Breaking The Day - Chapter 244

Chengfeng looked at the muscular man who fell at his feet. This man had a huge, weathered face, bulging temples, large joints, fingers as thick as carrots and muscles on his arms that looked like steel. Yet there was a dent on his chest and he kept spewing blood. 

Chengfeng drew in a sharp breath, thinking, ‘What a violent girl!’ 

He looked up to see a beautiful young lady with sharp features, a slender figure clad in tight warrior clothing that displayed her curves. She was a beauty through and through. 

But Chengfeng’s jaw dropped the moment she spoke. 

The lady pointed at the man, who was coughing up blood, and yelled, “You should look at yourself in the reflection of your own piss! How dare you come for the matchmaking ceremony when you’re this ugly?” 

The man struggled to sit up, forcing words through his teeth, “You never said ugly people cannot compete!” 

The lady yelled, “Yeah but don’t you have an ounce of self-awareness? If I had to marry an ugly man like you, I would have stuck my head into the chamber pot to drown! I can’t believe you would have the nerve to even come!” 

Fury welled up in the man’s chest but he sputtered blood again. Then, he fainted in rage and embarrassment. 

The lady waved tiredly, “Take him away, take him away! Makes me ill just looking at him!” Two servants ran from both sides of the stage to drag him off. The crowd immediately made way for them. Those who wanted to try out now looked in confusion at the beautiful girl, who stood with arms akimbo. Most of the crowd was just curious spectators who were now whispering to each other. 

The lady looked around. “Any more? I’ll say this now- don’t come if you’re ugly! If you can’t defeat me, you’ll get beaten up! If you can defeat me, after we get married, you’ll still get beaten up by me and my sisters! So think carefully before stepping forward!” 

Chengfeng drew another breath. Yikes!

What a feisty one! 

Compared to her, Huang Nishang and Grand Senior Sisters were gentle fairies! 

This lady’s voice was rough too, like a man. It was a stark contrast to her looks, as if the voice came from another person. 

Chengfeng turned to his senior brothers and winked, “Senior Brothers, what do you think? Should we go teach this rude lady a lesson?!” 

Su You and the rest nodded vigorously, though Ouyang Nan merely stroked his chin while admiring the lady. “This one’s impressive! That was interesting!” 

Chengfeng quickly started his brown nosing, “Senior Brother Ouyang, you’re a wise man. Why don’t you step forward to show her what Hidden Sword Court is capable of?” 

Ouyang Nan seemed hesitant. “That… doesn’t seem like a good idea?” Then, he looked around at his juniors while Chengfeng quickly replied, “Us juniors wouldn’t dare take your girl!” 

Su You and the rest snapped to their senses and agreed in unison, “We would never!” 

Ouyang Nan hesitated, “So, I should… try?”

Chengfeng laughed, “You should! And your juniors will be here awaiting your victory! 

Ouyang Nan was indeed moved. This lady was his type. He did not like soft, delicate girls- only feisty ones interest him. 


That’s just a nice word for ‘b****’! 

Ouyang Nan had a very simplistic view of marriage.

The young lady on the stage was screaming with her hands on her hips when a voice yelled from below, “Hey, you on the stage! What’s your name? Which clan do you belong to?!” 

She turned towards the voice to see a tall, handsome man and was instantly pleased. She cocked an eyebrow and smiled, “I’m Zhou Ling, the daughter of Tong’an City’s Zhou clan. What do you think? Would you like to get to know me?” 

As she spoke, she was secretly thinking of a way to discretely lose to this very attractive man. 

Chengfeng was surprised to hear this. “Didn’t they say the girl was named Zhou Lingbo? Why is she Zhou Ling? She must have shortened her name!” 

Chengfeng grinned and stepped aside. “It’s my senior who wants to get to know you better!” As he spoke, Zhou Ling saw a man slip onto the stage. This man was as thin as a nail, his skin dry as tree bark and basically far from Chengfeng’s looks. 

Zhou Ling felt as if she had fallen from heaven to hell, roaring at Chengfeng. “How dare you trick me?” 

Displeased, Ouyang Nan interjected, “Hey, lady! I’m the one who is going to fight you today! You can look for my junior after you beat me if you really want to!” 

Zhou Ling radiated violence as she glared at him, “Aren’t you afraid of death?” 

He snickered. “Because of you?” 

Zhou Ling clenched her teeth, “Fine, sign the release form then!” 

Ouyang Nan waved. “No, I’ll admit defeat if you really kill me. But I won’t hurt you! We’re going to spend plenty of time together after we get married!” 

The crowd laughed and someone yelled, “YEAH!” 

Zhou Ling stomped her foot and clenched her teeth. With a flip, she pounced on him with a fist. 

Chengfeng nodded slightly. It was obvious that she had been training since young, her martial art skills were up to mark. Despite her anger, she could still maintain her cool to fight well, taking precaution not to use her full strength, her elbow lowered to protect her sides and at the same time her left hand had its fingers extended to prepare for the next wave of attacks. She had been trained by a professional. 

But this was all nothing to an old fighter like Ouyang Nan. 

Zhou Ling’s fist landed heavily on his chest but he did not move at all, as if she was just scratching an itch. 

She was stunned, thinking to herself, ‘Is this the ‘horizontal Qi’ martial arts?” 

Her hands never stopped. With a flip, she struck her fingers right at his temple. Yet Ouyang Nan still did not move, taking the full brunt of the attack. All he did was yawn. 

Zhou Ling jumped out of her skin! 

Being a martial artist herself, she knew that this type of martial arts required maintaining breath in the body to maintain its sturdiness and defenses. Yet this guy could YAWN and take the full brunt of her attack at the same time? 

What did this mean? 

It meant his capabilities were far beyond hers! 

But she was a stubborn person and would never willingly admit defeat like this. She extended her fingers, aiming for his eyes, then suddenly flicked her foot to kick right at his pants. 

These two moves were sly tactics that did not please Ouyang Nan at all. He frowned and huffed. With a wave of his sleeve, a gust of wind pushed Zhou Ling backwards. 

Seeing that she was about to fall off the stage, someone flew over to catch her. 

Chengfeng looked to see that this person was thick as a bull with rough features, the complete opposite of Zhou Ling. 

After Zhou Ling was caught, Zhou Ling smiled at her and then turned to glare at Ouyang Nan to announce glumly, “I have lost!” 

The crowd erupted, “Ohh, she lost, she lost!” 

Ouyang Nan laughed, “That’s alright, that’s alright. In the future…” 

Zhou Ling immediately cut him off, “Wait! Beating me still isn’t the end of this! “

Annoyed, he replied, “Does the Zhou clan always trick people like this?” 

She smiled. “You have to beat my twin sister first! Her martial arts abilities are ten times mine and she isn’t as rude and bad-tempered as I am! If you beat her, you can take both of us as wives!” 

Ouyang Nan was stunned for a moment, which turned to delight. “Oh? What’s this good news I haven’t heard of?” 

Even Su You and Tianjun were slightly jealous now. A girl with Zhou Ling’s looks, likable personality and admirable family background! This was perfect! 

Twin sisters as wives! 

This was very exciting news to everyone. 

The crowd chanted, “Marry them! Marry them! Marry them!” 

Ouyang Nan laughed heartily. “You can call any more sisters or aunties you have in your Zhou clan over too. I’ll fight them all and if they’re pretty, I’ll marry them too!” 

The crowd laughed. 

Zhou Ling might be smiling but her eyes were patronizing. “That’s not an option. All you need to do now is defeat my younger sister!”

Ouyang Nan laughed heartily. “Fine, call your sister over then!” 

Zhou Ling took a step back and stood next to the girl built like a steel tower. “My sister is already here!” 

Ouyang Nan’s jaw dropped, his eyes widening as he stuttered, “She… she… she’s not your sister, is she?” 

Zhou Ling smiled sweetly. “Yep, she’s my twin sister, Zhou Bo! Together, we’re Zhou Lingbo!” 

Ouyang Nan: “…”

The crowd was silent for a moment, then erupted in laughter. Li Chengfeng and his team laughed harder than ever. 

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