Breaking The Day - Chapter 264

When Chengfeng lunged for the Profound Life Sect disciple urinating at midnight, he did not know a horrific killing was going on just tens of metres away from himself. After he leapt on the man, he covered his mouth with one hand and held his head in a chokehold with the other. Just as he was about to twist forcefully, the man’s muscles tensed and a gust of power blasted towards Chengfeng, almost causing him to fly off. 

Chengfeng reacted quickly, immediately relying on his strong lower body strength. Jerking forward, both legs clasped themselves at the man’s waist, then strangled the man’s throat with his right hand while pressing his left palm at the back of the man’s head, pushing the head forwards. At the same time, supporting his weight on the man’s shoulder, he leveraged this stability to force the man’s head forwards, creating severe suffocation. He maximised his position by pulling his right hand-which had the man’s throat- backwards, while his left hand pushed. 

The two forces from the front and back created hundreds of kilogrammes of force on the man’s throat. Forget about killing a man-- Chengfeng could strangle a bear alive with this technique! 

It was a violent technique indeed, called Body-Contact Hell Strangle! 

If a person was locked in this position during close combat, unless they had a sharp weapon, was very experienced and calm, plus had something hard nearby, they would not be able to escape. 

It was a nightmare for the Profound Life Sect cultivator! 

As a cultivator at the Magical Unblocking stage, his powers were just slightly less advanced than Ju Wusheng. A duel between both might just result in a tie. 

However, he never would have expected to be ambushed while urinating at night! 

Anyone in the world would consider this moment, urinating at night, to be the moment when they were least on guard. His reaction was quick to this sudden ambush, immediately unleashing True Yuan in a technique called Echo Vibration! 

This technique worked by a sudden unleashing of True Yuan from a person’s Dantian, at the same time activating the powers within the other cultivator in contact with his body. A powerful gush of power would slam into the opponent’s organs. If the opponent could not react in time or was weaker, this technique could pulverize the opponent’s organs! 

Cultivators who had not attained the Golden Body feared close-contact combat because most cultivators had defense mechanisms for close combat, protecting themselves from danger. 

Echo Vibration was a technique to counter close-combat warriors. If the other person had no magical powers, then the power unleashed from this technique would gush into their body like floodwaters and shatter their organs. Anyone who did not know of this technique often ended up killed by the cultivator. 

Ouyang Nan, a cultivator with more advanced cultivation than Chengfeng, would have been blasted into the air and the ambush would have failed. 

Unfortunately for the man, this was Li Chegnfeng! 

This was a monster immune to most magic and True Yuan! Pure magic barely did any damage to Chengfeng’s body, it could not even penetrate his body cavity but only seeped slightly into his skin. The immortal energy within Chengfeng immediately pushed back. 

This energy ricochet immediately activated terror within the cultivator. He did not know who ambushed him, nor how powerful this attacker was but he knew that his powers had bounced back to himself! 

It meant that his opponent was much more powerful than himself! 

However, if this cultivator was so much more powerful, why would he risk skin-to-skin contact? 

The cultivator did not understand why, and after a few moments, he died, never understanding the reason. 

The Hell Strangle was as terrifying as its name! 

Chengfeng gripped onto his body as if they were one, his legs clasping around the man’s knees, pressing his torso into the man’s torso, straining his own neck backwards so the man could not claw his eyes out of desperation. 

He kept his vulnerable exposed areas to a minimum. Although his legs were within the man’s attack range, anyone who was not an idiot would not exchange their life for a pair of legs. 

The counter-attack for this move required a blade in hand-- stab it backwards and not only will you free yourself instantly, but you can also kill the attacker too! 

But… who in this world would bring a blade when peeing at night? 

Without a sharp blade, an experienced fighter would jump immediately and slam heavily onto the ground, or the hardest and sharpest surface he can find. The attacker was now a live cushion-- the heavier the fall, the more damage he sustained. 

Unfortunately, the cultivator did not have such rich experience in close combat. After his power ricocheted off the attacker, his determination evaporated, especially with Chengfeng pressing on his throat and artery, cutting off blood supply so he could not wield his magic. All his battle senses broke down, all there was left was the animalistic instinct to live. 

The cultivator clawed with all his might, opening his mouth to scream but under huge pressure, not a sound escaped. He opened his mouth, struggling to inhale and scream but he was a mere fish in a desert, gasping for air! 

He approached death with every gasp for air, and every flailing of his arms was just a useless struggle at the brink. 

The cultivator stumbled, falling backwards and slamming Chengfeng into the ground with him. The back of Chengfeng’s head hit the ground heavily and his hands loosened. The cultivator took this precious time to inhale half a breath. 

At that moment, the cultivator snapped to his senses. He now knew how to break free from the Hell Strangle! 

But it was too late! 

After they both fell, although Chengfeng’s hands loosened after he banged his head, he had great experience in this technique and so muscle memory allowed him to renew his grip. His legs no longer wrap around the man’s waist but now around his thighs so the man could not flip around or get up. 

The cultivator was now trapped by a cocoon. If he had not fallen, and instead used the last of his might to slam Chengfeng into a nearby building or stone steps, he would not have died in such an embarrassing position! 

Unbelievably, a Magic Unblocking stage cultivator was strangled alive just like that! 

Chengfeng strangled him ferociously, unleashing all the power in his body. A green vein burst from his forehead as life slowly drained away from the cultivator. 

The cultivator stomped his feet manically, his shoes long gone from the kicking, his legs now bloody from the struggle. Horrific streaks of blood stained the ground. 

Amidst this creepy trail of blood, after a while, he finally took his last breath! 

Chengfeng did not dare let go, continuing to grip his throat until all resistance disappeared and his neck snapped broken with a crack. He finally relaxed, collapsing onto the ground, panting. 

At the same time, tens of metres away, Han Tianxing had also just finished his murders. These were both horrific and risky fights, any miscalculation could have exposed their plans. Now, both of them were washed with great relief. 

Little did they know, an even more violent battle was just round the corner. 

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