Breaking The Day - Chapter 262

One person’s courage and his actual combat experience were two different things. Many people often exaggerated their courage but when it came down to it, they might not even be able to hit a man with a stick. Even if they clenched their jaw and swung, they would miss. 

A person who had never fought another man would find himself weakened during combat because he would not be able to hit the target or use his strength. Once the opponent neared him, his fist might only be strong enough to pluck his opponent’s hair. 

Han Tianxing was this person. Although he spoke so fearlessly, when the time came, he realised his body was out of control! 

This was a normal response for most people because people without true battle experience or special training would find it difficult to overcome their tightened muscles due to the fear. 

At this moment, his body shook violently for he was both terrified and excited, his body controlled by two primary emotions. One was desire: he yearned to prove himself, to defeat a strong enemy, he yearned for the respect and approval of Chengfeng and the rest! 

At the same time, he was controlled by the fear in his body. His subconscious was telling him to run. 

The scholar hiding in the shadows watched as the patrol guard approached until he came to the bush. 

This guard looked left and right and seemed nervous and worried, at the same time excited but scared. After a while, a lady’s voice came from a path nearby, calling out softly, “Brother Sancai?” 

The guard named Sancai turned vigorously and asked in a shaky voice, “Cui, is that you?” 

A silhouette rushed over from nearby and two of them fell into a tight embrace. Although it was a cold night, they burned like fire as they kissed passionately. 

No matter how Chengfeng planned, he never would have thought of a private rendezvous between a couple! 

This couple would never have guessed that a person was less than two metres away, struggling with a huge dilemma. His eyes were fixed on the couple, slowly morphing into something horrifying. 

Tens of metres away in another court, a soundless massacre ensued. 

Chengfeng moved with his blade, slitting the throat of a cultivator with his dagger. At the same time, he covered his opponent’s mouth with experience. After slitting their throat, he quickly plunged his blade into the heart. 

With these two cuts, unless they had a Golden Body cultivation, even a deity could not save them. 

On the other side, Ouyang Nan attacked with more vigour. With one hand covering the victim’s mouth, he made a Phoenix Eye fist and struck their temple hard. 

[TL Note: Phoenix Eye fist is a fist with a protruding index finger joint. A person strikes the victim using the second joint of the index finger] 

Ouyang Nan had decades years of cultivation experience but a considerably low ranking within Spiritual Mountain Sect. However, decades of training his physical form still counted. Such force concentrated in one strike was enough to turn the Profound Life Sect cultivator’s brain into pulp. With a slight shiver, the victim was dead. 

After they both dealt with their targets, their eyes locked for a brief moment. Chengfeng gave him a thumbs up, then Ouyang Nan did the same. They were both impressed by each other. 

Ouyang Nan was impressed by Chengfeng’s precision and speed while Chengfeng was impressed by Ouyang Nan’s fist strength and clean result. 

Then, Chengfeng started to search through the two people’s luggage, producing tens of silver pieces, six fulu seals and one jade magical item he did not know how to use. Nothing else. 

Chengfeng put them in his cloth bag and turned to leave. Ouyang Nan’s expression turned strange: the sleight of hand, the speed, the slippery movements… he is a seasoned criminal! 

Both of them left the room but did not hear any more noises. This meant Su You, Tianjun, Zhao Xiaobao and Blockhead’s operations were going smoothly. 

Very quickly, they gestured to each other and they crept to the room next door. 

Chengfeng used his wire to pry the door bolt away as before but this time, he heard a cough from inside, scaring him into retracting his wire. He gave Ouyang Nan a look as they both squatted at the entrance, waiting. 

After a while, light footsteps came from the room, then a person walked out without seeing Chengfeng and Ouyang Nan hiding, standing right behind the two door panels. The man walked straight ahead, then undid his pants and urinated. 

When the trickling sound ended, Chengfeng gave Ouyang Nan a look, gesturing for Ouyang Nan to enter and kill the guy inside while he dealt with the man outside. 

Ouyang Nan understood and bent his back, creeping into the house. Chengfeng braced himself like a panther waiting to strike, creeping up to the back of his cultivator. He then held his breath, focused his mind and pounced like lightning! 

On the other side, the guard with the servant girl was kissing her fervently, in a passionate embrace. If it was not for the cold night, they might have been naked already. 

The girl panted, melting into his arms. She was already in love, whispering, “Brother Sancai, when can we truly be together?” 

Sancai reached his hand into her clothes, massaging her greedily. His breathing ragged, he kissed her as he spoke, “Soon, soon! I will run an errand for Master in a few days. I will prove myself this time and when he praises me, I will ask him for your hand!” 

Cui was happy to hear this, pushing away from his arms, “Is this true?” 

He lifted a hand and swore while staring at her, “It is absolutely true. May the heavens strike me with lightning if I lie!” 

Cui quickly covered his mouth, gazing at him lovingly as she whispered, “I believe you! Brother Sancai, I must go now. I must go back to Madam…” 

Cui dodged his greedy kiss but suddenly turned to see a shadow that looked like a human. She cried in surprise, “What-what is that!” 

Sancai turned towards the direction she pointed to see a person leaping out of the bushes. Even at night, he could see the reddened eyes and twisted face in the faint moonlight. 

Sancai and Cui were stunned, frozen in place when this person pounced at them like a demon from the depths of hell, radiating killing intent! 

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