a warm sensation in his heart. “Thank you, my seniors. I am forever grateful for this, and I will surely…” As he spoke, he saw one more silhouette behind Blockhead’s enormous body and frowned. He yelled sternly, “Han Tianxing, what are you doing here? Didn’t I say you can’t come?” 

Han Tianxing had no choice but to rush out and fell on his knees, “Senior Brother Chengfeng, this all happened because of me. Even if I’m a useless idiot, I still cannot watch and do nothing! If anything happens to you all, how will I ever live with myself?” 

Su You echoed, “Yeah, he makes sense. No matter what, he needs to work hard to change his own destiny.” 

Chengfeng was slightly moved, seeing himself in Han Tianxing: the way he was determined and relentless, stopping at nothing to control the outcome of his life. He had the fire to live! 

He nodded slightly. “Fine, you may come. But you must always listen to me, do not ever go against my instructions!” 

Delighted, Han Tianxing kowtowed again, “I understand!” 

Chengfeng grinned and helped him up. “You’re a scholar, you must know that there’s gold under your knees! Other than to the heavens, the earth, the emperor, your parents and teachers, you cannot kneel to anyone!’ 

He gulped and nodded. 

Chengfeng’s eyes scanned the group and smiled. “Well, I’ll thank you in advance for your help in this journey!” 

As he spoke, they all heard an amused voice, “Where are you punks planning to go?” 

The group paused, then turned in surprise to see Ouyang Nan striding casually over, his small eyes eyeing them casually. 

Everyone’s faces fell, about to speak when he laughed heartily, “Why didn’t you invite me for such a fun activity?” 

They were stunned. Chengfeng gasped, “Senior Brother Ouyang, you…”

He waved. “Sigh, kid, I’m just returning you the favour from the gathering at Spiritual Mountain! Don’t sweat it! Hidden Sword Court will still stand without you.” 

Chengfeng smiled and looked around. There were six people: Zhao Xiaobao, Ouyang Nan, Han Tianxing, Su You, Tianjun and Blockhead. Including him, they made a group of seven. “That’s a coincidence, we make seven. We’re the Seven Swords leaving Spiritual M ountain!” 

Ouyang Nan laughed. “Yes, the Seven Swords! We’ll wreak havoc at Tong’an, we’ll make sure they pay us back!” 

Everyone laughed and spoke in assent, “Right, right! We’ll wreak havoc!”

The crowd cheered on the transporter platform, ringing deep in their hearts. They felt an invisible warmth in their chests, like they had infinite energy to face the world!

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