Breaking The Day - Chapter 281

“Li Chengfeng?” Qian Shanxue squinted as he eyed Zhan Qisheng. 

These three characters were like a switch, triggering every nerve in his body. 

However, he was much calmer this time. His eyes and demeanour were as if he was talking about a person who was about to die. 

What’s there to be mad about if the person’s about to die? 

“Why do you want to talk about Li Chengfeng?” A smirk crept up the corner of his lips. 

Zhan Qisheng did not notice it, merely immersed in his excitement. He was confident that the idiot who brought him so much humiliation was finally done for! 

“I recently found a secret belonging to Li Chengfeng!” A strange light shone from Zhan Qisheng’s eyes, like a bloodthirsty wolf. 

Qian Shanxue smiled. He looked at his hand, as if studying the lines on his palm, then asked lazily, “Oh? What secret?” 

Zhan Qisheng noticed he was not respected and was a little shocked, though he quickly explained, “After my investigations, the culprit behind the attack on Senior Brother Sun Boren was actually Li Chengfeng and a subordinate from the Li clan!” 

Qian Shanxue flipped his hand over, studying his long fingers, then asked flatly, “So?” 

Zhan Qisheng bit back his anger and said, “So, Li Chengfeng was lying to the sect, first hurting a Spiritual Mountain Senior, stealing a Hidden Brocade golden invitation, finally infiltrating Spiritual Mountain and becoming a disciple! This is an unforgivable, evil, reckless act, the Spiritual Mountain Sect cannot keep him here!” 

Qian Shanxue finally finished studying his hand. He thought for a moment. “Golden invitation? Sun Boren? Who is Sun Boren?” 

“The Hidden Modesty Court disciple whose eyes were burned to blindness.” 

“Eyes burned?” Qian Shanxue thought for a moment, then replied with realisation, “Oh, it’s him! That useless idiot! It’s great he’s blind now! Has he died yet?” 

Zhan Qisheng was utterly shocked by this answer, he did not know what to say! 

He thought for a moment. After a pause, he said, “But, don’t you want to sentence him to death?” 

“Sentence Li Chengfeng to death?” Qian Shanxue eyed him with amusement and smiled. He waved. “Come, follow me.” 

Then, he walked out. 

Confused, Zhan Qisheng followed after a pause, filled with rage and humiliation. 

No one had ever treated a Zhan descendant like that! 

Qian Shanxue walked out and almost knocked into Grand Senior Sister. He was first stunned, then smiled, rage hidden within, “You heard all of it?” 

Su Yuehan looked calm when she asked coldly, “How much longer?” 

Qian Shanxue smiled. “You didn’t hear? It’s fine if you didn’t! That guy… What’s his name? Zhan… Zhan Qi… whatever, that Zhan guy said he has already gotten hold of your little lover’s weakness, saying that Sun… Sun what again? Anyway, the Hidden Modesty disciple with the burnt eyes, he said Chengfeng and some Li subordinate were the culprits. He then stole a golden invitation and entered the sect! Hahahaha, such boldness, how dare he! How do you think we should deal with him?” 

Su Yuehan’s heart clenched but forced herself to stay calm. She eyed him coldly. “What proof do you have?” 

Zhan Qisheng bowed. “We have a confession from the butler of the Li family!” 

Su Yuehan clenched her fist tightly, hidden by a sleeve as she huffed, “How is his confession proof?” 

Zhan Qisheng replied with confidence, “This butler has served the Li family for decades, naturally his confession is believable!” 

Su Yuehan fell silent. She did not know what to say, but knew that speaking more would only result in more mistakes! 

Qian Shanxue grinned. “That’s enough, let’s not waste time on nonsense. Let’s go, come see my latest trick!” 

Zhan Qisheng was furious, he had spent a lot of effort completely breaking Uncle Kun’s determination, he was so close to killing Li Chengfeng yet all Qian Shanxue said was: let’s not waste time on nonsense!

He clenched both fists tightly, holding back his fury as he followed behind Grand Senior Sister. 

Very soon, they passed through Qian Shanxue’s quarters, then a garden filled with flowers and finally a platform on a cliff. 

Su Yuehan did not speak, silently following behind. She was on high alert, her hands holding a secret mudra in her sleeves. She would activate her spell to leave the moment something was amiss. 

Very soon, she saw a platform lined with dense runes and arrays. This was a platform on Heavenly Solitary Peak that subordinates beneath Qian Shanxue were not allowed access to. 

At the centre of the array was a circular stone platform, a clay sculpture of a city moulded on top. 

His eyes filled with excitement, he walked forward and extended his arms like a child showing off his new toy, bragging to Grand Senior Sister and Zhan Qisheng, “Look! This is the new magic I invented!” 

Su Yuehan smirked. “Oh? Isn’t it just an array?” 

Zhan Qisheng looked around in confusion, he did not see anything different. 

Qian Shanxue grinned. “Grand Senior Sister, despite your experience, you still would not have seen my magic! Arrays are just supplementary!” 

As he spoke, he waved. “Grand Senior Sister, step forward and look. Don’t you think this city looks familiar?” 

She looked at the arrays on the ground, then imitated Qian Shanxue’s exact footsteps when she walked forward. 

When she approached, she was stunned: although the clay city was only roughly moulded, she was surprised to see a river of sand around it, and it was flowing; clay boats rode down the flowing river and she could even see clay men steering them!

What magic was this, how peculiar! 

Very soon, she saw a sign at the city gates that wrote: Tong’an! 

Her pupils constricted immediately in recognition! 

“You’re right! This is Tong’an!” Qian Shanxue was satisfied with her reaction and laughed heartily. “You must be impatient! I’ll show you what I have been working on!” 

When he spoke, he pointed at the corner of the model city and said, “This is the Zhou clan, who has been leading the revolt against Spiritual Mountain. Today, I will show you how I punish ants who dare go against me…. Spiritual Mountain Sect!” 

As he spoke, he clapped and brought his arms apart; his left arm gestured in the air and flames burned immediately, forming clouds of fire between his palms. 

But Su Yuehan clearly saw that within the model Zhou estate, several tiny clay humans looked up at the rolling cloud of fire… 

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