Breaking The Day - Chapter 268

Zhao Xiaobao saw Han Tianxing sitting on the ground in a daze, unmoving like a stone statue. His eyes were glazed, blood spattered his face, his eyes empty, expression wooden. He sat without moving next to two bodies. 

Thinking Han Tianxing was dead, he plucked up his courage to give him a nudge, whispering, “Hey, hey, are you alright?” 

Snapping back to his senses, Han Tianxing’s eyeballs flickered, his pupils slowly focusing. When his eyes darted around and fell on Zhao Xiaobao, they finally focused. 

He grabbed Zhao Xiaobao and stammered, “I-I killed someone! I killed someone!” 

Zhao Xiaobao looked at him pitifully. “This will not be the only time. If you want to continue walking on this path, this will not be your last.” As he spoke, he turned to leave but after two steps, he turned around again. “This was what my young master told me.” 

Abandoning Han Tianxing, he walked to the alley outside with sword in hand, watching his surroundings closely. 

Chengfeng secretly worked his immortal energy. Fortunately, the Zhou clan was a rich clan that placed importance on aesthetics. Even in winter, they still had healthy plants growing in their estate brought in from the south. 

Under his control, plant Qi gushed into his body. After he reached the second heavenly stage, this power could remain in his body for a while. He felt it swimming between his kidneys but then left from his left kidney, travelled through the left side of his body, then into his meridians on the right and finally into the right kidney. It then left his right kidney, entered his meridians then into the left kidney, circulating in this manner, contained in this closed system. 

When Chengfeng guided the energy into his wound, he could feel a cool breeze there, then suddenly it turned numb and itchy. Looking down, he saw his wound healing at a rate identifiable by the naked eye. He was not sure if this was his ability to heal himself using plants after improvements in his cultivation or the Immortal Qi activated in his body due to the severe wound.

There was no time to ponder. When he saw his wound slowly healing, he heaved a sigh of relief and shifted his focus to the battlefield. 

At this moment, Su You, Tian Jun and Blockhead were surrounding Ju Wusheng. Ju Wusheng’s self-regeneration abilities resembled Chengfeng’s Immortal Qi protection but he was obviously much more powerful. The three of them released Sword Qi through their dancing swords and some of it was bound to hit Ju Wusheng. However, they kept being attacked by the golden hoops. Since it disappeared often, no one could predict where it would appear next. 

The moment Su You and the rest unleashed their power was also the hardest time for them to dodge an attack. Just like the moment Chengfeng raised his leg for a high kick, the golden hoop would eerily appear at moments like these, hurling itself towards them in the blink of an eye. Ouyang Nan would then release a Sword Gale at the golden hoop, saving them several times. 

However, his counterattacks were not very accurate and lacked sufficient power, resulting in injury for the rest. 

After a few rounds, Ju Wusheng had already been struck and sliced all over. He looked horrific but his regeneration abilities were even more horrifying. When someone’s Sword Qi sliced his abdomen open, his wound would heal quickly. He was like an immortal monster, waiting out his opponents! 

Su You unleashed another blade of Sword Qi when the golden hoop buzzed behind him, aiming for his neck. 

The golden hoop appeared the same moment as his Sword Qi so he could not dodge it in time. All hope fell on Ouyang Nan to save him. 

Ouyang Nan unleashed his Sword Gale towards the hoop, pushing it off its trajectory away from Su You’s neck. 

But a long cut had formed across Su You’s neck. 

With a shriek, he fell to his knees, clutching his wound. 

Su You clenched his teeth. “Damn it, he’s a difficult one!” 

Ouyang Nan yelled, “This guy’s called the Deathless Golden Hoop, he wins by willingly getting hurt in exchange for killing his opponent! Everyone, aim for his weak spots! His regeneration speed is slowing down, do not let him catch his breath!”

Su You clutched his bleeding wound, struggling to stand but a hand pressed on his shoulder with a low voice ringing, “Senior Su, I’ll do it!” 

Su You saw Chengfeng next to him and looked at his wound-- to his surprise, the skin underneath his torn clothing was as good as new. His surprise turned into joy. Nodding, he stepped aside. 

Ju Wusheng was not in a hurry to attack either. His strength lay in dragging out the fight, using his powerful regeneration ability and unique magical item to exhaust his opponent. 

The Profound Life Sect specialised in regeneration, these cultivators studied specific techniques to live longer during battle, then paired it with a destructive magical item to make themselves formidable fighters. 

They were not very well-known in the cultivator world because their cultivation processes were too extreme and strict so very few people could master it. However, most people were not willing to fight a PRofound Life cultivator because they did not know how to beat a self-regenerating opponent. 

When they could not find the Profound Life cultivator’s weakness, they would choose to fight by force, using a huge power imbalance to offset their self-regeneration. When the regeneration could not catch up to the number of injuries, victory was theirs. 

However, only cultivators much more powerful than the Profound Life cultivator could do this. Anyone of the same level or slightly more powerful needed help from a magical item or quickly found the cultivator’s weakness! 

Li Chengfeng and the rest surrounded Ju Wusheng, quickly dealing with their own injuries while thinking of a way to defeat him. At the same time, Ju Wusheng healed himself but in a calmer manner. 

Compared to them, the masters of the Zhou clan were panicking! 

“What is happening, what IS happening!” 

Zhou Guangcai stomped his foot as he cried, “Why aren’t you going in?!” 

The bodyguards stood at the entrance, too afraid to step forward. Zhou Guangcai shoved them aside and rushed forward furiously only to draw a sharp breath when he took one look. 

Before him was a handsome young man in Spiritual Mountain cultivator robes. His face was spattered with blood, his hand wielding a sword. The sword tip was pointing to the ground and before him were two dead Zhou guards. His beautiful features and blood spatters merged into a paradoxically magnetic scene, freezing all the guards in their spots, not daring to step forward. 

No one knew if they were stunned by the man’s beauty or the bloodied sword. 

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