Breaking The Day - Chapter 251

Zhao Feiyue gave Grand Senior Sister a long stare, then smiled faintly without reply. She picked up a jug of wine. “This is good red wine from Anzhou, meant to be heated up first to bring out the flavours. I think it’s heated up perfectly now! Thanks to those little thieves!” 

Grand Senior Sister said mildly, “Non-locals think Anzhou Red is meant to be drunk boiling hot to bring out the flavours but what they don’t know is…” As she spoke, she moved her hand two inches below the wine jug and it instantly boiled vigorously. Steam pushed the cover up, causing more vapour to escape. 

The alcoholic vapour turned into a dragon mid-air, then a phoenix, flying around the table. Excess vapour looked like clouds as the dragon and phoenix weaved in and out of the mist, sometimes soaring above the clouds. It was an awesome sight. 

As they tumbled in the air, Grand Senior Sister waved her hand gently and a gust of cold wind blew, freezing them into ice. The clouds solidified at the same time. 

Zhao Feiyue’s eyes focused on the magnificent beasts frozen mid-air. Both the dragon’s beard and the phoenix’s feathers seemed to flutter in the wind, dense and hyper-realistic. Especially those eyes… they looked alive, as if the beasts would roar any second now! 

But the ice sculptures melted quickly, dripping back into the jug. In a few breaths, it was as if they had never happened, for they were now wine again. Ice flakes floated in the jug. When Grand Senior Sister picked the jug up to serve Zhao Feiyue, interesting, hot steam rose from the jug despite the floating ice flakes. 

Finally, she said flatly, “True wine connoisseurs know that Anzhou red wine needs ice to trigger the wine’s kick, apart from fire to release its flavours. Now with the combination of ice and fire, it will be pungent and absolutely beautiful!” 

“We haven’t met in a long time but after all these years… your powers have improved greatly!” Zhao Feiyue gazed deeply at her, then picked up the cup and gently sipped it, finally downing the whole cup. She let out a long sigh, closing her eyes to enjoy the wine’s aroma, nodding, “Delicious! I was right, I can only taste authentic food out of the palace!” 

Her eyes sprung open and she smiled. She was a beauty, even Grand Senior Sister who did not care, could not help but admire this beauty inwardly at this moment. 

Zhao Feiyue nodded grinningly. “Well since I’ve already tasted your delicious wine, I guess we won’t be fighting today. I’d feel very bad if I accidentally hurt you.” 

Grand Senior Sister smiled, though obviously a little displeased. She was completely confident with her abilities. Even if Zhao Feiyue had the Sky River Divine Sword, one of the heavenly divine swords, so what? 

The show she put on just now had required much, much more advanced skills than the magic she used at the forbidden area! 

Cultivators knew the three challenges of magic: first, strength; second, precision; third, scale. 

The first point was easiest to understand. A cultivator focused on getting stronger, just like how a weightlifter trained to be more powerful. The stronger, the better. 

However, upon reaching a certain level, it did not matter if it was pure cultivation or combat training- the stronger person did not always win. When both sides attained a certain level of power, the comparison no longer lay in strength but the skill of manipulating their own power. 

A strength equivalent to lifting 500kg-- some cultivators could only utilise this power using one move but others, with skill and precision, could formulate four, five even more than ten moves! Two opponents could be the same in terms of strength but when you looked at their skills, the winner was clear! 

What Grand Senior Sister displayed was the hyper-precision of her skills. She had already mastered the second challenge of cultivation, at the peak of mastery! 

This skill alone showed that she had far surpassed all the elites of the younger generation and could definitely challenge Sect Leaders! 

Grand Senior Sister had absolute confidence in her own powers. She did not think anyone in this generation could beat her, even if they had divine weapons. 

She downed a cup of wine, delighted with herself. “Why did you come all the way here- to fight me, or to taste the local delicacies?” 

Zhao Feiyue picked up some vegetables with her chopsticks, then chewed slowly. “I’m looking for someone.” 

Grand Senior Sister asked flatly, “The traitorous immortal from nineteen years ago?” 

She nodded. “That’s right.” 

Grand Senior Sister was confused. “You all killed so many babies nineteen years ago, you mean they were all the wrong ones?” 

“Humans are bound to make mistakes sometimes. Every net has a hole.” 

After a pause, Grand Senior Sister said, “What’s this person got to do with our Spiritual Mountain Sect? Why would this person be with us?” 

Grand Senior Sister was extremely cautious about Zhao Feiyue’s visit this time, fearing Feiyue would disrupt her plans, thought even more terrified that Feiyue would discover her plans and true identity. 

That was why she did not dare wait for Zhao Feiyue at Spiritual Mountain. Instead, after receiving information about Zhao Feiyue’s whereabouts, she immediately set off for Tong’an to meet her in order to test the waters.

Zhao Feiyue said, “I initially thought Zhan Qitian was the traitorous immortal but I’ve already fought him. It’s not him.” 

Grand Senior Sister asked curiously, “Who won?”

She gave a slight nod, not answering. “The truth is more important than who won!” 

Grand Senior Sister continued, exasperated, “So how did you know this traitorous immortal is in Spiritual Mountain?” 

As she spoke, a person flashed in her mind and her chest tightened. 

Zhao Feiyue continued eating and drinking nonchalantly. “I don’t know for sure, just here to see how you’re doing, maybe we’ll even spar. And along the way, I’ll check if this person is at Spiritual Mountain.” 

Grand Senior Sister privately heaved a sigh of relief. “If the traitor is here?” 

“I’ll take him back to the capital!” 

“And if the traitor isn’t?” 

Zhao Feiyue’s eyes darted once at Grand Senior Sister. “Then I’ll continue my search! If I could have one prophetic dream, I’ll have another! I’ve already seen this person so I’ll definitely recognise him if I see him!” 

Grand Senior Sister looked calm but her mind was in a storm. She wanted to grab Chengfeng this instant and interrogate him: are you the reincarnated traitorous immortal from nineteen years ago?” 

She looked at the flames surrounding them and said suddenly, “This building… it’s about to collapse. Are you still going to finish your meal?”

Zhao Feiyue mused wistfully, “Good food and good wine should not be hurried, wouldn’t it be a waste?” As she spoke, she gently formed a mudra and the air within the restaurant exploded instantly. With a deafening boom, a strong gust of wind exploded outwards. This powerful air current was both powerful and precise, extinguishing the flames within the building instantly but did not make the swaying restaurant collapse! 

Grand Senior Sister’s colour drained because she knew this meant Zhao Feiyue had also passed the highest level of the second challenge and had already entered the third level: infinite scale! 

She regarded Zhao Feiyue. It was the first time she took this person in front of her seriously. For the first time, she felt unsure of her victory. 

She nodded slowly. “It looks like… after all these years… your cultivation has also… improved greatly.” 

Zhao Feiyue took a few more bites slowly, then a few more sips and picked up her Sky River Divine Sword. “I’m done with my meal and will be leaving now. Are you coming to Spiritual Mountain with me?” 

Grand Senior Sister shook her head. “No, I have matters to attend to.” 

Zhao Feiyue was surprised. “What matters could be more important than welcoming me?” 

She said coldly, “I need to meet a friend.” 

Zhao Feiyue had a thought, then smiled. “You have friends? I need to meet this person!” 

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