Breaking The Day - Chapter 245

Ouyang Nan sputtered furiously, “You’re PLAYING me! I’ve never heard of twins this different!” 

He turned and rushed to yell at the crowd below, “Everyone, please be the judge of this! Have you ever seen TWINS like that?” 

The crowd regarded the two sisters- one fat, one thing; one tall as a tower, one petite; one as beautiful as a deity, one indescribably ugly. Forget about twins, no one would believe it if they said they were biological sisters! 

Laughter ensued, while some amused onlookers yelled, “I’m sure there are such twins!” 

“Yeah, it’s a large world out there and many strange things you’ve never seen before. Why not a pair of twins that look nothing alike?”

Ouyang Nan raged, about to speak when Zhou Ling yelled, “Hey, are you still going through with the challenge? Get the heck off the stage if you aren’t!” 

He was in a huge dilemma here, for both options looked bad. Perhaps he should continue to fight, and if he won… should he really marry this ugly woman? 

Ouyang Nan was an ugly man himself… but ugly men often dreamt of marrying pretty women- plus he was a cultivator with many years of experience! 

If he resigned from the duel, his reputation… might suffer! What do I do?! 

Beads of sweat sprouted from his forehead as he instinctively turned to look at Li Chengfeng. That brat always has strange ideas, he must have a way out of this! 

Li Chengfeng was currently bellowing with laughter. When he saw Ouyang Nan’s eyes darting in his direction, he wanted to look away but had a thought: this guy put himself in danger to help me, if I ‘abandon’ him now, that would be horribly ungrateful of me. 

Holding back his laughter, Chengfeng yelled, “You didn’t explain the entirety of the rules, now he has won and you’re pulling tricks! You’re playing us!” 

Zhou Ling looked at him with a strange expression- visibly unhappy but she knew she was in a tough spot. “You, how are you related to him? What about YOU replace him in the duel then?” 

Ouyang Nan was ecstatic to hear such great news, nodding vigorously, “Right right right! That’s my Junior Brother, it’s a great idea to have him duel too!” 

Chengfeng’s heart fell as he thought to himself: ‘darn it, even being a good person is a tough job these days! I was betrayed just like that!’ 

All eyes turned to Li Chengfeng while Zhou Ling looked as condescending as ever. Chengfeng was now like Ouyang Nan, put in a tough spot. 

But Chengfeng was no ordinary person. With an idea forming, he said, “Alright, what about this. If I win, you can let my senior marry me- and if I lose, I’ll marry him off to you both!” 

The crowd burst into laughter. 

Ouyang Nan didn’t know to laugh or cry. Chengfeng was merciless with his words! 

Eyebrows shooting up in anger, Zhou Ling spat, “By the looks of you, you must be one of those good-for-nothings! Nothing good escapes your mouth!” 

Chengfeng smiled. “Sigh. Miss, how did you know what I have in my mouth?” 

All the brutish men below the stage snickered while Zhou Ling turned red. She stomped her foot and pointed at him, “Someone kick them off the stage!” 

Chengfeng quickly waved, “You don’t have to, I’m already off!” 

His tone was infuriating but there was nothing wrong with what he said. Just somehow… along with how the men in the crowd laughed and chattered, it left an awful taste. 

The veins popped on Zhou Ling’s neck as she folded her sleeves to jump off and teach Chengfeng a lesson. However, her tower-like younger sister pulled her back and whispered in her ear. The older sister turned to see eight armoured servants by the stage- four men and four women- one of them being a stout, middle-aged man glaring at them unpleasantly. 

Zhou Ling’s face changed and stared stubbornly when this man walked over from the side of the stage. When he was near, she interjected, “I will never marry that scum!” 

The man glared furiously and said in a low voice, “You’ll return NOW!” 

Zhou Ling was about to speak when four of the armoured ladies rushed to grab her arms and legs. They had obviously practised this move, lifting her instantly off the stage. 

When she passed her sister, Zhou Ling turned her head to beg for help, “Hey, help me! HELP ME!” 

Zhou Bo was about to move when the man walked over and glared, this time with disgust in his eyes. She retracted her limbs and fell a step back, watching them carry her sister away. Under his watchful glare, she scrambled to trail behind. 

The man turned to deal with Ouyang Nan and friends but realised they had disappeared. After a pause, he thought for a moment and nodded at the servant closest to him. He whispered, “Follow them, find out who they are.” 

The servant nodded and left soundlessly. 

The man turned to face the simmering crowd, saluting as he apologised, “Everyone, I am Zhou Fangcai, that was my daughter. I apologise for the embarrassing situation, please forgive us!” 

Someone looking to stir the pot yelled, “The Zhou clan thinks it can do whatever it wants just because you’re rich! Do you think you can play us like this? You lot don’t even keep your word, how will we ever trust you again?” 

Zhou Guangcai side-eyed the heckler and replied calmly, “Yes, you’re right. Trustworthiness is what makes a person. I am a businessman, trust is of utmost importance to me! But marriage in Daqi is an important affair, especially for the parents! Tell me, is it reasonable that a daughter can hold a matchmaking duel without her parents knowing? Arranging a marriage without her parents’ consent- that’s eloping! It’s a reportable affair!” 

Someone yelled, “Who knows, you two might be colluding!” 

Zhou Guangcai replied solemnly, “Everyone, do you think our Zhou clan needs to resort to such dirty tricks if we did decide to cheat the public? Moreover… no matter how terribly behaved my daughter is… she won’t be marrying any random stray who comes to duel! I don’t care if you believe me or not, I’m done here! Goodbye!” 

With a shrug of his sleeve, he strode quickly away while the crowd dispersed after their fun was gone. 

After tying up the loose ends of his daughter’s incident, he rushed to the hall of Zhou Residence. At this moment, the clan leaders and elders of the six great clans were inside. These thirty-plus people were conversing, including two middle-aged men speaking at the center of the hall. 

One of them was Zhou Guangcai’s older brother, the Zhou clan leader, Zhou Guangfa. 

Zhou Guangfa had a mink cap and a cape made of leather and fur. Jewellery adorned his fingers and wrist and he was smoking a pipe from the North. He remarked mildly, “Today’s the seventh day but the Spiritual Mountain Sect… hasn’t arrived yet. Brother Wen, smart as you are, looks like you make mistakes too!”

Brother Wen was Wen Hao of the Wen clan, one of the six great clans. He was fiddling with a pair of metal spheres in his palm, speaking slowly, “If the Spiritual Mountain Clan isn’t in a hurry, why should we be anxious? Remember this- they’re more anxious than we are!” 

Zhou Guangcai came to Zhou Guangfa’s side and whispered. Guangfa’s eyes sprung open. “The Spiritual Mountain Sect is here.” 

The metal spheres in Wen Hao’s palm stopped. He shot up, “Good! That’s good! Let them come! I’ll make sure they leave empty-handed! Hahahahaha!” 

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