Breaking The Day - Chapter 282

Su Yuehan almost lost her composure, for she wanted to scream at the few tiny men: RUN! 

She didn’t know if that was Li Chengfeng but she knew Chengfeng was likely going to be there! 

Su Yuehan’s body shook uncontrollably, her eyes flashing, her fingers hidden in her sleeve pressing deep into her palm. 

Thank goodness Qian Shanxue was focusing on displaying his magic, he did not notice Su Yuehan’s expression. 

He looked excited, his eyes shining like a child playing with his toy. 

Although Qian Shanxue was mercurial, violent and malicious, he was definitely a genius! The magic he invented was so special that even with Su Yuehan’s experience and expertise, she could not figure out the relationship between the arrays and his spell or how he did it! 

Zhan Qisheng stood in shock, staring far away. He could clearly see a gigantic red cloud floating far away, boiling like red hot lava that could erupt any time! 

The red cloud appeared the same moment Qian Shanxue cast his spell! 

Did this mean that this small spell he cast on the model Tong’an City would be an apocalyptic disaster at the real one? 

As he wondered, the flames rolling in Qian Shanxue’s hand erupted with sparks and tiny fireballs, falling downwards into the Zhou estate of Tong’an City. 

One, two, three, four… countless fireballs! 

They fell like continuous raindrops until it grew into a dense shower, in the end turning into a full-fledged storm, covering the skies and land! 

Countless tiny clay men ran out of the clay city, especially from the Zhou estate, which had turned into a sea of fire in an instant without even a single person inside! Qian Shanxue grew wildly excited, bursting into manic laughter. He grinded his teeth, his features contorted as he bent over and shouted at the model city: “ANTS!” 

That’s right! 

With just a wave of his hand, nearly a thousand people of the Zhou clan 250 kilometres away died in a sea of fire. If he wanted, one million residents of Tong’an City could die along with them too! 

With such power and might, these common mortals and the insubordinate juniors were mere ants! 

Qian Shanxue laughed heartily. At this moment, all his humiliation, all the anger he held back were cleansed by the fire storm. 

Su Yuehan’s body shook vigorously. She forced herself to control her feelings so her voice would not shake, “You just annihilated an entire clan without permission… aren’t you afraid you’re going to be questioned?!” 

He laughed. “The cultivators only care about cultivation matters, this is considered administrative affairs!” 

She clenched her fingers, gritting her teeth, “But the Zhou clan does not have any cultivators, they are not cultivators like us!” 

He smirked. “Since the day they engaged the Profound Life Sect and deliberately missed a payment, their fate was set!” 

Su Yuehan and Zhan Qisheng were shocked! 

It made sense. This peculiar array and spell definitely was not created in a night, it required a lot of time and preparation! 

This meant when he received the news, he had already decided to annihilate the entire clan to scare off Profound Life Sect with such a terrifying method! 

But… he still sent Li Chengfeng and the rest off as usual! 

This was to kill two birds with one stone, taking the opportunity to take revenge! 

Su Yuehan cried angrily, “You’re betraying a fellow sect member! It is very likely that the disciples of Hidden Sword are still there!” 

“Hey… tsk tsk tsk tsk… Grand Senior Sister, you seem very emotional when your little lover is in danger?” Qian Shanxue gritted his teeth with a smile. He did not stop casting his spell, his palms still outstretched, flames pouring from them. “Just like you said, it is likely they are inside! But this also means it is likely they are not inside! Your little lover is an impressive one, perhaps he has already completed his task and returned? Hmm? Don’t you agree… Grand! Senior! Sister?!” 

“YOU!” Su Yuehan almost lost her composure but when she saw the danger in his eyes, her chest tightened. 

No, she mustn't be reckless! 

Years of experience helped Su Yuehan forcefully control her own emotions. 

In the past, she would not have ever been this furious but this time was different, she had a person she cared very much for! 

Caring also meant chaos! 

Li Chengfeng was the reincarnated immortal, he will not die this easily! Perhaps he wasn't there, perhaps he was on the way back! 

Su Yuehan kept comforting herself privately. She gave him a long, hard look, then after a moment, suddenly turned into a ray of green light and flew in an arc, in the direction away from Tong’an City. 

Qian Shanxue watched her leave. Although he was still deeply insulted, today, he was satisfied. He had completed the perfect fusion of arrays and spells, this was a work of art in the world of cultivation! 

Those cultivators who cast spells to massacre cities and clans always got themselves spattered with dust and blood, how lowly! 

Here he was, 250 kilometres away, completing the task with the wave of a hand. There was not a speck of dust on himself, how easy! 

This was fit for a prodigy of his level! 

Grand Senior Sister must be shocked too! 

Will she regret it? She will! 

What about that Li Chengfeng, who has died in the sea of fire? Could he kill a clan from far like me, without even seeing a drop of blood? Hmmph! 

A Qilin cannot be compared to an ant! 

[TL Note: Qilin is a giraffe-like mythical creature.] 

That’s right, Qian Shanxue identified himself as a Qilin because everyone called Zhan Qitian the Dragon King, so if he identified with the dragon, would he not live in Qitian’s shadow? 

With his arrogance, would Qian Shanxue allow this? That was why he called himself the Qilin! 

Qian Shanxue scoffed and his eyes darted at Zhan Qisheng standing aside, scolding, “What are you still doing there for!” 

This question was the equivalent of a slap to the face for the similarly prideful Zhan Qisheng!

He thought he had grasped Li Chengfeng’s weakness, with crucial information and evidence so he could kill the entire Li clan! 

But… this evidence, these plans were all nothing in front of Qian Shanxue’s power. It was all a joke, it was humiliating! 

And this was far more humiliating than what Chengfeng ever did!

Zhan Qisheng lowered his head and left slowly, not uttering a single word regarding Chengfeng, Uncle Kun and the golden invitation. He had brought this humiliation upon himself, once was enough! 

He swore never to experience it a second time! 

However, when Zhan Qisheng left Heavenly Solitary Peak with intense resentment and humiliation, he turned to look at Tong’an City far away. Was his archnemesis, one he considered a strong opponent, dead just like that? 

Suddenly, Zhan Qisheng had an intense wish for Li Chengfeng to live! 

You cannot be defeated by a guy like that! 

Only I can defeat you, kill you! 

Li Chengfeng, you must live! 

At this moment, naturally, Chengfeng could not hear these wishes far away in Tong’an City. Right now, he was fighting for his life! 

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