Breaking The Day - Chapter 253

Meanwhile, within Hidden Modesty Court of Spiritual Mountain Sect, Distant Heavenly Peak. 

“Useless idiots! With progress like this, you won’t even solidify your foundations in eight lifetimes!” scolded Zhou Jieyi as he waved a wooden stick, occasionally hitting his new juniors nearby with it. 

They were all in a pushup position supporting themselves on four wooden poles, sharp bamboo sticks lining the ground below. If they fell, these sharp ends would puncture both their chests and stomachs. 

Zhou Jieyie leapt from pole to pole, sometimes stepping on the junior’s hands on purposes, Some of them gritted their teeth through the pain, unmoving, while green veins popped from their foreheads, but there was one yelped the moment his hand was stepped on, instinctively retracting his hand. As a result, he lost his balance and fell off. 

This poor Hidden Modesty disciple twisted mid-air in fear, wanting to avoid the sharp bamboo at the bottom but avoiding one only meant falling unto another blade. Pfft-- a sharp bamboo end punctured his stomach. He screamed in agony, hugging his torso, “I’m going to die, I’m going to die!” 

Zhou Jieyi laughed heartily and leapt off the pole. Standing between the bamboos, he kicked the junior and grinned, “Aiya, you don’t die!” As he spoke, he turned to two snickering disciples nearby, “Hey, what are you waiting for? Get him down and help him! All you do is laugh! You dogs need to treat your juniors better!” 

The two juniors ran forward. One of them slapped himself with an apologetic smile, “Senior Brother Zhou, you were right to scold me! We must be nicer towards our fellow juniors indeed!” 

As he spoke, he “carefully” took out a short blade and cut the end of the bamboo stick that punctured the junior. He and the other junior lifted the injured up. 

As he walked, he told this junior, “Senior Brother wants us to treat you better so we’ll give you a twenty percent discount for the treatment. Eighty silvers, what do you think? Are you touched?” 

The junior was terrified. “Eighty silvers? I- I don’t want treatment! I don’t want treatment!” 

The senior pinned him down and grinned. “Eh, what are you talking about? No one brings money into this lifetime, nor can you take it when you die! What are you going to do with the money when you die? Just be more careful during your next training, treat it like buying yourself a lesson! Be a good boy and listen to me! If we don’t treat this wound now, we won’t be able to help you later!” 

The junior could not help but cry out loud. He didn’t know if he was crying from the wound or the money lost. 

Some of the Hidden Modesty disciples toughing it out on the wooden poles could feel their arms weakening but they immediately perked up. Who would dare slacken now? 

Zhou Jieyi regarded them with a grin. “Perk up, boys! Or you’ll end up like him too!” 

This was the training hall of Hidden Modesty Court: also the most torturous place in the world in the disciples’ eyes. 

There was no talk of camaraderie, emotions or respect between seniors and juniors here. Here, the strong bullied the weak. Trainings were ice cold, anyone who could not keep up was eliminated mercilessly. 

Zhou Jieyi had survived it all. He too had to endure such torture and humiliation. It took forever to become a senior and after enduring all that suffering, he decided to make his juniors suffer ten, hundred times more than he did! Or his suffering would have been for nothing, right? 

That was why he happily enjoyed it all, delighted to watch these terrified, anxious juniors. 

At this moment, he heard a seductive, feminine voice. “Aiyo, Junior Zhou! You look so strong there, don’t you?” 

Zhou Jieyi’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the voice. Turning around, he saw no one. Although he was confused, he heard the voice again, “Junior Brother Zhou, could you come to the forest in the east for a bit? It’s not very appropriate for me to reveal myself, as a Senior Sister.” 

He could recognise this voice-- this was Ji Chunhua from Hidden Beauty. His heart skipped another beat. Everyone knew that many, many seniors and juniors privately lusted for Ji Chunhua… 

Her beauty did not just lie in her looks but also her demeanour--- the seductive look hidden deep in her eyes that triggered desire in many disciples, almost unable to control themselves. 

Zhou Jieyi did his best to keep his composure and coughed drily. He yelled at the suffering juniors, “Carry on, I’ll be watching you on the side! If anyone dares to cheat… hmmph! You’ll end up like Han Tianxing!” 

Then, he left with hands behind his back. 

The disciples felt a chill when they heard Han Tianxing’s name, drenched in sweat as they gritted their teeth to hold on. 

Zhou Jieyi walked several hundred metres eastwards and asked in a low voice, “Senior Sister Ji? Is that you?” 

He heard the voice again. “A little further ahead.” 

His heart raced, and as if he had a premonition, his eyes filled with excitement and lust, despite his disbelief. Just like that, he walked another thousand metres deep into the dense forest. When she still hadn’t appeared, he had a slight bad feeling. 

“Senior Sister Ji? Are you there? I- I’m going back!” 

A voice came from behind, smiling, “Look at you, you’re as timid as a mouse!” 

He turned his head suddenly to see Ji Chunhua looked at him grinningly. She was clad in a thin, revealing chiffon, the top half of her figure almost completely revealed underneath. 

His heart raced like mad as he forced a smile. “Ah, it’s Senior Sister Ji! Why are you here today? Are you looking for Senior Brother Xuanming?” 

She rolled her eyes, then looked at him flirtatiously, ”I’m here for you.” 

Surprised by the response, he stuttered, “Me? What- what for?” 

She stepped forward slowly, but covered the distance in the blink of an eye. She prawled seductively up towards Zhou Jieyi until she was on his chest, her breath caressing his neck. She touched his ear ever so gently with her tongue, then whispered, “I recently learned some new martial arts, I was just looking to practise with someone.” 

Zhou Jieyi shivered the moment she touched him, struggling to keep the last shred of logic in his brain as he forced a question, “Why-why me?” 

Ji Chunhua giggled, her finger lightly tracing his chest as she whispered, “You’re so handsome, I’ve always had my eye on you! Out of all the young disciples in Hidden Modesty, you have the brightest future!” 

At this point, all suspicion was gone for he was in a state of euphoria. Finally, someone recognises my talent! Senior Sister Ji is right, out of the entire generation of Hidden Modesty disciples, I have the brightest future indeed!” 

He was now a slave to his desires, his face red, his eyes ablaze and his breathing ragged. “Senior Sister Ji, I-- I…” 

She giggled, then her fingers tugged gently at the chiffon as thin as cicada wings covering herself. The light fabric slid to the ground immediately. At this moment, he exploded with desire, grabbing this beauty like a madman, his mind falling deep into the canyon of lust. 

Ji Chunhua laughed, “Slow down, slow down!” 

Zhou Jieyi felt like he was going to explode. Eyeing her like a wolf, he would swallow her whole if he could. 

However, he didn’t know that he was actually hugging nothing at all. He tumbled and writhed on the ground, half of his clothing now off to reveal his fair buttocks. It was disgusting to watch him wriggle on the ground. 

Su Yuehan stood aside, watching everything coldly with a mocking smirk. “Men!” 

This was not her first time witnessing such a scene, nor was he the first man she tricked. Definitely not her last either! 

Su Yuehan walked up to Zhou Jieyi, extended her fingers, then grabbed him by the head. His gaze was empty, a sheen over them. 

She parted her lips and inhaled a white gas that leaked from Zhou Jieyi’s orifices, flowing quickly into her body. 

He aged at a speed perceivable to the eye and within five minutes, he had turned into a dried corpse. Eerily, a smile remained on his face, as if he died in bliss. 

After absorbing his True Yuan, she looked up and inhaled deeply, eyeing him with displeasure. She remarked softly, “Can’t believe I forgot he’d lost his Virgin Yang Energy! Idiot!” 

Su Yuehan thought this risky move would be enough to replenish forty to fifty percent of her initial powers but now it was barely thirty percent. 

At least it was already enough for her to turn into Grand Senior Sister! She wouldn’t be exposed easily now! 

Su Yuehan looked down at the dried-up Zhou Jieyi, then waved. A sharp gust of wind pulverised him, turning him to dust that scattered in four directions. When the gust died, all that was left was a red-haired lady standing where Su Yuehan used to be--- Hidden Beauty Court’s Grand Senior Sister! 

‘Grand Senior Sister’ had a cold smirk on her face. She looked towards Divine Lady Peak of the Hidden Beauty Court and whispered, “Who are you? I will know soon!” 

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