Breaking The Day - Chapter 249

A chill ran down through the crowd. Zhou Guangfa’s face turned green. He had just said there was nothing to worry about, the news of the fire was a slap to his face indeed. 

Guangfa’s expression darkened. “What happened? Which part of Wancai street?” 

The other elders chattered, “Right, right, right! Quick, tell us where the fire is!” 

The person with the message was another servant, who said panickedly, “Fucui House of the Wen clan…” 

“AHHH!!” shouted Wen Hao, then falling backwards. Someone caught him as he supported himself steadily, his eyes red as he clenched his teeth, “It was a distraction! We fell into their trap! The Spiritual Mountain Sect… they never intended to negotiate in the first place!” 

Zhou Guangcai’s eyes darted at Wen Hao, privately delighted despite the calmness on his face. “Why are you so worried? One fire won’t ruin the Wen clan!” 

Wen Hao raged. “It’s easy for you to say, it’s not one of your Zhou clan’s businesses!{“ 

When he finished, the servant whispered, “The Spiritual Mountain Sect cultivator took the signboard of the Zhou Restaurant after winning the bet…” 

Zhou Guangcai’s vision blurred,his calm demeanour gone as he raged, “What is going on! What are those Profound Life Sect cultivators doing?!” 

The servant stuttered, “Remember the duel? They were betting on our restaurant’s signboard…” 

Zhou Guangcai fell back into his chair, glaring hard, unable to speak. 

Guangfa yelled, “That sign is an heirloom left behind by our founding ancestor! Do you think that’s something you can afford to lose?!” 

The servant quickly fell to his knees. He didn’t understand what just happened, why was it HIS fault now? 

“Master, master! This has nothing to do with me! The Profound Life Sect cultivator was the one who agreed to the bet!” sulked the servant. 

Zhou Guangcai let out a long wail. “That’s a mistake, a mistake! Stop them! Don’t let them take the sign away!” 

The servant quickly explained, “They won’t! The Profound Life Sect cultivator realised he had been cheated, and was very angry! He wanted to physically fight!” 

Zhou Guangcai shot up. “Who won?!” 

The servant gave a bitter smile. “I… don’t know. They hadn’t fought when I left…” 

Guangcai roared, “GO! Go check!” 

Wen Hao yelled, “Go put out the fire! The first thing to do is to put out the fire! As long as the sign wasn’t burnt or chopped into pieces, it’ll still be there! But if the fire spreads, then this sign will be burnt too! Then the losses will be massive!” 

Zhou Ling pursed her lips behind the divider, pouting. “Look at that! At a time like this, you can see that the six great clans only care about themselves! Their ugly sides are revealed the moment trouble comes! It’s so embarrassing! Come, let’s go check out the fire at Wancai Street! It’s an experience of the century!” 

As she spoke, Zhou Ling dragged Zhou Bo out. Zhou Bo was an amiable girl and couldn’t fight her sister. 

At this moment, Wancai Street was in utter chaos. Screams, shouts, wails and crying could be heard as crowds were smoked out into the streets. They formed a tidal wave running out of each restaurant into the street. 

Ju Wusheng of the Profound Life Sect glared at Li Chengfeng, clenching his teeth. “So, you’re just a bait after all!” 

Li Chengfeng smiled. “Hey, you can’t say that! It’s the middle of winter, things can get very dry and flammable. One of the restaurants on this street must be quite careless to let a fire happen. You can’t blame me for that!” 

Ju Wusheng’s eyes were fixed on Chengfeng, his eyes darting at the “live prawn” not far away. “I don’t care what trick you’re pulling right now. Do you think you’ll be able to walk out the door alive?” 

Chengfeng looked at him in surprise. “Oh? So the Profound Life Sect intends to declare war against the Spiritual Mountain Sect? I didn’t know that a sect ranked thirteen would DARE challenge us, a sect ranked third in the world? Impressive!” 

Ju Wusheng smirked. “If a nameless low-ranked member of that declining Hidden Sword Court dies, forget about Spiritual Mountain Sect-- even your own court won’t investigate it! Don’t you think you’re… thinking too highly of yourself?” 

Chengfeng’s chest tightened. He knew how dangerous these threats could be. Cultivators often killed whoever offended them because they could do it, and they could play outside the confines of law! 

The law did not punish cultivators. This was a law everyone understood but no one ever said it aloud. An open secret. The empire of Daqi quietly followed this rule: society would rule society, sects would keep other sects in check. As long as the sects did not openly rebel and kill officials, the palace let them do whatever they wanted. 

If Ju Wusheng killed Chengfeng here, and neither Spiritual Mountain nor Hidden Sword stuck out their necks for him, then Chengfeng would have died for nothing. 

Chengfeng naturally did not want to die here. He knew that it was a psychological bullying tactic. Just like how he engaged in a psychological duel just now. 

He often used this tactic in the streets, hence he could recognise it immediately. He knew not to let his enemy know his weaknesses, or touch an emotional boundary. 

Psychological warfare was as formidable as physical combat; one could even turn the tables by striking when they were least guarded. 

This was Chengfeng’s main learning from his several battles with Grand Senior Sister. 

He looked at Ju Wusheng and smiled, “I never thought highly of myself but if anything happened to me, I’m afraid you all won’t be able to leave alive either.” 

Ju Wusheng laughed. “Because of you and the few strays from Hidden Sword?” 

Chengfeng feigned surprise. “You all have efficient sources indeed! You mean, you know how many people came with me?” 

Ju Wusheng smirked. “We knew the moment you left your mountain! We must make preparations if we want to take food from the tiger’s jaws, don’t you think?” 

Chengfeng clapped. “Very well put! Since you’ve already planned to take food from the tiger’s jaws, then you must know the consequences of provoking the Spiritual Mountain Sect! Although I’m a nameless, low-ranked member, remember this- even if I’m a dog from the broke Hidden Sword Court, I’m still a disciple of Spiritual Mountain Sect! A disciple of the third-strongest sect in the world! Have you ever seen any sect who doesn’t investigate when their disciples are killed?” 

Ju Wusheng’s face fell, his eyebrow twitched as he hesitated but clenched his jaw. “Hmmph, what a quick talker! Looks like the Hidden Sword Court only trains your mouth! I will kill you today, you’ll never talk your way out! I do want to see if the Spiritual Mountain Sect will stick its neck out for you!” 

As he spoke, he was about to move when Chengfeng laughed loudly. Chengfeng sat down nonchalantly, “Alright, come then! But, before that, take a moment to look outside!” 

Chengfeng naturally had a backup plan, which was Ouyang Nan and the rest. If anything looked sketchy, they would come to his rescue. 

Ju Wusheng looked outside, then paused. He hesitated, looking terrified, then stared at Chengfeng in disbelief. 

“This… person… Came because you called?” 

Chengfeng laughed without even turning around. “Naturally!” 

Ju Wusheng panicked and clenched his fist. He stomped his foot and roared, “Let’s go!” 

When he finished, the Profound Life Sect cultivators surrounding the restaurant disappeared immediately. 

Chengfeng heaved a sigh of relief but when he turned with a grin, he was stunned. 

He saw one person walking against the currents of the crowd. This person’s billowing cloak could not cover her curves, fire-red hair leaking out of her hood. 

She was Grand Senior Sister of the Hidden Beauty Court! 

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