Breaking The Day - Chapter 271

The moment Su You was hit, Chengfeng screamed, “Do not run! Attack him together! He can’t hold on any longer!” 

Everyone felt more hopeless when they heard Chengfeng, especially Ouyang Nan, he hoped Chengfeng could lead them out of this dire situation- not lead them into terrifying darkness! 

Ju Wusheng’s muscles swelled and bulged. Even a blind man would know that the current Ju Wusheng was undefeatable in terms of attack and defense. 

And Li Chengfeng wanted them to attack instead of retreat? 

Wouldn’t that be suicide? 

How was it possible that he would be defeated like that? He was now… 

When Ju Wusheng heard Chengfeng, he laughed heartily, “You shameless thieves of Spiritual Mountain, it’s time for you to die!” 

When he finished, he felt an itch in his throat, then started coughing violently. A mouthful of blood shot out of his mouth! 

Everyone was stunned! 

They had spent so much time attacking Ju Wusheng and despite the slashes and punches, not a drop of blood leaked out of him. Yet the man had just spat a mouthful of blood for seemingly no reason! 

Ju Wusheng was stunned himself, his hands shaking as he looked at the blood on his hand, muttering, “This- this- is impossible, impossible!” 

Was his cultivation not up to par? Was that why he could not withstand this technique, not even for five minutes? And was now suffering its side effects? 

He shrieked with laughter, “Master! You lied to me! You said I was strong enough to wield this technique! You lied!!” 

Chengfeng rushed to Su You’s side, scrambling to help Tian Jun apply pressure on Su You’s wound to stop the bleeding. When he heard Wusheng, he turned to spit, “You’re not strong enough yourself, why are you blaming your master?” 

Ju Wusheng raged, his voice cracking, “This is impossible! I’d already mastered this technique, at least for ten minutes, I…” 

As he spoke, both his eyes itched. He reached to rub them but they just grew itchier and he screamed, “Itchy, it’s so itchy, it’s so itchy!!” 

Ouyang Nan and Blockhead looked at each other, tempted to attack but Chengfeng immediately gestured to stop them from stepping forward. 

Ouyang Nan dared not make his own decisions now. He immediately stayed in his spot, taking the opportunity to regenerate his Tru Yuan. 

At this moment, Ju Wusheng was rubbing his eyes vigorously, rubbing harder and harder. Blood started to pour like a stream of bloody tears from his right eye. 

This was a very strange phenomenon indeed. Ouyang Nan and the rest exchanged looks with excitement, looking at Chengfeng in unison. 

Ouyang Nan whispered, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, is this your doing?”

The corner of Chengfeng’s lips curled into a mysterious smirk. “I thought he needed to be provoked a little more for it to be activated, I didn’t know it would be this quick! Let’s wait a little longer! Let the plants grow a little more!” 

“Plants?” Ouyang Nan scratched his head. “What plants?” 

Su You, Tian Jun and the rest, on the other hand, had witnessed Chengfeng’s special powers before and grew excited. ESpecially Su You, who despite his severe injury, grinned in relief. “Junior Brother Chengfeng, sorry for inconveniencing you all.” 

When Ju Wusheng heard Chengfeng, he turned manic, “Plants? What planets?!” 

He released his right hand from his eye and everyone saw a few blades of grass growing out of the corner of his eye! 

This was Chengfeng’s doing, of course! 

When Ju Wusheng’s physical body was at its weakest, at the moment he stabbed Wusheng with his spear, he had sprayed grass and flower seeds on his face. 

These tiny seeds made their way into Ju Wusheng’s mouth, eyes and wounds, then started to grow in his flesh. Some entered his bloodstream, traveling around his body and then rooted and sprouted. 

Chengfeng activated his Immortal energy, harvesting plant energy from his surroundings and poured it all into the plants in Ju Wusheng’s body so they proliferated. 

Although Ju Wusheng’s physical strength was at its peak, it still could not fight against the stubborn plants growing in his body! 

If someone cut open his body now, they would find plants growing among his internal organs, tangled together like knotted rope, causing immense damage! 

He scratched his body like a madman, tearing his clothes off as he screamed, “It itches! It itches!”

He tore his shirt off, then looked down with his remaining eye only to see the skin on his chest bursting open. Tufts of grass started growing out of it! 

At this moment, he realised he had been ambushed! 

Although he did not know what strange magic this was, he was at the peak of his fury. Looking at Chengfeng, blood starting to flow out of his remaining eye, he screamed, “DIE! YOU WILL ALL DIE!” 

As he spoke, his two golden hoops appeared in an instant, slashing straight at Chengfeng. 


Chengfeng knew he was the main target, immediately dodging. The two hoops missed him by a millimeter, only brushing past him but Chengfeng was already bleeding from the cuts. 

“Quick, attack him! He can’t hold on any longer!” 

When Chengfeng sounded his command, this time Ouyang Nan and the rest did not hesitate, unleashing all their power moves, attacking Ju Wusheng with full insanity. 

Ju Wusheng’s vision blurred. When a few blades of grass grew out of his eyeballs, he finally lost all vision! 

Without his eyes, he could no longer control his hoops effectively but they started to sweep across the battlefield violently at terrifying speed. 

Like two uncontrollable beasts, they charged across the yard, destroying everything in their paths. 

Although much of the pressure was off their shoulders, Chengfeng and the rest were still terrified of the hoops’ manic, irregular movements! 

Blockhead waved his sword, stepping forward to slash Ju Wusheng’s neck but despite the destruction of the plants, Ju Wusheng’s flesh was still as hard as steel. Blockhead’s sword could not slice through at all! 

Blockhead wanted to pull his sword out but realised it was lodged inside his neck, he couldn’t pull it out! 

“Blockhead, move!” 

Chengfeng cried in surprise when he saw the hoops rushing towards Blockhead. 

He Zhu immediately let go to escape but one hoop hit his abdomen hard, the other slashed his thigh. 

He collapsed, intestines spilling out of his abdomen. Horrified, He Zhu was so stunned he could not move. 

Ju Wusheng bent his arm and pulled the sword out of his body, slashing it wildly as he screamed, “Come out, you shameless Spiritual Mountain thieves! Get out here!!” 

The hoops buzzed and spun around him as he waved his sword, expanding their paths outwards in circular motion. 

Seeing the hoops about to reach He Zhu, Chengfeng charged towards He Zhu and pressed his intestines back inside, grabbing his hand and whispered, “Hold it!” 

He Zhu’s eyes reddened, and as if he found his anchor, he nodded heavily towards Chengfeng, pressing his abdomen hard. Then, Chengfeng grabbed his shoulder hard and turned around, flying through the air. He had been jerked back through the Life Strangling Rope tied around his waist. 

The moment they were jerked backwards, the hoops had arrived, slashing a deep cut in the stone ground, their spinning teeth shooting rubble in the air! 

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