Breaking The Day - Chapter 272

There isn’t a monster in this world that can continue fighting when its internal organs are all tangled up in a mess, naturally, Ju Wusheng was no exception. 

However, the scariest thing in the world was a cornered beast. The scale of power unleashed by a dying beast was unfathomable. 

This was the last explosion of power at the end of one’s life.

At this moment, Ju Wusheng was fighting his enemies by controlling his golden hoops, completely relying on his hearing. He heard the direction Chengfeng pulled He Zhu towards and immediately chased him down with his golden hoops. 

Ouyang Nan, Chengfeng and the rest were startled- Ouyang Nan wanted to move but was pressed down hard by Chengfeng. His eyes were dead focused on the incoming hoops, then he covered Blockhead’s mouth, held his own breath, then waited for the hoops to buzz past his head, digging two deep trenches in the ground and finally flying into the air again. They flew in two golden arcs, then returned by Ju Wusheng’s side, buzzing and spinning. 

Chengfeng seized the opportunity to wield his True Yuan, controlling the plants within Ju Wusheng’s body. 

Ju Wusheng shrieked, pressed his ears and screamed, “You shameless thieves, get out here! Show yourselves!” 

But Chengfeng realised no matter how he controlled the plant energy in Ju Wusheng, it could no longer hurt Ju Wusheng any more than before. 

He turned and declared, “We’ll attack in a moment!” 

Tian Jun could not help himself, “Junior Brother Chengfeng, Ju Wusheng is already at his limit. He’ll die soon if we wait a little longer, then we’ll win without a battle! Isn’t it suicide if we go now?!” 

Chengfeng turned to look at the lights at the Zhou estate’s backyard and whispered, “The Zhou clan isn’t on our side. What if they sent news to the Profound Life Sect? The sect has transporters in Tong’an City, they can immediately send troops over and all our efforts will be wasted! Dragging the battle is only riskier.”

Everyone else fell solemn, suddenly feeling the anxiety and fear from this realisation. They turned to look outside instinctively as if countless Profound Life disciples would charge into the yard in the next second. The darkness of the night was filled with the terrifying unknown. 

Ouyang Nan took a deep breath but unexpectedly coughed violently, spitting out fresh blood. He had been wounded and still used his magical abilities. He was also at the end of his abilities. 

But Ouyang Nan was a stubborn man. He wiped his mouth, spat out some bloody froth and interjected before anyone could speak, “I’m fine! I’ll chop that scumbag dog’s head off in a second!” 

Blockhead struggled to get up but Chengfeng hurriedly pulled him over to Su You and said, “Senior Tian Jun, Senior Ouyang, you two take care of Senior Su and Senior He. As for the rest… leave it to me!” 

Ouyang Nan panicked and wanted to speak but Chengfeng cut him off, “Senior Ouyang, I’ll call for you if I need your help!” 

Ouyang Nan thought for a moment then nodded. “I’ll go with your plan! You must twist that dog’s neck off!” 

Chengfeng nodded and turned to look at Ju Wusheng, who was struggling manically on the spot, waving his sword around. He took a deep breath, carefully walked to one side to pick his short bone spear up, crouched slightly, then sprung up and charged towards Ju Wusheng! 

Ju Wusheng immediately felt the vibrations from his every step, turning to face Chengfeng with his sword high in the air, at the same time both hoops whizzed after Chengfeng. 

Chengfeng ran at maximum speed and could hear the whistling sound of the buzzing hoops and their teeth slicing through the air. He knew that if he slowed down just slightly, he would be immediately struck and no one could save him then! 

Ouyang Nan and the rest stared with widened eyes, watching with anxiety. They wanted to shout but were afraid of distracting Chengfeng. 

In their eyes, this was a suicide mission! 

In front of Chengfeng was Ju Wusheng was slashing his sword, behind were two golden hoops. Chengfeng was walking knowingly into the tiger’s jaws! 

If it were up to them, they would have attacked experimentally on the sides first, probing his abilities while searching for an opening to launch a fatal strike! 

But Chengfeng’s approach was quick and decisive to decide the victor in the quickest manner. They drew in a sharp breath! 

This guy was always full of surprises! 

Chengfeng was twenty… ten… five metres away from Ju Wusheng now… He could even see the grass and little flowers sprouting on his face! 

At this point, Ju Wusheng’s attention was completely focused, his itching forgotten, the intense pain from his wounds forgotten. All that was left was one voice in his mind: kill, revenge, revenge! 

Ju Wusheng sneered, his smile twisted and horrific. He raised his heavy sword high, calculating his opponent’s speed and distance. The moment Chengfeng leapt towards himself, he slashed his sword and cried, “DIE!!” 

The sword was directly headed for Chengfeng’s crown, if it struck him, he would be chopped into two halves! 

But Chengfeng acted at the same moment Ju Wusheng did, when the sword moved, he fell to the ground, lied down face-up, then relied on momentum to slide between Ju Wusheng’s legs! 


Ouyang Nan and the rest had eyes as large as plates: what sort of move is that?! How have I never thought of this! 

They were cultivators with deeply rooted self-pride and dignity, their minds never would have fathomed crawling between an opponent’s legs in a fight. 

But Chengfeng was different, he was a street rat who fought in the streets since young, he could definitely stoop low if he wanted to! 

After he made it through Ju Wusheng’s pants, Wusheng’s sword sliced through air and the two golden hoops crashed into Wusheng’s chest uncontrollably. 

Ju Wusheng unleashed a scream that shook the skies, two deep trenches cut into his chest, his hoops lodged halfway in his torso! 


Chengfeng flipped up and quickly wielded his immortal energy to activate the plant energy within Ju Wusheng’s body, which had previously been suppressed! 

All plants within tens of metres radius of Chengfeng started to wither at rapid rates, even the evergreen plants lush in the winter withered, grey flower petals and yellowed dried leaves scattered on the ground. The plants along the walkway outside browned as if Death himself had walked past. 

The Zhou clansmen bustled, whispering in each other’s ears in terror. They did not know what happened inside but they knew the battle must have reached the endgame, it was time to determine the victor between Profound Life and Spiritual Mountain! 

And they were like the spoils of war, waiting to be claimed! 

Chengfeng controlled the plant energy, vigorously wielding the plants to tear Ju Wusheng’s flesh apart, causing countless grass and flowers to grow out of his massive wounds. 

Before, the plants could barely grow out of his eyes and ears, and out of the wounds on his chest where Ju Wusheng scratched in his manic episode. 

However, this time, the two immense slashes on his chest had damaged his body both internally and externally. Additionally, Chengfeng’s immortal energy coaxed the plants to grow out of his sides so he could no longer suppress it, his flesh slowly torn apart. Yet he was like the fish on the chopping board, all he could do was cry in agony. 

Grass was soft and weak on its own but when countless blades and flowers worked together, they were terrifyingly powerful! 

Chengfeng turned up his immortal energy to the maximum, his body even glowing a weak golden, a vertical eye appearing on his forehead. He scratched the air, prying in two directions as if he was prying apart Ju Wusheng’s flesh, similarly roaring like a beast, “DIE! DIE!” 

When he finished, Ju Wusheng’s body ripped apart into two halves, the left and right sides of his torso split apart, trembled slightly, then fell on the ground! 

And just like that, Ju Wusheng, a Profound Life cultivator who was soon in the Golden Body stage died in the hands of Li Chengfeng, a beginner! 

Ouyang Nan and the rest had their jaws on the floor. They guessed Chengfeng would win but they didn’t know it would be like this! 

Chengfeng stood in the centre of the battlefield, spattered with blood, regal as a god! 


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