Breaking The Day - Chapter 252

Zhao Feiyue’s reply was exactly what Grand Senior Sister was worried about but she was prepared. She replied flatly, “That would be great, I need someone to help deal with the body.” 

Zhao Feiyue furrowed her brows slightly. “Is that how you treat your friends?” 

Grand Senior Sister mused, “Some friends, are friends; some… friends are just terms.” 

Feiyue replied with disappointment, “I’m not going then, now I don’t feel like going to Spiritual Mountain either.” 

Grand Senior Sister was privately relieved. “Why not? Our Spiritual Mountain Sect will give you a warm welcome.” 

Feiyue replied mildly, “It’d be meaningless for me to go if you’re not there. Plus if you say the traitorous immortal isn’t there, then I don’t think he’s there. I trust you so I’m not going to bother you guys just in case I end up owing you a favour. I’ll enjoy the food here for another two or three more days, then I’ll leave.” 

“Where will you go?” 

Zhao Feiyue thought for a moment. “Maybe I’ll go meet that Qu Youyang at Phoenix Hibiscus…” As she spoke, with her sword in one hand, she waved. “I’ll get going!” 

As she spoke, Zhao Feiyue sauntered down the stairs with her Sky River Divine Sword. At this moment, everyone on Wancai Street knew that there were major cultivators battling in the burning restaurant. Although they did not witness the details, based on the red-haired girl who walked in, then the sudden extinguishing of flames, then a girl in white walking out without a scratch on her like a nymph, both idiots and the blind knew that those two were no ordinary folk! 

“They must be major cultivators! Tsk tsk, they’re beautiful, I wonder which sect they’re in, and which family they’re from.” 

“Yeah, I can’t believe there are such beauties in this world. Besides, which man would be qualified to deserve these deity-like beauties?” 

“Was she the one who put out the flames in the burning building? She looks so fragile and gentle! She looks so fragile I can crack her waist with just an arm.” 

“Ugh, why don’t you go try? You’re always all talk! If you did, I’d say it was suicide!” 

“Ptui! A gentleman doesn’t fight girls! Don’t you know that?” 

The crowd bustled with conversation, some pointing and making comments about Feiyue while others speculated about her family background. 

However, it was as if she did not see them at all. Although she did not act like an arrogant cultivator, she still took her time strolling through the crowd as if none of them was there. She radiated elegance that told everyone she was to be admired from afar but not approached. Conversations died wherever she went, and the crowd automatically parted for her. 

The loudest ones fell silent, staring as she left. This gentle, delicate-looking girl radiated intimidation and magnificence, they did not even dare breathe. 

Li Chengfeng watched everything from the restaurant he was in. From afar, he could see the girl in white walking slowly away until she became a faint silhouette. Although she seemed familiar, he couldn’t remember where he’d seen her. 

As he puzzled over it, a familiar person returned. 

Ju Wusheng stared at Chengfeng, speaking with a half-smile, “Looks like she wasn’t your saviour after all! Such dirty tricks you pull! Well, let’s see how many tricks you have!” 

Li Chengfeng had a strange expression. “I didn’t play any tricks, all you need to do is turn around.” 

Ju Wusheng laughed. “Let’s not pull these swindler’s tricks…” 

Before he finished, a female voice came from behind: “GET OUT!” 

Startled, he disappeared in a flash, reappearing in a spot several metres away. He turned around and squinted only to see a red-haired girl standing where he previously was. She was Grand Senior Sister. 

Ju Wusheng turned green when he recognised her, saying in a low voice, “The Grand Senior Sister of Hidden Beauty! Since when did Hidden Beauty mix with Hidden Sword?” 

Grand Senior Sister looked at him out the corner of her eye and sneered, “Who do you think you are, asking such questions?” 

His face changed, clenching his teeth, “Flaming Iceberg, I am obviously not a match for you. But think carefully, you’re representing Spiritual Mountain here. Are you declaring war against Profound Life Sect?” 

Her eyes darted once at him condescendingly, “I’ll say this again, GET OUT!” 

Ju Wusheng’s expression darkened. They were surrounded by his subordinates, hence very embarrassing to be seen being ordered around by Grand Senior Sister. He had more to say but ice crackled and expanded from beneath her feet and rapidly raced towards him like a white monster. 

Ju Wusheng made a strange noise and leapt backwards out of the restaurant. Before disappearing, he spat, “You’ll regret this!” 

One strong opponent left but an even more terrifying one replaced him. There wasn’t even time for Chengfeng to celebrate and catch his breath. Eyeing Grand Senior Sister, he said, “Who did you meet at the restaurant?” 

She didn’t reply, her eyes fixed on him. “Who are you?!” 

Chengfeng was privately startled. “Who are YOU? Why are you instigating a war within Spiritual Mountain?” 

Her eyes pierced through Chengfeng like knives, “You’re the reincarnated traitorous immortal from nineteen years ago?” 

“Do you think I’ll leave you anymore chances or expose any weaknesses of mine? If I die, your hands will never be clean; but if I’m alive, I’ll be useful!” 

“So you aren’t answering me then? I’ll still have ways to get my answer!”

Although that was how the conversation went, every sentence still had answers hidden in them. It was as if both had blades pointing at each other, though privately afraid but trying to test the waters. A hidden meaning flowed between their dialogue. 

“If you help me solve this debt collecting problem, I’ll consider telling you my true identity.” 

She gave him a long, hard look. Then, her lips curved upwards with nonchalance and suddenly turned to walk out of the restaurant, yelling, “Profound Life Sect, this guy’s all yours! Hidden Beauty Court will not have anything to do with his life or death!” 

Oh no!! 

Li Chengfeng’s jaw dropped! 

This lady is even more unpredictable than me! How can she betray me the moment we disagree! This is awful! 

Chengfeng cursed privately. Grabbing the still-blur Zhao Xiaobao, he dashed towards the back of the restaurant. They had just burst through the restaurant’s windows, landing in the back alley when the Profound Life Sect’s cultivators surrounded the alley. Ju Wusheng smirked, looking at him not far away. 

Ju Wusheng snickered, “We meet again! That was quick.” 

Chengfeng heaved a long sigh. “Yeah, that was unexpected. Women can turn on you quicker than turning a page!” As he spoke, his face darkened. “But, even if Grand Senior Sister is throwing a tantrum with me, you still shouldn’t think you’re winning! Hidden Sword still has other…” 

Before he finished, Ju Wusheng stepped aside to reveal the space behind him. The cultivators behind also parted to reveal Su You, Ouyang Nan and the rest, all tied up! 

Oh no! 

Li Chengfeng cursed, his expression turning sour. 

Ju Wusheng snickered, “What tricks do you have left? Who else? This is the time for you to call them! If you don’t, you’d better follow us back!” 

Chengfeng and Xiaobao looked at each other. Xiaobao whispered, “Young Master, what now? Fight?” 

He glared, whispering back, “Are you insane?! Staying alive is the most important!” As he spoke, he turned towards the direction where Grand Senior Sister previously left, only to coincidentally see her staring coldly at himself. 

Although he was far away, he could feel the patronising glare on him, as if she was high above looking down at him. She seemed to say: who do you think you are? Do you even have the right to negotiate with me? 

At that moment, Li Chengfeng seemed to grasp an important key clue but that thought was a mere flash. While he felt like he finally understood something, it felt like there was a layer of rice paper he couldn’t break through. 

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