Breaking The Day - Chapter 278

Chengfeng opened his eyes to look at Bao Lian, his heart almost stopped when he saw her beautiful figure. He immediately averted his gaze, not daring to look at her. “What… Do you mean?” 

She spoke quickly, “Master told me to sleep with you no matter what, that I must make you stay here until sunrise…” 

An alarm sounded within Chengfeng. He shot up, and without time to care about the inappropriateness between them, he turned to grab her shoulder. He only looked at her once and could not avoid the deep cleavage that could entice a man in his peripheral vision. 

He immediately took off his cloak to cover her. “What else did he say?” 

Bao Lian finally felt embarrassed, anxiously clutching the cloak as she blushed and whispered, “No-nothing else… I just feel like he must have his reasons for me to make you stay for the night.” 

Chnegfeng jumped up and started pacing around the room. His brows were knitted, expression solemn. After a while, he pounded his chest: damn it, I was still not careful enough! 

He gazed deeply into her eyes. “Why are you helping me?” 

Bao Lian started to say something but stopped and looked down, stuttering. 

He reached out to lift her chin with his finger. “Look at me! Why are you helping me?” 

Her eyes reddened, trembling lightly, she replied, “You’re… you’re the first person to not take advantage of me because of my looks, first man who doesn’t want to sleep with me.” 

Bao Lian was emboldened despite being cornered by Chengfeng, gazing dreamily as she reached out to caress his sunken cheeks, as well as the stubble on his chin. She whispered, “I may not know much but I can read people, especially men. I can tell when there is desire in a man’s eyes.” 

She continued in a gentle voice, as if talking in her sleep, “As long as I look into their eyes, I will know what they want… especially when they look at me… I… I can see it clearly.” 

This beautiful maiden leaned on his shoulder gently, then leaned up to his ear and whispered, “They all want to sleep with me… if they had a chance, they would. I can read… these thoughts. You want it too… but you did not.” 

Chengfeng squinted at her. “That’s your reason?” 

Bao Lian was leaning very close, she was enjoying this intimacy. “When a rabbit has lived in the wolf’s lair for a long time… and suddenly a stallion comes… the rabbit would not bear to see him get eaten.” 

Chengfeng stared at her and asked in a low voice, “If the stallion escapes, then the wolves will starve. Aren’t you afraid they will eat you?” 

After a moment of silence, she looked down, her eyelashes fluttering. “After living with the wolves for a long time, even a stupid rabbit will learn how to protect herself. A clever rabbit has three tunnels, she will have her ways.” 

“Doesn’t this rabbit want to escape the wolf’s lair with the stallion?” 

Bao Lian looked up and stared blankly, tears in her eyes. She smiled but shook her head hopelessly. “The rabbit has lived in the wolf’s lair for too long, she has already forgotten how the outside world looks like.” 

Chengfeng caressed her cheek lovingly. “Then the stallion can show her, she was born outside, she can still remember, she will get used to it!” 

Bao Lian chuckled but more tears flowed, leaning her cheek into his palm, feeling the warmth. After a while, she begrudgingly left his palm. 

This pitiful girl reached out and placed her palm gently on his heart, then leaned close to his ear, whispering, “You don’t want to sleep with me because there is another girl living here, right?” 

Surprised, he looked at her and nodded slowly. 

Bao Lian smiled apologetically. “She is a luckier girl than I am.” 

He sighed gently. “She… is not luckier than you are.”

“Is that so? But I admire her…” 

“I can bring you out of here?” 

Bao Lian immediately asked, “And then?” 

He opened his mouth but realised he did not know what to say. “It’s better than living in the wolf’s lair.” 

She smiled helplessly. “But this lair is quite safe for this rabbit. Although the outside world seems nice, it’s scary. Especially when the stallion… cannot accompany the rabbit forever. So why would the rabbit want to leave?” 

After some silence, Bao Lian voluntarily took off the cloak on herself and placed it on Chengfeng, gently tying it for him. With tears in her eyes, she said in a low voice, “Hurry up and go. You’re a strong, majestic stallion; while I will forever be a rabbit running in circles in the lair.” 

Chengfeng looked up and sighed in pain. “If you stay with the Zhou clan… you will die!” 

Bao Lian smiled, taking a step back. She raised her arms and showed off her body, slowly twirled once, her black hair flying gracefully, falling like a waterfall on her shoulders. She chuckled softly, “Then you must remember me!” 

He clenched his teeth in anger, “You will die!” 

Bao Lian’s eyes were fixed on him, then she suddenly hugged Chengfeng, looking up with passionate eyes. “Normal people like me all die! You’re not the same, you’re not an ordinary person. Hurry and go, promise me that you’ll remember… me!” 

When she finished, she looked up slightly and gave him her trembling lips, whispered shakily, “Sir, will you kiss me?” 

He gazed at her, took a deep breath and after some hesitation, kissed her forehead. In that instant, tears flowed as she pushed him away, full of smiles and tears in her eyes. “Go! Hurry!” 

Chengfeng was pushed to the door, watching her with a complicated expression. At this moment, she was already curled up into a ball by the bed, covered in the blanket, sobbing hard. 

He felt his heart clenching. He had not even known her for more than a night but his heart already ached terribly. 

However, he knew he could not be reckless because he had his brothers, his parents and another girl loyal to him waiting for his return at Spiritual Mountain. 

He gazed deeply at her, then said in a low voice, “I’m leaving… You… take care!” 

When he finished, he turned to leave, disappearing from the candlelit room. 

At the moment he stepped out, he clearly heard a suppressed sob filled with pain, torturing his heart terribly. 

Chengfeng dared not listen, turning to leave. A few meters away, he looked up and heaved a long sigh but heard a jealous voice, “I didn’t expect this, you’re the emotional type!

Startled, he turned with daggers shooting from his eyes. 

It was Zhou Ling, clad in dark clothing!

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