Breaking The Day - Chapter 254

Spiritual Mountain, Hidden Beauty Court, Divine Lady Peak, Heavenly Scripture Platform

Today was Ji Chunhua’s turn on duty to guard one of Spiritual Mountain’s forbidden areas. Usually, this was a very easy task as out of all the trespassing incidents from the past few centuries, there was only one that involved the Heavenly Scripture Platform. It had been more than two hundred years since then. 

Learning the lesson from that trespassing incident, the Spiritual Mountain Sect kept important cultivation scriptures in another place. Since then, no one was interested in the abundance of ancient texts accumulating dust within. 

That was a fact, and every cultivator duty also knew this- who would waste their time going through piles of documents in there? 

But on this fateful day, there was one such person! 

Ji Chunhua saw someone approaching from afar. In the beginning, she thought this person had made a mistake and yelled sternly, “This is a Spiritual Mountain forbidden area, trespassers will…”

Before she finished, she noticed a bit of fire-red hair peeking out of this cultivator’s hood. 

Only one person had hair like this in the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect. Without seeing this person's face, Ji Chunhua knew who it was! 

HIdden Beauty Court’s Grand Senior Sister! 

One of the most powerful cultivators of the Spiritual Mountain Sect! 

“Grand-grand-grand… Grand Senior Sister?” Ji Chunhua was so surprised she could barely speak. 

This person walked up the long stone staircase. Ji Chunhua peered at the cold expression and bright red hair- it was indeed Grand Senior Sister! 

“Grand Senior Sister, this is a forbidden area, no one is allowed in without permission.” Ji Chunhua gulped, speaking carefully. Her eyes were fixed on Grand Senior Sister’s sleeve, terrified of the whip that could appear any time, that it might hit her face. 

She did not want to end up like the unlucky Huang Nishang, whose face was disfigured because she offended Grand Senior Sister! 

She gave Ji Chunhua a cold look. “Are there any forbidden areas in Spiritual Mountain Sect that I cannot enter? Hmm?” 

Ji Chunhua’s chest tightened and gave a nervous smile. “You’re absolutely right. I heard the Sect Leader passed you a Jade Token Pass, anyone with this pass can enter any forbidden area. However, I’ve never seen this token before, could you enlighten me please? Show me the jade token perhaps?” 

Grand Senior Sister smirked coldly, “Who do you think you are? Move! Do you think just anyone has the right to lay their eyes on the jade token?” 

Ji Chunhua’s expression turned ugly as she forced a smile. “Please forgive me, for I am just a guard on duty. If I don’t see the pass, I cannot let you…” 

Grand Senior Sister strode right over towards Ji Chunhua, leaning slightly forward with an icy expression. “Stop me if you dare!” 

Ji Chunhua was scared out of her mind, instinctively taking two steps back as she smiled apologetically. “If you insist, Grand Senior Sister. But if the Martial Uncles ask questions, I will have to tell them the truth.” 

Grand Senior Sister walked past her, then took the stone steps up. Chunhua struggled internally for a long while and in the end, all she could do was accept this awful fate. 

The other option was to attack Grand Senior Sister, and was she going to do that?

Nonsense, I’m just a guard on duty. Who would be willing to offend the future Court Leader of Hidden Beauty, perhaps the future Spiritual Mountain Sect Leader, over such trivial matters? 

Ji Chunhua heaved a long sigh and slapped her head with regret. She’d already known she could never stop Grand Senior Sister, perhaps this was a good time to get into her good books? 

An idea appeared. Hurrying forward, she yelled, “Grand Senior Sister!” 

Grand Senior Sister’s figure froze, then she turned slowly around. Danger seeped out of her eyes, causing Ji Chunhua to jump out of her skin. She steadied herself, smiled apologetically, then spoke quickly, “Grand Senior Sister, the Heavenly Scripture Platform’s defensive mechanism is different from the usual kind. If you enter, you must remember that the Qimen diagram is read in the Yang direction! Also, align the Geng according to the Second Earth Palace and Third Vibration Palace…” 

Grand Senior Sister replied coldly, “Do you think I don’t know this?” 

Ji Chunhua froze, then seeing as Grand Senior Sister continued walking, she cried hurriedly, “No, Grand Senior Sister, the mechanism seems like it needs to be disabled in the Yang direction today but there’s actually one more mechanism underneath, which is in the Yin direction. Once the first mechanism is disabled halfway, this hidden array will be automatically activated, causing the Yang diagram to switch into Yin. If you continue to disable it using the previous method, it will activate this array-- then even the Golden Immortal Daluo Jinxian himself will be pulverized!” 

Grand Senior Sister stared at Ji Chunhua for a long time, causing chills to run down her spine and sweat to roll down her forehead. She nodded lightly, “You’re good. I’ll keep that in mind.” 

Elated, Ji Chunhua quickly lowered her head in reverence, “Just tell me if you need anything. It would be an honour to provide you with assistance.” 

Grand Senior Sister turned around with a flick of her sleeve and replied in a cold voice, “There’s no need for that, you just need to keep watch here.” Then, she paused and turned around again. “Do not ever tell anyone of my visit, or…”

Ji Chunhua cried hurriedly, “I never saw you today, nor did I see anyone at Heavenly Scripture Platform!” 

Grand Senior Sister nodded lightly. “Very good.” Then, she continued upwards. 

Ji Chunhua watched happily as Grand Senior Sister slowly disappeared up the steps, returning to her post with a grin. She was filled with joy and happiness. 

When Grand Senior Sister arrived, she pushed a heavy door made of stone aside, which made a deep clicking sound. A vast, flat space appeared before her, with bookshelves spiralling upwards everywhere. The staircase ended right opposite this flat stone platform. 

Square stone tiles were laid on the ground in front. Grand Senior Sister turned to look at the stone door she had closed, privately sighing in relief- she had been lucky. If Ji Chunhua had not given her the tip, she would have died here! 

Obviously, this was Su Yuehan disguised as Grand Senior Sister. Observing the array hidden amongst the tiles, she could tell that it was a Yang Qimen array. Naturally, she was adept at arrays like this, and so she walked across the array according to the rules of a Yang formation. After walking half the path, she stopped on purpose to listen. Indeed, there was an inconspicuous mechanical sound in the ground. The tiles moved only very slightly- some tiles sank while others moved outwards, though the movement was only one or two centimetres. If she hadn’t paid attention, it would have gone unnoticed! 

If one were to skip this array entirely and fly above, a bolt of lightning would strike downwards-- even the Golden Immortal would be turned to pulp. The only way was to cross by foot, stepping on the tiles. If you didn’t know how to disable the array, death was inevitable! 

Grand Senior Sister… No, Su Yuehan carefully walked in the direction of the Yin array’s disabling route for the second half of her path. When she arrived at the bottom of a staircase, she looked up at the towering bookshelves and smirked, whispering lightly, “Grand Senior Sister, you can’t hide any longer!” 

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