Breaking The Day - Chapter 263

Sancai and Cui never would’ve expected a man to leap from the shadows-- in that moment, they thought their secret affair had been exposed! 

Paralyzed with fear, they did not dare scream, terrified of the news spreading. The last secret affair between a pregnant handmaiden and servant ended in tragedy-- one was beaten until his legs broke and kicked out of the family; the other sent to the brothel. 

Following such a horrific lesson, Sancai and Cui did not dare imagine what would happen to them! 

Cui acted quickly, falling to her knees with a thud and kowtowed, “Have mercy! Brother Sancai and I did not cross any lines, please have mercy on us and let us go this time…” 

As she spoke, Han Tianxing leapt, then hurled himself right into Sancai. 

Being a worker who often went out to trade with his master, Sancai had some life experience under his belt and did not react like the fragile, sheltered girl who lived all her life indoors. He instinctively grabbed the object Han Tianxing wanted to stab him with, knocking Han Tianxing to the ground. 

Previously, Han Tianxing had been squatting in hiding within the bushes as passion slowly engulfed the fear within. It was at that moment that Cui saw Chengfeng’s shadow, and her reaction to it lit Han Tianxing’s heart on fire. 

Senior Brother Chengfeng has treated me only with kindness, I owe him so much. Now he has trusted me with a huge responsibility- if I disappointed him, how much better am I compared to a pig or a dog? If I cannot even do one small thing, how will I ever face the world? How will I face my seniors? What right do I have to stay in Hidden Sword Court?! 

A string of thoughts flashed across his mind and a terrifying glint sparked in his eyes. Clutching the short blade Su You gave him, he leapt forward. 

Han Tianxing had kept the blade close to himself, it was already warm. The tip was initially pointing at Sancai’s heart but due to nerves and lack of experience, the thrust was not straight, instead aiming for his abdomen. Sancai caught the blade, causing it to further miss its target. 

The blade pierced Sancai’s torso. After a pause, Sancai looked at Han Tianxing’s demonic expression, then stuttered, “Y-you’re not from the Zhou clan!” 

Han Tianxing’s jaw was clenched shut. As a person who had never even killed a chicken in his life, his mind had plunged into mania. All fear and anxiety was long forgotten, all he remembered was: kill them! Don’t let them make a sound! I must never make a sound either! 

He clenched his jaw tightly, afraid that he might release an animalistic cry if he ever opened it. When he heard Sancai’s speak, every hair on his body stood: he just spoke! Did the Profound Life Sect cultivators inside hear him? Will we be exposed? Did- did I just fail the mission?! 

No, no! I must never fail! I will never let Senior Chengfeng down, I cannot disappoint them! I must not disappoint my mother! 

With a mysterious surge of power, he jerked the blade out so quickly he cut off a few of Sancai’s fingers. Sancai did not seem to feel pain either, for he stared in terror as Han Tianxing lifted his blade and brought it down again. He instinctively reached up to catch his hand but Tianxing pressed down with the weight of his entire being, so much so that Sancai fell, unable to withstand the force! 

Sancai, a man who ran errands all year, never would have imagined such power contained in this scholar who looked like he could not tie up a chicken. This mistake turned out to be fatal, for the blade was now deep in his chest! 

The blade did not stab his heart but punctured his lungs. Blood gushed up to his throat and when he tried to scream, only blood rushed out. All they heard was the gurgling sound of his attempted screams. 

Han Tianxing pulled the blade out, then stabbed it into his chest again. This time, there was no resistance. The blade finally reached the heart with utmost accuracy! 

Sancai’s chest trembled as he struggled to grab Tianxing’s hand with the blade so he could not pull it out again, then struggled to turn his head. He cried to Cui, who had fallen in shock, “Run, run!” 

But Sancai’s throat was filled with blood and he could not utter a complete word. However, his message was conveyed through the fuzzy words, gestures and the situation in front of her--- snapping back to her senses, Cui turned to run. 

Cui had never experienced such a horrific scene in her life. They had been in a passionate embrace just a minute ago, now he was dead! 

As a young, delicate girl, she wanted to scream but found her voice stuck in her throat. Her throat was hoarse, screaming was impossible. 

Her legs gave out, causing her to fall over after a few steps. She crawled on her hands and knees, struggling to escape, her eyes filled with tears as she sobbed. 

Han Tianxing glared with bloodshot eyes, turning around to pounce on her. He wanted to pull his blade out but Sancai maintained a deathly grip on the blade, blood flowing out of his mouth, eyes glued on Han Tianxing. Ferocity and determination filled his eyes-- even approaching death, he must save his lover! 

Han Tianxing reacted at lightning speed. Releasing the hand clutching the blade, he leapt. She opened her mouth to cry for help and as her cries became increasingly louder, just when it was turning into a scream, Tianxing pounced on her, covering Cui’s mouth to force it close. 

Cui’s instinct to live was instantly activated, biting down hard on his hand. With a crack, she had broken his last finger. 

Han Tianxing could feel no pain in this state. Shoving her to the ground, he grabbed her hair and slammed it into the ground manically, hissing in a suppressed voice, “No screaming! No screaming!” 

Blood immediately flowed down her face but she struggled to scream once more. Just as she was about to scream, he slammed her head down again. This time, Cui could no longer scream. Her head felt heavy, her body relaxed. Then, he slammed her head the third, fourth and fifth time! 

Han Tianxing’s eyes were red, manically slamming her head into the ground until blood and flesh mixed and her face could no longer be identified. He finally stopped, falling on his butt as he muttered to himself, “No screaming, no screaming…” 

His hand was already drenched in blood. Not far away, Sancai had drawn his last breath, eyes still glaring at Tianxing. Fresh blood trickled slowly from his body, spreading in all directions like a blood-red demon. 

Next to Tianxing was a handmaiden lying in a pool of blood. Her face could not be seen, her body drenched in the cold moonlight. The passionate embrace and declarations of love had instantly turned into a murder scene, pungent with the ferrous smell of blood! 

Han Tianxing sat on the ground, trembling violently, his chin slightly up. The handsome face of a scholar was spattered with blood. What a horrific sight! 

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