Breaking The Day - Chapter 277

Not long after, a person appeared in the foyer. This was Zhou Guangfa’s brother, Zhou Guangcai. 

Guangcai sat in the spot where Chengfeng previously sat and asked in a low voice, “The negotiation didn’t go well?” 

Guangfa slammed his fist on the table angrily, “Hmmph, he wouldn’t budge!” 

Guangcai whispered, “So what do we do next?” 

Guangfa stared at the feast on the table and replied softly, “Have you sent them off?” 

Guangcai nodded. “Mm!” 

Guangfa whispered, “Is it safe?” 

Guangcai smiled confidently, then savoured a cup of wine, “They’re taking the internal tunnels within the estate!” 

Zhou Guangfa relaxed when he heard this. No more than five people knew of the Zhou clan’s tunnels; the exit was situated outside Tong’an City. No matter how impressive the Spiritual Mountain Sect was, they never would expect the Zhou clan to have this card in their hand! 

“But…” Guangcai looked concerned. “Are we really going to completely expose the Spiritual Mountain Sect like this? They are still the third-strongest sect in the world! They defeated an expert from the Profound Life Sect… and those were just nameless foot soldiers from Hidden Sword Court! If any one of those experienced, famous masters come, wouldn’t this be… suicide?” 

Guangfa turned to smirk at his brother, eyes fixed on him. “Then did you ever consider what the Profound Life Sect would do to us if we once again fell into the arms of the Spiritual Mountain Sect? What would they think, what would they do?” 

Zhou Guangcai was stunned, fear in his eyes. 

Although he was not the patriarch, he was definitely as smart as his brother. He immediately had a realisation: if Profound Life Sect hears that their disciples had been massacred on Zhou estate, they must suspect the Zhou clan of secretly conspiring with the Spiritual Mountain Sect!

Once Profound Life Sect declares war, the Zhou clan would be decimated! 

Even if full decimation was avoided, the Zhou clan still must pay in a lot of of blood to satisfy Profound Life Sect’s terrifying appetite for blood. If that happened, the Zhou clan still would not be able to restore its former glory! 

Guangfa explained in exasperation, “Profound Life Sect has set up camp within Tong’an City for many decades, waiting for this day! They have swallowed their pain for tens of years, this conflict must only have happened because they found Spiritual Mountain Sect in a state of chaos, with insufficient manpower to retaliate!” 

Guangcai could not help but ask, “But, even the nameless foot soldiers from Spiritual Mountain were very powerful, don’t you think this is something to be worried about?” 

Guangfa smirked. “You’re right, there must be a reason they are ranked third in the world, a sect that has survived hundreds of years must have many hidden powers! However, they will leave after they receive their payment tomorrow- when Profound Life Sect comes again, they will want our lives!” 

“But if Spiritual Mountain doesn’t get their money, they will also kill us!” 

Guangfa huffed, “That’s right! We’re cornered now! But if you think about it, Spiritual Mountain Sect is 250 kilometres away while Profound Life Sect is right here in this town! If we lean on Spiritual Mountain Sect, Profound Life will react in seconds! The Zhou clan and the entire Tong’an City will not know peace! If we lean towards Profound Life, Spiritual Mountain will have to keep sending forces for a long-distance war. This is a very long distance they have to cross for battle!

“And the Spiritual Mountain Sect only wants money but Profound Life Sect wants our lives! We have not gotten anything from paying Spiritual Mountain for more than ten years but after paying Profound Life, business has boomed! Our own Zhou clansmen have already begun cultivation in Profound Life Sect, they are even willing to form marriage ties with Zhou!” 

No matter what, they were still businessmen. They always weighed the pros and cons, even if it included both their lives and assets.

Guangcai’s eyes filled with pain as he clenched his teeth, “Zhou only has to survive this obstacle, in the future, we will no longer need to suffer such humiliation!” 

Cultivators were first-class, scholars were second-class! 

But the Zhou clan were mere common businessmen, now they were determined to scale the top of society! 

Guangfa patted his younger brother’s shoulder and whispered, “I’ll gather the money tonight, you take care of the rest! You must remain in control of that cultivator with the surname Li, control him and you will control the entire chessboard!” 

Guangcai smiled. “Don’t worry, brother! I have already made preparations!” 

Just as they whispered, the shadow that Li Chengfeng had spotted outside the window when his eyes darted disappeared into the darkness of the night like the flutter of a bird. 


Chengfeng arrived at his quarters with the guidance of a servant. Every Spiritual Mountain Sect cultivator was given the best treatment and to decrease their suspicions, their rooms were all close to each other. 

When Ouyang Nan and the rest saw Li Chengfeng return unscathed, they heaved a huge sigh of relief and rested. 

After such an intense battle, even the most hardened warriors could no longer keep themselves awake. 

Chengfeng returned to his room, about to relax when he took off his shirt but suddenly turned his head and scolded sternly, “Who is it!” 

With a soft creak, a candle was lit in the corner of his room, candlelight tracing the beautiful curves of a woman. The figure whispered gently, “It’s me, Sir…” 

Chengfeng relaxed slightly, taking his hand out from his weapons pouch. He asked in a low voice, “Bao Lian?” 

Bao Lian walked out from the shadows, revealing the same pitiful, delicate face. She was no longer wearing her luxurious clothes, expensive pearls on her hair nor even a spot of makeup on her face. Her dark hair rested on her shoulders, her figure appearing in and out of view beneath thin chiffon. 

Under the faint candlelight, the innocent beauty without adornment was suddenly much more seductive! 

As a masculine young man, Chengfeng subconsciously gulped as his heart raced for a few moments. He instinctively took a step back, asking cautiously, “Why are you here?” 

Bao Lian placed the candle on the nightstand by the bed, gently releasing the curtains by the bed and whispered, “The night is dark, sleep is impossible with such solitude*. I… am here to serve you, and help you get ready for bed, Sir.” 

[TL Note: *she was reciting a poem] 

Late at night, there was no one else around, a beauty, an empty bed, soft words, gentle humming, a faint silhouette in the dark, all for him! 
This was a temptation difficult for a man to resist! 

Chengfeng stared at her for a long time until she blushed furiously, she leaned on the bed as if this was the only way she could support her flowing figure. 

She said gently, “It’s late, Sir. You should rest.” 

Chengfeng nodded, then stepped forward and  lifted her in his arms. Bao Lian felt a gust of powerful Yang energy, making her so anxious she blushed and trembled, her arms folded in front of her chest. 

Chengfeng placed her on the bed, then covered her with a blanket, grinning. “That was a great poem! I’ll tuck you in tightly so you won’t catch a cold!” 

As he spoke, he covered her with a blanket carefully. 

She was surprised. “Aren’t you getting in, Sir?” 

Chengfeng smiled. “I can’t, or I think I would ruin such a beautiful scene, don’t you think?” 

Panicking, Bao Lian scrambled up quickly. The thin fabric she wore fell partially due to the tight blanket, revealing a large patch of snow-white skin but she did not even notice. “Sir, I didn’t mean that, I meant… Ah, I heard you cultivators cannot… sleep with anyone… in the beginning? Sir, I know many other ways to make you happy, it won’t hurt your Yang energy. You can just lie down, I’ll serve you…” 

Before she finished, chengfeng pressed her shoulder firmly but gently, putting a finger on her lips. He uttered slowly but with determination, “Shh! Stop talking. You’ll ruin the beauty of this!” 

Then, he sat at a study desk not far away, pulling out a chair, arms crossed, then closed his eyes and faked sleep. 

Bao Lian stared in astonishment at this conservative man, then welled up without knowing why. Tears fell like pearls from a necklace on the flawless skin on her chest. 

She had never met a man who was not greedy for her beauty, nor a gentleman who did not take advantage of a girl in a vulnerable situation like this!

She stared at him blankly, as if trying to burn that handsome face into her brain. After a while, she threw the blanket off and flew to him, grabbing his hand as she whispered urgently, “Sir, Mr Li! Hurry, you must leave!” 

Chengfeng’s eyes sprung open, his gaze as sharp as a knife! 

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