Breaking The Day - Chapter 283

Li Chengfeng rushed out of the room towards Ouyang Nan and his other seniors’ rooms without anyone stopping him, nor was he escorted by any guards. 

This was because the masters of Zhou knew that based on their guards’ abilities, they would not be able to stop Chengfeng and the rest. Might as well pretend to be forgiving, not even assigning watchguards and lookouts. They only placed spies around to monitor their activities. 

Chengfeng rushed into Ouyang Nan’s room. At this moment, Ouyang Nan had woken up and grabbed his sword in shock when he heard the footsteps outside but when he saw that it was Chengfeng, he immediately sighed but turned anxious again, “Junior Chengfeng, what’s the matter?” 

Although he was young, after this journey, Chengfeng was considered a leader figure. He was not a person to panic and was reasonably organised, he would not disturb them in the middle of the night without a good reason. 

Chengfeng patted his door and warned in a low but urgent voice, “Prepare to leave!” 

Ouyang Nan was startled, immediately getting up to put on his clothes. He picked up his already packed luggage and rushed out. 

At this moment, Chengfeng had woken everyone up with Tian Jun supporting Su You, and Ouyang Nan carried Blockhead out. Everyone arrived in the yard while Ouyang Nan asked in confusion, “What’s the matter?” 

Chengfeng explained quickly, “The Zhou clan is completely on Profound Life’s side, they have already sent message to Profound Life, who will send their troops over very soon!” 

Everyone cursed at the same time, “Shameless, disloyal scumbags!” 

“Imbeciles with no loyalty!” 

“Two-faced scum of society!

“****, where are the two Zhou masters, I will slaughter them all!” 

Ouyang Nan was red with fury. He thought everything had ended, and his mission would be accomplished smoothly. Ending their violent battle  without losing lives and at the same time still completing the task was already a perfect ending! 

But they were now betrayed by businessmen! 


Chengfeng stopped Ouyang Nan, warning, “Senior Ouyang, this is not the time to be calculative! Profound Life will arrive anytime, we cannot stay any longer…” 

As he spoke, he saw Han Tianxing watching the sky in shock and pointed at a spot far away, asking shakily, “What is that?” 

Confused, they all turned to look, only to be utterly terrified! 

A red-hot patch of lava came rolling over, everyone far away could already feel a wave of heat rushing in their direction; it was now slowly approaching their quarters, towards their heads! 

The boiling lava boiled and spat fire, Chengfeng could clearly see heat radiating off it! 


Ouyang Nan’s voice changed, his entire body trembling as he screamed! 

Chengfeng was so scared his soul shook but he yelled immediately, “DO NOT RUN!” 

Ouyang Nan had knocked down everyone’s defenses but Chengfeng’s warning snapped them back to their senses, anchoring them. 

They turned to him immediately, for they knew he could bring them out of this safely once again! 

Chengfeng immediately yelled, “Anti-Fire Formation now!” 

Ouyang Nan slapped his thigh, “Damn it! That’s right! Why didn’t I think of it! Junior Brother, you’re smart!” 

Blockhead whined tearfully from Ouyang Nan’s back, “Senior Ouyang, can you not hit MY thigh?” 

With a solution, despite the general anxiety, they relaxed much more. 

Chengfeng quickly asked, “Senior Su, Senior He, can you guys hold on?!” 

Blockhead barely got off his back, panting, “I’m alright if I don’t move.” 

Chengfeng looked at Su You immediately, who was ghost-white and trembling, he nodded. 

Chengfeng commanded decisively, “Alright, get in formation!” 

Without the array ready on the ground like in Yanjian Hall, cultivators must borrow external forces to form an array, especially for lower ranked cultivators- fulu seals, magical flags were a must. 

Ouyang Nan and Tian Jun reacted quickly by sticking a fulu seal on everyone, the other pulling out magical flags to place them in a circle around them. 

Chengfeng yelled, “Senior Ouyang, Tian Jun, you will take the back positions! Tianxing, Senior He, Su, you will take the middle positions, Xiaobao and I will be in front!” 

Other than Han Tianxing, everyone had practised the Anti-fire Formation. Once he assigned the positions, they took it immediately. 

They had just steadied themselves when the area within the circle of flags glowed red, a powerful aura radiating outwards. Chengfeng and the rest were covered in thick, flowing red light like they were wearing maroon armour. 

Xiaobao found this very new, he whispered, “Young Master, why did you not use this formation when fighting Ju Wusheng? Fire fights wood!” 

Chengfeng glared at him, “Do you think he’s as dumb as you are? Will he wait for you to get in formation?” 

Xiaobao stood in revelation, “Oh!” 

Chengfeng looked up at the rolling patch of lava above. The first bout of fire rain had begun. 

Although it was raining fire, that was only what it seemed from far away. When they fell, they were as large as asteroids, smashing heavily into the Zhou yard. 

Screams and cries filled the Zhou estate. Thank goodness the patriarch had called for a feast that night so everyone had been woken up and had not fully gone to sleep yet. Some were still anxious about the events, discussing the duel between Spiritual Mountain and Profound Life, as well as the solution for Zhou. 

When the burning meteors hit the ground, the Zhou clansmen in their rooms looked out in confusion only to see the blood-red sky and the fiery yard. 

When they pushed the door open to walk into the yard, they looked up and started to sprint manically, others kneeling and crying in hysteria. 

The rain of fire was obviously a planned attack on them. Other than the first asteroid landing in their main yard, the rest of the fire rain fell around the Zhou estate, surrounding them all so they could not escape! 

Then, a heavy storm of fire poured from the skies! 

Fireball after fireball fell into the Zhou yard. Although Zhou Guangcai and Guangfa were not there, they were shaking all over, tears in their eyes. At that moment, they realised how naive, how stupid they were! 

Then, the rolling lava cloud slowly solidified into a gigantic face so huge it almost covered the entire city! 

“He” gazed at Tong’an, a smile creeping up his face: a cold, twisted one! 

The face slowly opened its mouth, then uttered a word that shook them all: “ANTS!” 

The bellow shook the skies and the lands, shocking the entire Zhou family, the entire city!

They usually did not interact with cultivators, only knowing that they were powerful, that they were not like other mortals. Now, they truly felt the distance between themselves and cultivators! 

This was the difference between a human… and mere ants! 

They were just ants who were a little stronger, yet they wanted to fight the powerful cultivators, calculating every cent? 

“I was wrong! I was wrong!” Zhou Guangfa leaned on the stone pillar in the hallway, slowly sliding onto the floor, tears flowing as he cried with regret, “I was wrong! Great immortals, please show mercy!”

Zhou Guangfa suddenly released a hopeless scream but all that came in reply was a burning rock falling from the sky, swallowing the entire yard and hallway he was in! 


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