Breaking The Day - Chapter 270

Zhao Xiaobao did not know if these Zhou guards were enemies to his own young master or they were here to help. So far, the Zhou clan had worked obediently with PRofound Life Sect against him so they must be enemies but he was also terrified of inviting more trouble for his own young master. That was why he did not kill them, only hurting them. 

In reality, Chengfeng’s battle on the other side had already reached its peak. There was a strange stalemate between Chengfeng and Ju Wusheng. If more guards get inside, it might be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back for the man who barely scraped the surface of kungfu. 

Although Chengfeng could not release a Sword Qi or Sword Glow, he had a magical item that no one else had-- his family heirloom! 

These two magical items could not fight independently but they could automatically fly back to him. After tossing them out, they flew back to him. This allowed him to fight long-range battles. 

Su You’s retreat did not decrease the violence on the battlefield, instead escalating it. Li Chengfeng was a person who liked close-range fights, killing his opponents in close proximity to himself. Sometimes, he stepped forward to attack, sometimes retreating after being struck to toss out his heirlooms. One Chengfeng was equivalent to Su You, Tian Jun and Blockhead. 

Ju Wusheng was currently exhausted from the battle. Chengfeng’s attacks differed from Su You and the rest. Their attacks were based on using sharp Sword Qi to hurt their opponent but Chengfeng used blunt force to hurt him, especially when the magical items exploded on Ju Wusheng’s body, destroying a huge chunk of flesh instantly. It took much more effort to heal trauma like this compared to wounds from sharp weapons. 

Ouyang Nan used his Life Strangling Rope too, fishing Chengfeng out of tight spots. 

By the time Chengfeng got close to Wusheng, Su You had already finished bandaging his wound and applied some Jinchuang medicine, ready to enter the battle again. 

Fortunately, they had already searched the Profound Life Sect cultivators’ luggage. As cultivators roughing out in the world, Jinchuang medicine was essential so Su You was not completely incapacitated by not-so-severe injuries like this. 

Su You’s addition into the battle started to tip the scales towards Chengfeng’s team. He was the last straw on the camel’s back, Ju Wusheng started to struggle obviously. His regeneration abilities slowed down, his body was torn and tattered like a torn rucksack but the strangest thing was that no blood flowed from any of his wounds. 

Ju Wusheng’s head hung crooked after a heavy blow by Chengfeng, his neck broken. This embarrassment turned to rage, Wusheng reached out and grabbed Chengfeng tightly, his golden hoop slashing down on Chengfeng’s neck in an instant! 

This move was sudden and evil-- he planned to go down with Chengfeng! 

Astonished, Chengfeng could not utilise his strength due to the sudden embrace. Ouyang Nan was also horrified, bringing his mighty Sword Glow down, using brute force to hit the golden hoop away from Chengfeng’s head. However, the impact had used up all of Ouyang Nan’s True Yuan, and the impact had injured Chengfeng’s back. A large slash opened across his back, a terrifying splotch of blood-soaked through his back. 

Chengfeng withstood the pain in silence, forcing his bone spear towards Ju Wusheng’s head. With a strange shriek, Ju Wusheng shoved Chengfeng away, faltering back quickly. However, the bone spear was still lodged in his chest. 

Ju Wusheng retreated more than ten metres away, his eyes fixed on Chengfeng and the rest. Wounds covered his body, with holes in his skin. He knew he was at his limit and if this continued, he would die! 

Ju Wusheng growled through his teeth, “You… forced me to do this!” 

As he spoke, he formed a mudra quickly and roared, “Gates of Nine Hells, OPEN!” 

At that moment, a ray of green light shot up to the sky, then disappeared. Then, a pillar of light descended and hit Ju Wusheng, whose cuts healed instantly. His skin became as smooth as jade, pulling out the spear and tossing it aside. He gave a creepy sneer, “Today, you all must die!” 

The tables had turned so suddenly, Ouyang Nan cried shakily, “He’s unleashing his trump card now, everyone… hide!” 

“Are you running?” Ju Wusheng held out his other hand, the golden hoop appeared on his palm. Then, he made a quick mudra and the golden hoop floated at his fingertip, spinning. 

His body swelled greatly, his face purple as if he was about to explode. He slammed his hands sideways and with a loud buzz, the golden hoop was split in two! 

Chengfeng paled. 

He suddenly remembered Martial Uncle Chen from Shiwu Mountain! 

When a cultivator unleashed the remaining True Yuan within himself, sacrificing his own life force, burning his soul to fight an opponent, the resulting power explosion was formidable! 

Ouyang Nan’s suggestion was definitely right. In the face of a manic cultivator, fighting him was not smart. Running was still the smartest move! 

Hide, don’t fight him! This is just a powerful reaction by a cornered beast, as long as you dodge his powerful attacks, he will soon be swallowed by the side effects of this terrifying magic! 

And as long as you live until then, you will win! 

Ouyang Nan shouted, “This is a secret technique of the Profound Life Sect, Gates of Nine Hells! Run, don’t fight him! You will only have to hide for fifteen minutes and he will die!” 

Whe Su You heard him, he turned to run but Chengfeng’s eyes widened and roared, “Do not run!!” 

He had just finished when Ju Wusheng sneered, “Where are you going?!” 

The two golden hoops in Ju Wusheng’s hand disappeared, then appeared charging towards the back of Su You’s torso and head. Ouyang Nan gasped, clenching his teeth to shoot another ray of Sword Glow using the last of his energy, hitting away one of the hoops but the other slashed Su You’s back. 

Fortunately, Su You reacted quickly by dodging it, causing the hoop to hit his shoulder. 

It almost sliced his shoulder right off, forming a seven-inch deep cut in his shoulder while blood gushed violently! 

Everyone was stunned. Ouyang Nan sensed that he had made a fatal mistake and was about to slap himself hard! 

He was the only one who could barely fend the golden hoops off. If they ran, and everyone left the attack range of his Sword Glow, then he would not be able to save anyone! 

There were now two golden hoops terrorizing them, and he was barely able to fend off one, not two! 

Sweat soaked through Ouyang Nan’s back, his eyes hopeless. He looked at Chengfeng instinctively, hoping that this junior brother, who was usually full of surprises, could lead them safely out of this situation! 

A hero was needed at the end of the rope! 

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