Breaking The Day - Chapter 273

Since their entry into the world of cultivation, Ouyang Nan and the rest had heard of many stories about the underdog defeating the powerful, especially how the legendary Gao Shenghan of Star Gate defeated Golden Body cultivators, which was especially awe-inspiring. 

However, Gao Shenghan had defeated a cultivator in the invincible Golden Body state as a Fifth Heavenly Stage cultivator, also the minimum cultivation required to defeat a Seventh Heavenly Stage opponent. 

The Golden Body Stage was separated into Invincible, Deathless and Ageless. A cultivator in the Ageless Golden Body stage was now in the major league, having a lifespan as long as the earth! 

There was a common saying in the cultivation world: do not challenge a Golden Body! 

This was meant for the lower-ranked cultivators, that they could not beat a Golden Body expert because even if the ability gap was just one heavenly stage, the difference would be as stark as heaven and earth. 

But Gao Shenghan won, so he became a legendary figure, his battle turning into a legend. 

Although Chengfeng had not defeated a Golden Body opponent, this man was only one step away from the Golden Body stage. Also, strictly speaking, Chengfeng was a cultivator who was only at the first heavenly stage. He had skipped five whole levels to defeat a cultivator at the peak of the sixth heavenly stage! 

To Ouyang Nan and the rest, this fight was as legendary as Gao Shenghan’s story! 

However, the most shocking thing was that Chengfeng’s body was glowing golden! 

What… What did this mean? 

Some cultivators glowed when using magical items or magic, some white like Hidden Sword Court’s Sword Qi, Sword Glow and Sword Gale; some green like wood-element magic from the Profound Life Sect; others red or turquoise, like Grand Senior Sister who was adept in fire and water magic; others black like the magical beings of the Heaven’s Corner Realm; others grey like the demons and magical beasts of the Nine Hells. 

But… golden? 

Only the immortals of the ninth heavenly stage glowed… golden! 

This Junior Brother Chengfeng… is…?

They instinctively thought of a rumour from nineteen years ago. This meant Chengfeng… he was the reincarnated traitorous immortal from nineteen years ago? 

When they thought of this, their chest tightened but it immediately turned to joy! 

Traitorous immortal? What did that have to do with them? Did cultivators care which emperor sat on the throne? 

Nope, cultivators only cared if they could reach the ninth heavenly stage! 

Every dynasty, every emperor was the same to them. The immortals in the ninth heavenly stage banned cultivators from taking the emperor’s throne, that was why they did not care who sat on it! 

From the perspective of the Hidden Sword Court’s hopeless decline, if they were led by a traitorous immortal, it was literally a gift from heaven! There could be nothing better than this!

The Zhou elders waiting outside, who could neither retreat nor attack, finally heard the shrieking and fighting cease into silence. They looked at each other with discomfort and anticipation in their eyes. 

They hoped Profound Life would win because just as Chengfeng expected, there were many deals made with Profound Life Sect. The way the Profound Life Sect was deeply entrenched in Tong’an was out of most people’s expectations. 

The Profound Life Sect had made too many promises to the Zhou clan too, so promising that there would no longer be ‘six great clans’ in Tong’an City, but just one-- the Zhou clan! 

The five other clans were still blind to this! 

However, if they wanted to take the city for themselves, they had to bear major risk! 

If Profound Life Sect lost, everything was lost! 

They craned their necks to wait for the results and saw a tall, muscular man walk out into the corridor. This man was spattered with blood, his features striking with thick brows with a head in one hand. Although dripping with blood, the Zhou patriarch and elders recognised it immediately, gasping in shock. 

The Zhou patriarch Zhou Guangfa shuddered and almost fainted, fortunately his younger brother, Zhou Guangcai, was quick enough to support him. 

“Brother, stay strong!” whispered Zhou Guangcai, “They’re all watching you.” 

Compared to his elder brother, Zhou Guangcai was stronger in personality but careful to protect his brother’s image in front of outsiders. 

Zhou Guangfa focused his mind and stared at Chengfeng with a pale face, his voice shaking, “How dare you trespass into the Zhou estate, acting so recklessly! Explain yourself!” 

Chengfeng looked around and declared, “The Profound Life Sect used the Zhou clan to rebel against the Spiritual Mountain Sect. Now we have exterminated the problem from the Zhou clan!” 

As he spoke, he lifted the head high and declared, “This is what happens to anyone who goes against the Spiritual Mountain clan!” 

Chengfeng displayed the bloody head, and every person who met his eyes averted their gaze immediately. Behind him, Zhao Xiaobao and the newly calmed Han Tianxing watched him admiringly. 

What was power? Turning the impossible to the possible? 

The man in front of them displayed true power! 

When Zhou Guangfa heard this, he shook with fury! 

This gang of people appeared on their land, entered their house, unleashed a massacre and now forced them to betray the Profound Life Sect! 

If this was not robbery, not extortion, what would it be called?! 

Why must the Zhou clan give the Spiritual Mountain Sect so much of its hard-earned money? Why do these outsiders have to decide their internal matters?! 

These words echoed in his mind, roaring loud but he did not dare say it aloud. He was afraid his head would be in this young man’s other hand! 

This man is the knife, and I am the fish!

This is the suffering of the weak! 

In the eyes of the commoners, they were multi-millionaires with riches that could rival entire countries. They had many wives, acres of land but… to the government, they were tax sources; to the cultivators, they were fish to be extorted! 

Zhou Guangfa was frustrated, but so what? 

He forced a smile and saluted him, “So it is the young hero of Spiritual Mountain Sect! This is good… Our Zhou clan has long suffered the pestering of the Profound Life Sect, we have been waiting for the heroes of Spiritual Mountain to save us from this trouble. We are so grateful to have you here to save us, you have our utmost gratitude!” 

As he spoke, Zhou Guangfa broke the norm by kowtowing to show his reverence! 

Zhou Guangcai reacted quickly by yelling, “We thank the heroes of Spiritual Mountain, the Zhou clan is filled with gratitude for your heroic deed!” 

With the two leaders of the Zhou clan on their knees, obviously no one dared to stand. They all fell to their knees anxiously. 

Zhou Xiaobao fell on one knee emotionally too, followed by Han Tianxing immediately. Behind them, Ouyang Nan who could barely stand and Tian Jun looked at each other, smiled, then fell to one knee, symbolising that they were fully satisfied with this leader. 

In the blink of an eye, other than Li Chengfeng, no one else stood within the Zhou clan’s yard! 

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