Breaking The Day - Chapter 261

Li Chengfeng held both Su You and Tianjun saying, “You two must move soundlessly, kill as many Profound Life Sect cultivators as possible. If we’re found out and everyone starts fighting, the fewer of them alive, the higher the chances of us winning. Also, the fight will be faster with fewer people, giving us a likely success!” 

Su You and Tianjun nodded heavily while He Zhu asked expectantly, “What about me, what about me?” 

His voice was hoarse and deep but in the silence of the night, it was as bright as a ringing bell. Tianjun leapt to cover his mouth instantly, glaring as he whispered sternly, “Shut up! Are you trying to wake them up?!” 

Chengfeng patted Blockhead’s back and said in a low voice, “Blockhead, you’ll go with Xiaobao. Attack from the east side while Senior Su and Senior Tianjun attack from the west. Senior Ouyang and I will start from the centre. Do not attack if you encounter Ju Wusheng, retreat and tell us his location!”

Han Tianxing asked excitedly, “Senior Chengfeng, what about me?” 

Chengfeng patted his shoulder and whispered, “Tianxing, you do not cultivate nor can you fight. This time, you cannot enter because we’ll be in trouble if you make a mistake and alert them! You’ll be our lookout this time! If any patrol guards come, you must stop them no matter what it takes. Do not let them come here.” 

Han Tianxing nodded solemnly. “Don’t worry, leave it to me!” 

Chengfeng turned to Su You and Tianjun. “You two are the nearest to the main gate. Once you have dealt with the people in the first house, come outside and give Tianxing a weapon that is easy to use.” 

Su You regarded Han Tianxing hesitantly, “Give him a weapon? Can he do it? Have you killed a chicken before?” 

Han Tianxing hesitated but sulked and did not speak. 

Su You whispered, “Junior Chengfeng, why don’t you let Tianjun be the lookout? This is a very important job. I’ll be fine entering the building alone!” 

Tianjun was about to speak but Han Tianxing fought to speak first, “Senior Chengfeng, Senior Su, Senior Tianjun, I’ll be fine! There won’t be a problem! I will not make a sound even if I die!’ 

Chengfeng grabbed Han Tianxing’s shoulder firmly. “You remember this- all our lives are in your hands. If you show mercy, we will die!” 

Han Tianxing stared at Chengfeng, his body shaking emotionally. Tears welled up and he choked, “Senior Chengfeng, I- I will not fail you!” 

Su You panicked and interjected, “But…”

Chengfeng turned to look at Su You. “I believe Tianxing can do it!’ 

Su You opened his mouth but then swallowed his words. 

Chengfeng patted Tianxing’s shoulder hard. “Everyone doesn’t have high hopes for you, this is the time you should prove yourself!” 

A passion to even die for this mission welled up within him, his blood heating up. He clenched his fist and nodded hard. 

Chengfeng whispered to the group, “We’ll disperse now, be careful everyone!’ 

Everyone grunted in assent and dispersed. Chengfeng and Ouyang Nan immediately sprinted to the centre court. Han Tianxing remained at the entrance, looking left and right, then hid himself in a bush in a corner. 

Ouyang Nan and Chengfeng crept towards the centre of the court soundlessly. Ouyang Nan whispered in his softest voice, “Do you really believe in that soft guy? I don’t think he has even killed a chicken in his life!” 

Chengfeng whispered back, “During our journey here, I noticed the patrol guards come around every house. Since the time we entered, we have about forty-five minutes to deal with Profound Life Sect before the next patrol. That is why within these forty-five minutes, nothing will happen even if we put a pig as a lookout. 

Ouyang Nan grinned. “You’re a slippery one! Forty-five minutes? Hmmph, I don’t even need fifteen minutes to deal with them!” 

Chengfeng nodded. “This matter requires precision more than speed. I’d rather you be slow if it means no mistakes!” 

Ouyang Nan replied with defeat, “Alright, I’ll listen to you! Tell me what to do and I’ll do it!” 

“Let’s go scout the door. “

Chengfeng looked left and right. Su You, Tianjun, Blockhead and Zhao Xiaobao had already disappeared into the night. Both of them crept to a room at the centre of the court. He squinted through a gap in the window, then took out a wire he hid with him. 

He inserted the wire into a gap at the door, then flicked it upwards so the bolt unlocked. Upon pushing the door open, his hand caught the bolt instantly at the bottom. 

The bolt was less than an inch from the ground-  if he missed just a second, it would have fallen on the ground and made a sound. But he was well-practised and his movements were effortless and smooth! 

Most importantly, he had a tool for opening doors with him! 

My goodness, what did Junior Chengfeng do before he arrived at Spiritual Mountain? 

Ouyang Nan watched Chengfeng with a strange expression. 

They both crept into the house. Chengfeng turned to close the door, surveying the room with the help of the moonlight. 

There were two cultivators sleeping on the left and right of the room about five metres apart. It wasn’t that the Zhou clan did not have enough rooms for every Profound Life Sect cultivator to have their own rooms, it was merely custom for two people to live in the same room for security purposes. If one person were attacked, the other would be startled awake and able to send out an alert. 

Chengfeng had been on the streets for years and seen everything. He’d always known this custom, that was why he planned for two people to infiltrate the rooms at the same time, so they could kill two people at the same time! 

Chengfeng and Ouyang Nan looked at each other. Chengfeng gestured, indicating that he would deal with the guy on the left and Ouyang Nan the guy on the right. 

They both nodded. Chengfeng was about to move to the left when he heard a very soft squeak from Ouyang Nan. He turned to see that Ouyang Nan had already arrived at the head of the right bed and found a dagger after feeling around. He tossed it to Chengfeng. 

Chengfeng caught it and nodded. He felt around at the head of the left bed, then gave Ouyang Nan a look, his hand with the dagger raised midair. One person would have to use his fist, the other a blade! 

At the same time, in the walkway outside the courtyard, Han Tianxing had just received a short blade from Su You, who had blood on his face. He had just hidden the blade on himself when a patrol guard walked over, looking around as he crept towards the courtyard with the other cultivators. 

Han Tianxing, who was hiding in the dark, was so anxious his hands were sweating. Huge beads of sweat sprouted from his forehead, rolling down as he clenched his fist, his eyes glued to the patrol guard who was nearing him. His heart beat like a drum: what now? What should I do? Do I rush out and kill him?! 

Han Tianxing’s body shook violently. He could feel his legs turn to jelly. He could not move even if he wanted to. 

All he could do was watch as the patrol guard came nearer and nearer! 

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