Breaking The Day - Chapter 269

Zhao Xiaobao had lived most of his life in Li Chengfeng’s shadow. Most people, after seeing his beautiful face, would instinctively treat him as a servant, part of an entourage, a server -- the more perverted ones thought he could be Chengfeng’s secret lover. 

However, very few people of the Li family knew that this crybaby, beautiful pretty young man had practised the Cleansing Moon Li clan’s kungfu along with Chengfeng since young. His fighting abilities were as strong as Chengfeng- it was only because he was usually with Chengfeng that he rarely fought himself. His delicate personality also meant he could not unleash his full power during most of the fights. 

His practice differed from Chengfeng’s brutal training in punches and kicks. With a smaller frame, he was not exactly suited for the Li clan’s physically powerful killing methods, plus the clan did not pass their knowledge to outsiders, only to men in their lineage. This was why Zhao Xiaobao only practised the non-secret kungfu moves, though he became better than the Li clan in them. 

Zhao Xiaobao was on par with Chengfeng in both fatal ninja star shooting and swordsmanship. Other than the few fatal killing moves he did not know, he had refined a unique skill of combining both ninja stars and the sword so he could fight both long and short-range battles simultaneously. Shooting a star against an opponent wielding a sword definitely threw them off! 

At this moment, Zhao Xiaobao was not the weak, delicate man he usually was. Although he was both afraid and anxious, he held his sword with a firm grip. After his near-death experience at Yanjian Hall, he realised he was no longer as timid as before. 

He was a man who had died once. Now, in the face of battle and adversity, he had become calmer and could think clearly. Chengfeng’s current dangerous situation also forced him to become more independent and thirst for more power. 

This ability to think and such powerful desire made Zhao Xiaobao start to emerge from Chengfeng’s shadow. He no longer wanted to be a man living in Chengfeng’s shadow, he never wanted Chengfeng to kneel before someone, losing his dignity just to save Xiaobao! He must become stronger, he must become more independent! 

He watched as more Zhou guards gushed towards the entrance that Han Tianxing guarded. Han Tianxing had just killed two people and was suffering a mental breakdown, he didn’t look like he would recover soon so Zhao Xiaobao had to carry the burden alone for a while despite wanting to fight alongside his young master! 

No matter what, he was still a Hidden Sword cultivator with the Zimu Lightning Sword in his hand! 

Zhao Xiaobao had spent a lot of time familiarising himself with its special qualities, then more time incorporating it into his usual fighting style. It was fortunate that they found his magical sword during the siege. 

This beautiful pretty young man stood at the entrance at the end of the hallway with the sword in hand. The two guards before had ignored him despite his sword due to his pretty face, rushing past him. With one slash of his sword, Xiaobao killed both men with the “Gazing The Moon Behind” move! 

Such a scene shocked the guards who were about to rush in. They looked at each other, still hesitant despite the arrival of their master. They were ordinary guards, not warriors. 

Zhao Xiaobao looked at them determinedly, roaring, “You’re not allowed inside!” 

Zhao Guangcai was so furious he trembled with rage, “This is the Zhou estate!” 

Zhao Xiaobao’s gaze fell on him, occasionally darting at Zhou Guangcai’s throat, then at the few powerful bodyguards next to him. He repeated with steely confidence, “You, are not allowed inside!”

This immediately crossed a boundary regarding the Zhou patriarch’s dignity and power. He must retaliate! 

I’ll admit I can’t defeat you in battle since you’re a cultivator but this is the Zhou estate. You can’t stop me from crossing a wall, can you? 

Zhou Guangcai took two steps back, hiding behind his bodyguards and yelled with a wave, “Men of the Zhou clan, enter the yard by flipping over the walls! Anyone who crosses over will be rewarded one hundred silvers!” 

Courage could be found where such a hefty reward was given! 

Every pair of eyes lit up. Previously, the way Zhao Xiaobao killed two people in one move had instilled the fear of death within them. Although they knew they could overwhelm Zhao Xiaobao by charging together, whoever was in front would surely die. Who didn’t value their own life? Who would be willing to sacrifice themselves? They were not soldiers, trained to welcome death! 

They were just guards on patrol in a businessman’s home! 

Everyone sighed in relief upon hearing Zhou Guangcai. It was a long wall and they could climb over it from all directions, the man could not possibly stop them all, right? 

The guards let out a roar, then dispersed to climb the wall. 

The wall was about 2.2 metres tall, they could climb over quickly by leaping up. In a second, the wall filled with guards. 

However, a shadow flew past the wall just as they climbed. It flickered so fast, as if it was dancing. The man’s body seemed to be as light as a sparrow, delicately dancing with a sword glinting coldly, weaving through the crowd like a thread through a needle, other times back and forth like weaving cotton. 

He flew and flipped from one end of the wall to the other, and the guards who had pulled themselves up with their hands fell at the same time, clutching their hands as they shrieked in agony. Some had their fingers broken, some had fingers sliced off. Sliced fingers and howling guards fell simultaneously. 

This shadow was naturally Zhao Xiaobao! 

This fall made some space in front of the wall empty. The rest of the guards, while they were horrified by the scene, gazed at the empty corridor, slowly tempted. 

As long as they could make it inside, they would get one hundred silvers! 

It would take them a few years of frugal living to make such money! 

Clenching their teeth, they charged angrily but Zhao Xiaobao appeared in front of them in a flash. 

They all hesitated instantly, wanting to back away but Zhou Guangcai behind them yelled, “It only counts if you make it into the yard inside!” 

The guards were stuck in a hard place. 

Zhao Xiaobao took a deep breath, then held up his sword. There was a strange, harmonious beauty to the way the magnificent Zimu Lightning Sword was held in his hand. He warned coldly, “You, are not allowed inside!” 

The guards looked at each other, as if faking their bravado for each other. Someone whispered, “We’ll go around! He’s only one person!” 

With this sudden realisation, everyone rushed sideways to run around Xiaobao. He frowned, leaping out of the path, his sword flying and shimmering in the night. All the guards who tried to get past him collapsed, their thighs all stabbed once by Xiaobao’s sword. They rolled on the ground in agony. 

A portion of the people left in the hallway immediately wanted to charge when Zhao Xiaobao left. They had just moved when Zhao Xiaobao, at the same time as stabbing the other guards’ thighs, flicked his wrist and out flew a swarm of ninja stars like a flock of birds out of a forest. They hit every thigh accurately and now there was another crowd rolling on the ground. 

The twenty guards who planned to charge around him had all collapsed in an instant. The patriarch and elders of the Zhou clan gawked at this gorgeous young man in shock! 

Wielding his sword, Zhao Xiaobao stood before them, eyeing the rolling and howling guards out of the corner of his eye, as he repeated, “You are not allowed inside!” 

He was determined, and this was an order! 

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