Breaking The Day - Chapter 260

To Su You and the rest, if this was all according to Li Chengfeng’s plan, then he was not as terrifying! This made them think of a famous cultivator: Star City Sect’s Gao Shenghan. 

Star City Sect was not a cultivation sect that got its name from fearless warring and violence. They were good at reading the stars, giving prophecies and warnings to the world. Every Major Star Officer of Daqi came from this sect. IN the recent fifty years, a genius developed from the sect. This person’s cultivation was not very advanced, plateauing at the Fifth Heavenly Stage. 

And yet, everyone including commoners and cultivators uttered his name with reverence because this person was a mighty strategist who helped great generals conquer the world. Every calculation of his was accurate, spanning over forty-five major and minor battles without fail. 

In terms of power, many warriors could easily defeat Gao Shenghan but in true battle, he always had a way to win. No one had ever heard of him ever losing a battle! 

There was a saying: if Gan Shenghan ever challenged you to a battle, you have lost! 

Because he never fought a battle unprepared. 

If he made a move, it meant he would win! 

Chengfeng gave them the same feeling, always striking a more powerful opponent but successfully turning the tables. It was as if they were unstoppable. 

Most importantly, they did not win relying on their own physical strength but used their environment to their advantage. It could be predicting a person’s behaviour, instigating conflict, intimidation borrowing another person’s name or luring the enemy into a trap-- they always made the most correct decision in the worst possible scenarios, accumulating small victories to turn the tides! 

Before this, Chengfeng was forced to take this assignment without any preparation so the information he received was the same as them. However, he could consecutively neutralise threats in the most surprising circumstances! 

Once was luck, two was coincidence but after three, four times, this only meant one thing: he was a born genius! 

He was a rare genius and at the same time had rare leadership skills! 

In terms of combat, many people could fight but when backed into a corner, most could not think of a corresponding solution. A natural leader was one who could think of a solution in the quickest time, finally bringing them out of the corner and into victory. Natural leaders were as bright as the sun with powerful commanding and leadership capabilities like war banners, such that people could not help but obey them. 

Su You was not satisfied with Chengfeng’s answer but Tianjun said something that soothed him. “If he had already planned this, then he is another Gao Shenghan and worth our time; if he didn’t, then Junior Brother Chengfeng has a rare capability of adapting to circumstances and turning the tides! It doesn’t matter which, aren’t they both great scenarios?” 

Surprised, Su You gazed at Chengfeng’s figure deeply and nodded. “I have a feeling we made the right decision coming here.” 

Tianjun patted his shoulder and said meaningfully, “Let’s catch up with them. Don’t want our junior leaving us too far behind.” 

Zhou Ling led the way in front but out of caution kept a ten-metre distance from Chengfeng. 

Zhou Bo followed tightly behind, exasperated as she whispered, “I don’t feel good about this.” 

“What’s the matter?” 

“We’re bringing a wolf into our homes!” 

“But I think Dad’s the one bringing a wolf into our home! Profound Life Sect has been here for two years and already built several transporters. If Spiritual Mountain Sect gets chased out, they will monopolise the area. Then won’t we have to submit to them?” 

Zhou Bo replied, “But we still can’t scheme with the tiger, right? This is ‘wielding the tiger to swallow the wolf’, if we chase out the wolf, what are we going to do with the tiger? And… Profound Life Sect is so near us while Spiritual Mountain Sect… is far from us!” 

Zhou Ling pursed her lips. “The flames are burning our eyebrows off, we don’t have time to watch our asses, right? There are no perfect plans in the world, unless you have one?” 

Zhou Bo was speechless. However, based on her instinct, when Chengfeng talked about Profound Life Sect, there was a hidden killing intent within. 

But she knew it was useless saying anything because her older sister was a very reckless and stubborn person. Once she made up her mind, no one could persuade her otherwise. 

Zhou Ling led Chengfeng around a few courtyards. Most people were sleeping now, only several lookouts or patrol guards kept watch. 

She led them away to avoid the patrol guards or knocked them unconscious, finally arriving at the southwest wall of the Zhou Residence’s backyard. 

Zhou Residence was a vast estate taking up almost a quarter of Tong’an City’s western region. Even its backyard could fit quarters for more than two thousand people. It was simple assigning accommodation for a few Profound Life Sect cultivators. 

Without a familiar leading the way, forget about searching for the Profound Life Sect cultivators- merely getting distracted would be enough to lose your way! 

“Here!” Zhou Ling came to a vast courtyard and pointed at a building nearby, whispering. 

Chengfeng turned to look at her, whispering, “How do you know they’re here?” 

She pursed her lips. “Nonsense, I was the one who brought them here under my father’s orders! It’s up to you to believe me!” 

He nodded. “Miss Zhou, you and your younger sister may leave now. Leave it to us.” 

She suddenly seemed anxious, whispering, “Hey, are you going to make any mistakes? If you all get captured, do not expose me! Oh, even if you win, do not expose me either!” 

He wasn’t sure to laugh or not. “Alright, I promise my lips are sealed! But you must leave immediately. It’ll be bad if someone sees you.” 

She nodded, waved them goodbye, then turned to leave silently. 

Chengfeng waited until they were far away, then turned around to give them all a look. The group leaned in a circle, watching him excitedly, especially Ouyang Nan who rubbed his palms together in excitement. 

Chengfeng lwoered his voice. “Senior Brother Ouyang and I will deal with Ju Wusheng later! We don’t know how powerful he truly is so it must be an ambush and strike hard!” 

Ouyang Nan cracked his knuckles and sneered, “Alright, I will make sure his death will be quick!” 

Su You knitted his brows. “Shouldn’t we first find out where they kept our weapons and magical items? How will we fight without them?”

Li Chengfeng shook his head. “No, it will only complicate matters! Unexpected problems might occur if we go search for our weapons now! Right now, they must be sleeping which is the least guarded state both physically and mentally!” 

He smirked. “Even a child with a knife can kill a cultivator with his guard down! Haven’t you cultivators learned to fight with your fists and feet?” 

Su You and Tianjun looked at each other and grinned. Blockhead massaged his fist, his knuckles crackling as killing intent radiated from him. 

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