Breaking The Day - Chapter 280

Meanwhile, on the other side. Heavenly Scripture Platform, Divine Goddess Peak, Hidden Beauty Court of Spiritual Mountain Sect. 

Su Yuehan was ecstatic after discovering Grand Senior Sister’s true identity, though she did not dare stay any longer. She carefully placed the old book back to its original position and after making sure her disguise was flawless, she left the library. 

It was already late at night, she did not know what time it was but realised Ji Chunhua was still guarding the entrance. Next to her was a person with their back facing her, clad in grey robes. 

This person was hidden in the darkness, she could barely make out that he was a tall man from his figure. 

Su Yuehan wanted to ask but remembered Grand Senior Sister’s usual demeanour and immediately shut up. As if she did not see them, she continued down the steps. 

When Ji Chunhua saw her, she turned immediately, happy to see her, “Grand Senior Sister, you’re leaving? Did you find… Ah, I shouldn’t be nosey!” 

Su Yuehan walked past her, her eyes darting at the man next to Ji Chunhua, who understood immediately. Sulking, she whispered, “Grand Senior Sister, I apologize, I really don’t know how he knew you were here.” 

Su Yuehan looked at her coldly in silence, who felt a chill down her spine, sweat sprouting out of her forehead. “Grand Senior Sister, I… I could not stop him. All I could do was make him stay here but he wouldn’t leave. I… I couldn’t do anything!” 

“Other than the forbidden areas, there is not a place I cannot go in Spiritual Mountain. Don’t blame her.” The man turned to reveal a handsome face, though it almost stopped Su Yuehan’s heart. It’s Qian Shanxue! 

Qian Shanxue smiled, looking at her. He looked extra handsome in the moonlight, even Ji Chunhua was mesmerized. 

Su Yuehan calmed herself, coldly staring at him. “How did you know I was here?”

He smiled. “I heard someone say you’re here, so I came.” 

“So why are you here?” 

Qian Shanxue chuckled. “I’ve recently been researching a type of magic, and I want to show you something.” 

Su Yuehan turned. “There’s no need.” 

Qian Shanxue turned and stepped in front of Su Yuehan, the smile on his face slowly disappearing. “I’d advise you to take a look, it’s related to your little lover! Don’t you regret it if you miss this opportunity!” 

Little lover? 

Who was Grand Senior Sister’s lover? 


Unless… was he talking about Li Chengfeng? 

Su Yuehan’s figure tensed immediately. She instinctively wanted to react but quickly snapped to her senses. She was the thousand-faced demon after all, she would never mess up at such a critical moment. Her acting was flawless. 

Su Yuehan gave him one look. “Lead the way.”

Qian Shanxue smiled, though it turned uglier by the second, anger hidden in his eyes-- she didn’t even argue! 

Ji Chunhua eyed Su Yuehan suspiciously, though she was not surprised because the disciples of Hidden Beauty were familiar with Grand Senior Sister. She was arrogant to her bones and never offered any explanations for anything. Although she still communicated when needed, she never formed any deep relationships. Everyone could feel the cold distance between themselves and her. 

Su Yuehan had fully grasped Grand Senior Sister’s usual demeanour- she was experienced in disguises after all, her acting became very real. 

Qian Shanxue disappeared in a flash, leaving towards Heavenly Solitary Peak in the form of a ray of green light. Su Yuehan clenched her teeth, then turned into a ray of green light, following him. 

Ji Chunhua sighed as she watched them leave. “I want to watch and learn something too! Why must I be on duty here today? I’m so unlucky!” 

As she complained, Su Yuehan and Qian Shanxue soon arrived at the platform on Heavenly Solitary Peak. 

Su Yuehan landed, almost unable to stand, her heart racing. If she had not absorbed Zhou Jieyi’s True Yuan to replenish her energy, she… might not have been able to keep up and her disguise would have been exposed! 

When she landed, she was in no hurry to do anything either, she merely stood quietly, watching Qian Shanxue. 

He looked up in a peculiar manner, admiring the few stars in the sky. After a while, he smiled. “Please follow me, Grand Senior Sister!”

Then, he led the way in front. 

Unfortunately, when he arrived at his quarters, a black-robed guard hurried forward to report, “Young Master! The fourth young master of Zhan, Zhan Qisheng, has been waiting for you!” 

Su Yuehan said immediately, “Since you have a guest, I’ll come by next time!” 

Qian Shanxue interjected, “If you miss this opportunity today, you will regret it for life! Aren’t you worried?” 

Su Yuehan clenched her fist and stared at him coldly without a word. 

Qian Shanxue turned to the guard. “Why is he here?” 

The guard reported, “He said he has matters to discuss with you.”

Qian Shanxue huffed. “He’s just a newcomer, how important can his matters be? I’m not meeting him!” 

When he finished, he turned to leave. 

The guard could not help but advise, “But… he’s still a Zhan after all… it’s best if you still meet him.” 

Qian Shanxue stopped abruptly, then turned to walk towards the guard, his eyes glued on him until the guard looked down in terror. He smiled, “You’re right, he’s still the son of the Northwestern Zhan clan after all! No matter what, I must save his face.” 

As he spoke, he patted the guard’s shoulder. “You’re loyal to your job, that’s good!” 

The guard was flattered, he smiled, “It is only my duty!” 

“You’re right, your duty!” He pressed on the guard’s forehead with a smile, then curled his fingers and flicked his index and middle finger. In an instant, the guard shot off like a cannonball, falling off Heaven Solitary Peak. He did not even have time to scream when the darkness swallowed him! 

The other guards could not react in time, staring in shock. This mercurial Hidden Brocade disciple was still all smiles, though his eyes were icy cold. He looked at the remaining guards and said, “But you have forgotten your place!” 

When he finished, he wrung his sleeves and left, leaving the guards trembling! 

He entered his quarters, then requested for Su Yuehan to wait in the foyer before the main hall, walking alone to one of the side rooms. He had just entered when he saw Zhan Qisheng sitting with his eyes closed, unmoving like a statue. 

Qian Shanxue remarked mildly, “I didn’t know you were visiting, I apologise for the lack of welcome!” 

Zhan Qisheng’s eyes sprung open and greeted him respectfully, “Please forgive me for visiting unannounced!” 

Qian Shanxue did not take a seat either. He stood at the entrance with hands behind his back. “Why are you here, Junior Brother?” 

When Zhan Qisheng saw this, a hint of humiliation flashed in his eyes but he quickly calmed. “I need to tell you something!” 

“Oh? How important is it?” 

Zhan Qisheng looked up directly at Qian Shanxue, his eyes sharp. “It’s about Li Chengfeng!” 

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