Breaking The Day - Chapter 250

Chengfeng felt like his heart was about to jump out of his chest when he saw Grand Senior Sister. He thought she must be here to kill him. 

And if she was here to kill him, what about Su Yuehan? What happened to Su Yuehan? 

Chengfeng could not control his emotions when the thought surfaced. His heart raced and his face turned green. The chair in his hand almost broke. 

His eyes were glued to Grand Senior Sister as his mind raced for a solution. Sitting on the chair like a stone statue, his head was turned but unmoving as his eyes followed the red-haired girl on the street. 

People poured out continuously into the street, only Grand Senior Sister walked against the current slowly, her eyes fixated at a point in front as if there was no one around. She walked as if it was an empty street in the middle of the night, the rushing crowd merely a night breeze, the blazing fire ahead merely cool moonlight. 

Li Chengfeng felt an odd sense of beauty from this scene and quickly realised she was not here for him. Her eyes were fixed at a point ahead. There seemed to be an important target in the restaurant on fire, like her nemesis was inside. 

He was curious. Why was she here? Who was her target? 

Was there a person she was more cautious of than himself? 

His imagination ran wild. 

She moved slowly but surely. There seemed to be a light rhythm to her footsteps, slowly walking up to the burning restaurant. She looked up at it. 

At this moment, the restaurant was almost empty. Only waiters and workers yelled their heads off to call for help while workers pulled carriages forward to supply water. 

These carriages were filled with sacks of water, which were tied to bamboo poles and at the mouth. Three strong men carried the water pouches and bamboo pole, then stepped on the mechanism at the head of the pouch so water sprayed out to extinguish the flames. 

But the flames were many metres tall. Water turned to steam before it reached the flames, forming a wave of hot air that forced the people backwards. It was too painful to get any closer. 

Grand Senior Sister walked forward to enter the building but someone grabbed her by the shoulder and said anxiously, “Don’t go in! The flames are too powerful, you’ll die!” 

She did not appear to move, yet in a flash, she avoided his hand. Her head turned slightly as she looked at him. With one look, the man was paralysed, completely unable to move. 

The fire disappeared in his eyes, all that was left were eyes as cold as ice, and fire-red long hair. 

Chengfeng ran out of the restaurant to watch Grand Senior Sister. All he saw was her walking up to the burning building, and speechless onlookers nearby. Some yelled to stop her from going inside, some yelled that there was no one inside. More people gawked at her beauty, stunned by her icy aura, and her utter presence. 

“Grand Senior Sister… what is she doing?” Zhao Xiaobao could not help but ask. 

Chengfeng shook his head gently, though he was astonished by what he saw: this was exactly the aura a cultivator should have! To walk with such calmness in the face of rolling flames! When will he achieve such grace?! To treat terrifying flames as if they were nothing? 

His mind raced but Grand Senior Sister had already stepped calmly into the burning restaurant. 

Occasionally, burning wood pieces would fall next to her, causing flames to shoot in her direction. However, they would turn to ice pieces and fall gently the moment they approached her figure. 

The ground beneath her turned to ice, forming a frozen river where she stepped. Frost sizzled around her, and the flames parted as she walked. 

When she walked up to the second floor, the staircase collapsed abruptly, forming a gaping hole three metres wide. Grand Senior Sister did not even stop, merely walking up with confidence. An icy staircase formed beneath her feet, freezing solid to fill up the hole so she could walk with as much confidence as walking on flat land. 

When she arrived at the third floor, she turned a corner to a room door, which was surrounded by flames. Standing in one spot, she stared as if she could see through the door. 

Grand Senior Sister reached out and placed both hands on the flaming door. With a gentle push, the door turned into countless crumbs, falling as glowing embers. The flames stopped at her arm, then with a shake of her sleeve, the flames seemed to be absorbed. The fire turned to starlight, then disappeared. 

This room hadn’t been fully engulfed by fire yet. Illogically, there was a faint figure inside. It was a girl in a long, white dress- she looked very out of place inside. 

The rolling smoke and flames seemed to be from an entirely different world because nothing touched her. She carved a little sanctuary of her own in the middle, as if the fire was completely irrelevant in her world. She sat quietly, tasting some wine and eating some vegetables very politely. 

Grand Senior Sister’s icy expression turned into a faint smirk when she saw the girl. She walked inside, towards the table and then stared at the girl. 

The girl in the white dress did not even look up, as if anticipating her arrival. As if talking to an old friend, she pointed at a chair that had been burnt to crisp next to her with her chopsticks, then said faintly, “You’re here? Come sit.” 

Grand Senior Sister sat gracefully, ice crackling to form an ice chair beneath her. She lifted her hand and a pair of ice chopsticks formed from thin air. 

Reaching out with her chopsticks, she picked up some food from the three dishes and ate gracefully. 

The girl in the white dress smiled lightly. “I heard the stir-fried pork at Wancai Street is the best. It’s a simple dish but it’s not too oily, very fragrant and cut so delicately! Definitely a quality dish and now that I’ve tasted it, I think they live up to their reputation. Taste it!” 

Grand Senior Sister tasted it. “You’re used to magnificent feasts at the palace, are you sure you like simple dishes like that?” 

The girl replied wistfully, “Not everything at the palace is good.” 

Grand Senior Sister did not continue with the topic. “Why are you here?” 

The girl looked at her. “I’m here to see you. We haven’t met in a long time, I’ve missed you.” 

Grand Senior Sister’s eyes fell on the long sword placed by the girl. There were two words etched using Immortal Qi on the sword: Sky River. 

She said flatly, “So what should I call you now? Princess, Your Highness? Or Zhao Feiyue?”

Zhao Feiyue did not reply. She smiled. “Compared to a few years ago, do you think your cultivation has improved?” 

Grand Senior Sister’s chopsticks paused as she side-eyed Zhao Feiyue. “Why… don’t we test it out now?” 

Zhao Feiyue stared without a word, the fire of battle blazing in her eyes. A blast of energy erupted from her body, extinguishing the flames around her in an instant! 

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