Breaking The Day - Chapter 266

Li Chengfeng clenched his teeth, then kicked off on both feet and hurled towards Ju Wusheng. 

Ju Wusheng himself was a little surprised, sneering at Chengfeng as he made several mudras quickly. Circles of green light snaked around his body, their lights blinding in the darkness of the night. Lifting his palm, a golden hoop descended from the skies with a buzz, spinning as it landed at the tip of his fingers. 

When Chengfeng was a few steps away, Ju Wusheng lifted a finger and the golden hoop leapt, flying high into the sky. It seemed to have disappeared and no one could tell where it would come from next. 

Chengfeng’s chest tightened and was forced to simultaneously pay attention to it. Just like that, he was now slightly slower to react than before. 

When doubt forms in a martial artist’s heart, his power will waver, affecting his speed and, in the end, drastically changing his attacking power. 

Ju Wusheng took this opportunity to press on, reaching Chengfeng first, slamming his palm into Chengfeng! 

Chengfeng was happier than he was surprised: damn, does Ju Wusheng want to fight in a close-combat style? Did I interpret this right? He really wants to take the tougher road, huh! 

Chengfeng had no time to think about the golden hoop that disappeared into the darkness. Kicking off the ground, he shot towards Ju Wusheng like an arrow, targeting his chest. 

Ju Wusheng was experienced enough to not falter if Chengfeng dodged his palm. With a quick step forward, his palm would still immediately hit his opponent, becoming stronger with the added momentum. 

Unfortunately, its weakness lay in the opponent rushing forwards instead of backwards. Since Chengfeng charged forward instead, it left Ju Wusheng in an awkward position because most of his power was focused in his palm. Once his opponent reached his torso, his attack would be neutralised just by hitting the forearm. 

Well… Chengfeng was very experienced using his fists and feet in the streets but magic… was an entirely different world. 

When Chengfeng slammed into his chest, he held Wusheng’s arm with his left hand, disrupting the momentum, at the same time flipping his right palm upwards and hitting Wusheng’s chin. 

This technique seemed simple but if it hit its target, it would snap the man’s neck. 

This was one of the Cleansing Moon Li family’s close-range fatal attacks: Moon-Gazing Cupping Technique!

Chengfeng had practised this technique countless times. As long as he was close, he could do it with his eyes closed. His palm pushed upwards powerfully as quickly as lightning. His opponent would never be able to dodge. The moment his palm hit Wusheng’s chin, the force blasted Wusheng two to three metres into the air. 

Taking this opportunity to strike, Chengfeng hurried forward when Wusheng was in the air, lifting his leg high, then striking it down like a battleaxe. An opponent hit with such force would feel as if a heavy hammer hit his chest, feeling his ribcage sink in from the impact. 

However, he had just moved when he heard a sharp whistle. His expression changed instantly, for he knew that the golden hoop previously hidden in the dark had finally appeared, right when he was in a position that did not allow him to move!

Chengfeng was stunned, his leg currently slashing downwards after the kick. He could not dodge at all. 

“What rotten luck! I’m gonna die!” was the thought that flashed across his mind. 

Suddenly, he felt a powerful force wrapped around his waist, jerking him back. 

The jerk was strong enough to pull him into the air while the golden hoop struck down unto where Chengfeng used to be, immediately slashing a large cut in his chest! 

If he wasn’t pulled back, he would have been literally sliced in half! 

His heart raced. When he landed, he looked down instinctively to see his clothes torn, flesh and blood mixed on his chest. Blood gushed from a deep wound four inches long. The edge of the hoop was made of sharp teeth, easily sawing objects when it flew at high speeds, as well as causing severe injury. Its victim could easily die from an untreatable wound, or blood loss. 

A voice rang nearby, hoarse and filled with struggle like steel grinding against rock, “His golden hoop is dangerous, be careful!” Vigorous coughing followed. 

Chengfeng turned to see Ouyang Nan with the Life Strangling Rope, his other hand covering his mouth. Blood flowed from his mouth as he coughed. 

“Senior Brother Ouyang!” cried Chengfeng anxiously. 

Ouyang Nan waved. “I won’t die! Your wound…” 

Chengfeng looked down, pressed his chest with a palm as he replied in a low voice, “I won’t die either, but… after taking my attack, I’m afraid he’ll...” 

As he spoke, he saw Ju Wusheng, who had been blasted into the air and landed on the ground heavily, scramble up in a very unnatural and uncoordinated manner. His poster was crooked, his movements eerie-- Chengfeng felt goosebumps raise! 

What shocked Chengfeng was that Ju Wusheng’s neck had already been broken by his Moon Gazing Cupping Technique so when Wusheng stood, his head dangled backwards, causing his neck to elongate. He looked like a dead person. 

But Ju Wusheng clutched his own head with both hands, pushed it back to its original position, twisted it a few times and it actually returned to its initial state! 

“That… that....” Chengfeng was astonished, thinking that Wusheng must have cultivated the same techniques he did to be able to regenerate this quickly! 

Ouyang Nan wiped blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled bitterly. “Ah, I should have thought of it earlier! This guy’s famous, people call him Deathless Golden Hoop! His nickname is too famous, not many people know his actual name. I was too careless!” 

Chengfeng clenched his teeth. “It’s fine, no matter how powerful he is, he is alone!” 

At this moment, lanterns lit up across the estate. Shouts and screams rang while dogs barked. Lanterns, fire torches and people swarmed from all directions. 

At this moment, Su You and Tian Jun sprinted over while Blockhead and Zhao Xiaobao also rushed in. Zhao Xiaobao leapt towards Chengfeng anxiously, yelling, “Young Master, what happened to you!” 

Ju Wusheng did not stop them from reuniting either. He stood in the spot, staring at them with a sneer like a predator eyeing his prey. It’s better that they are together, he will capture them together! 

Chengfeng pressed on his wound, nodding at Xiaobao. “How was your progress?” 

Su You and the rest approached and nodded, “All done!” 

Chengfeng heaved a long sigh. Although there were miscalculations, since all the other cultivators were killed, it meant they could concentrate their forces on Ju Wusheng before them! 

Su You asked anxiously, “Junior Chengfeng, what next?” 

He clenched his teeth. “What’s there to be afraid of? There are six of us, and he is alone!”

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