Breaking The Day - Chapter 265

The time Chengfeng took to ambush, then snap the cultivator’s neck only took ten breaths. As a martial artist, Chengfeng was clear that once a person’s neck was subjected to several hundred kilograms of force, and the artery and airways were compressed, blood supply to the brain and oxygen supply to the lungs would be cut off. The body would shut down, causing the victim to lose their ability to resist. As such, the neck could be snapped off easily. 

While Chengfeng took a few breaths, Ouyang Nan came out impatiently. He gestured with a concerned look as if to ask: everything okay?

He flipped over and nodded towards Ouyang Nan, preparing to creep towards another room. Ouyang Nan suddenly jerked Chengfeng back, dragging him into the room. He gestured, pointing at a bundle nearby, meaning for Chengfeng to open it. 

Understanding, Chengfeng opened the bundle that had already been checked. Other than some clothes and cash notes, he couldn’t believe it contained his ‘family treasure’--- the red Zhong and Fa mahjong tiles! 

After their capture, Chengfeng and the gang were obviously searched. Other than the little tools he hid deep in his clothes used for escape and theft, everything had been taken. 

Chengfeng also wanted to look for his magic items and weapons as soon as possible. At this point, his short bone spear and the mahjong tiles definitely would make huge differences in battle. 

He quickly kept the mahjong tiles and then whispered, “Looks like the two guys we dealt with ranked high in the organisation!” 

Ouyang Nan whispered, “This bundle must belong to the guy you kill. Looks like they distributed our magic items among themselves, curse them!” 

Chengfeng nodded. “That’s fine, it’s our turn to deal with them now!” 

Ouyang Nan snickered, “This bunch of idiots are poor! So that’s why they want to snatch Tong’an City from us!” 

Chengfeng and Ouyang Nan raided the room. Chengfeng found a bundle of rope but did not know what it was for, passing it to Ouyang Nan, who whispered, “That is a Life Strangling Rope. Keep it, it is a useful magical item.” 

Chenfeng shook his head and replied, “I can’t use this now. Senior Brother Ouyang, you should take it, your cultivation is more advanced than mine.” 

Ouyang Nan did not refuse. He bit his finger, then smeared blood from the wound on his right palm. Keeping his Qi under control, he gripped the rope with his right hand. Soon, the white rope wriggled like a snake, struggling from his grip. Then, it snaked tightly around Ouyang Nan. 

Chengfeng wanted to help but Ouyang Nan gave him a look telling him not to move. 

Every cultivator who wished to tame a magical item from the enemy camp must endure this process. The closer both parties were in terms of power, the more intense the struggle from the items. If the cultivator was not as strong as the enemy magic item, forget about taming it-- he could be killed. 

If the gap in capability was wide with the cultivator being much more powerful than the item, he would not need his blood. Only magical power would be needed to tame it in a second. 

The gap between Ouyang Nan’s capabilities and the Life Strangling Rope was not wide. That was why he used blood from the tip of his finger, also called Heart Blood. There was a saying that the index finger was connected to the heart, that was why fresh blood from the finger was filled with Yang energy, suitable for dispelling evil and demons! 

It was important for the cultivator to tame the item alone. If he had help, when the magical item was tamed, it would only be one-tenth as powerful as before. Taming a magical item was like taming a wild horse. 

The rope wound itself tightly around Ouyang Nan, tightening by the second. His face had turned purple-red. Chengfeng grew concerned, sighing that he had just strangled a PRofound Life Sect cultivator moments ago and now his own senior was strangled by the guy’s magical item while he watched. 

At this moment, Ouyang Nan had a hand around his neck, the other in front of his chest, using his physical strength and True Yuan to resist the rope. This stalemate remained for about 10 minutes until his skin turned purple. However, Chengfeng relaxed because he could see Ouyang Nan’s hand slowly pressing outwards, meaning the rope had reached its limits. 

The Life Strangling Rope was meant for binding and trapping a person. Unless the power gap was too large, it could not kill a cultivator. 

Ouyang Nan’s arms pushed out bit by bit, forcing the rope open. After a while, he exhaled forcefully, his breath visibility seen like an arrow shooting at the wall. With a deep grunt, the rope was finally pried off Ouyang Nan, lying on the ground like a dead snake, unmoving. 

He took a deep breath and regulated his breathing. Turning to Chengfeng, he nodded with a grin, mouthing the word, “Success!” 

He waved, and the rope wound itself up obediently, wrapping around his arm. He then turned to give Chengfeng a look so they both left towards another room. 

This time, Chengfeng was more cautious. He peeped through the crack at the door but realised it was pitch black inside. Seeing as there was no movement inside, he used his wire piece to pry at the bolt like before. He had just flicked the bolt off, about to push the door open when a humongous force of power slammed into him. 

Ouyang Nan, who was next to him, cried immediately, “Careful!” He shot up like an arrow towards Chengfeng, pushing him away so the gust of power hit him directly, causing him to fly backwards like a cannonball tens of metres away, finally slamming into a wall. With a crash, the wall collapsed. 

Oh no, they’re exposed! 

Startled, Chengfeng leapt up after being pushed away by Ouyang Nan. He turned to see Ju Wusheng glaring at him furiously, clenching his teeth as he snarled, “You little Spiritual Mountain thief, how dare you ambush me! You must have a death wish!” 

Ju Wusheng looked up and yelled at the top of his voice, “Attention all PRofound Life disciples, kill the Spiritual Mountain intruders!” 

His command travelled far and wide in the darkness of the night. Very quickly, all the surrounding buildings lit up as people rushed out into the yard, panicking, “What happened?” 

Chengfeng knew this moment would determine his survival. He did not know what happened to the rest, or what happened to Ouyang Nan. All he knew was that he must rely on himself. His back was against the wall, all he could do was force himself forward! 

Always target the ring leader first!

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