Breaking The Day - Chapter 284

Tong’an city was in chaos. 

Although the terrifying rain of fire only attacked the Zhou estate’s main region, which was only 16 acres, the bubbling lava and fiery rain as well as the stern bellow that shook the skies had scared everyone in Tong’an city. 

Crying, screaming, angry roaring and shrieking, as well as shouting from being stepped on filled the streets. 

The mayor and city guards ran in shock- Tong’an city had been peaceful for a hundred years, just like Cheng’an! 

These officials and guards were stuck in the streets along with escaping people, so they became furious and started to crack their whips, scaring off the peasants in their way, some with a violent spark in their eyes started to slash their swords at every person in their path! 

Tong’an was now hell! 

The gangsters of the streets took this opportunity to unleash their terror, rushing into aristocratic estates to commit unspeakable atrocities! 

Everyone turned into their ugliest selves, and even though they were not attacked by a single fireball, or hurt by a single drop of fiery rain, the terror had awakened the demons within them. 

Chengfeng heard the shrieks and cries around him but he was helpless. With such a terrifying force before him, all he could do was protect himself! 

“It’s here! Be careful!” 

Chengfeng held his magical tiles tightly, staring at every falling meteor hard. Every flame flicking towards them was stopped outside their formation, the rolling heat waves that could cook a person alive weakened by the anti-fire magic. 

When an asteroid flew in their direction. Chengfeng hurled his magical tile, and at the same time Ouyang Nan clenched his teeth to shoot out a Sword Glow to hit it away. 

Their anti-fire array was enough to protect them from the flames but not the physical damage from the asteroids. 

If they were hit, even ten anti-fire arrays could not protect them. 

That was why they had to grit their teeth and deflect each asteroid. 

Unfortunately, the fiery rain grew denser with more asteroids landing per second. 

The distance between them and the master cultivators was too great! 

They all had this revelation at the same time! 

They all recognised the gigantic face that appeared, then disappeared from the sky: that was Qian Shanxue! 

Only he had such capabilities and intentions to unleash a spell like that on the Zhou clan and them! 

Chengfeng had also realised how wrong he was! 

The Zhou clan had interacted with cultivators using a businessman’s mindset; Chengfeng had negotiated using a street gangster’s mindset; that was why to the Zhou clan, he was unpredictable enough to turn the tables and win! 

But… What about Qian Shanxue? 

He had the mindset of an apex predator! 

To him, the Zhou clan and Chengfeng were nothing. As long as he had the right excuse and opportunity, with just the wave of his hand, they would all be killed like ants! 

This was to show anyone who dared cross him, cross Spiritual Mountain what the consequences were! 

As for Chengfeng and the other disciples, were they important? Were deaths and injuries not common during assignments? As for the innocent elders, children and women of the Zhou clan, were they important? Were innocent deaths not common in the mortal realm? 

These were all unimportant matters to him! 

In fact, in his eyes, Chengfeng and the rest were not even ants! They were dust beneath the ant’s feet, they would scatter and perish with a sneeze! 

This was the truth! 

Fire rained like a terrible storm. Zhou Bo and Zhou Ling were trained fighters, especially Zhou Ling who reacted very quickly, pulling Zhou Bo’s hand and running out of the nearest window. They both leapt through the window when the room behind them was immediately engulfed by flames! 

That was not even an asteroid, only fire from another asteroid. Flames splashed like rain while the guards that could not escape in time screamed! 

Both of them turned instinctively, then looked at each other. Zhou Bo’s eyes reddened, her lips trembling, “Why- why did you save me?” 

Zhou Ling clenched her teeth and stood up, taking out a hair tie to tie her messy hair up into a ponytail. “What nonsense, I’m your older sister! Hurry, let’s go! Let’s go to Li, only his place is safe!” 

Zhou Bo hesitated, “But…” 

Zhou Ling cut her off, “Let’s go!” 

Zhou Bo swallowed her words and followed quickly. They looked up at the sky, dodging fire and rocks while sprinting towards Chengfeng’s quarters expertly. 

They flipped over walls and avoided fire, finally arriving near Chengfeng’s place. From far away, they saw Chengfeng and the rest blocking out the fire and asteroids within their formation. 

Zhou Ling cried happily, “There! Let’s go!” 

She pulled Zhou Bo and ran towards Chengfeng and the rest, screaming, “HELP!” 

Chengfeng’s eyes darted towards them and after only a second of thought, he clenched his teeth, “Come in quick!” 

But after a few steps, when Zhou Ling was less than ten metres away from Chengfeng, suddenly his face changed and he yelled, “CAREFUL!” 

He lifted his hand and a magical tile shot out, whistling past Zhou Ling’s ear and exploding with a bang upon impact with a small asteroid. 

Zhou Bo shoved Zhou Ling hard, pushing her away. 

Zhou Ling flew in the air, falling before Chengfeng and the rest. She quickly scrambled up, turned only to see Zhou Bo standing in the same spot. A piece of the broken asteroid had punctured a whole in her chest. She could even see the blood-red cloud through Zhou Bo’s chest! 


Zhou Bo screamed, pouncing towards Zhou Bo, grabbing her giant, swaying body. 

Blockhead’s eyes reddened, clenching his teeth and about to run when Ouyang Nan shouted sternly, “He Zhu! Stay in your position, do you want to kill all of us?!” 

He Zhu immediately tensed, watching the girl who was as strong as himself collapse in a pool of blood, in her sister’s arms. 

Zhou Ling hugged her younger sister, who had just recently been angry at her, as if she had forgotten about the fire and asteroids; she could not hear Chengfeng’s panicked shouts, all she did was cry painfully as she hugged the younger sister she grew up with! 

“Didn’t you hate me? Why did you save me?!” cried Zhou Ling hysterically. 

Zhou Bo’s chest was punctured, even a deity could not save her now. She coughed up a mouthful of blood, struggling to hold Zhou Ling’s hand. She forced a smile and whispered, “You’re my… older sister!” 

Zhou Ling burst into tears! 

Zhou Bo stared at her, mesmerized, reaching out to caress her face with admiration in her eyes, whispering, “You’re so pretty! Sister, you’re beautiful…”

Zhou Ling could barely form words as she clutched Zhou Bo’s hand, placing her hand, which was slowly turning to ice, on her own cheek. She cried, “I mistreated you, I was wrong! I was wrong!” 

Zhou Bo struggled to shake her head, tears flowing, “Actually, you have been good to me… I want to be your younger sister again in my next life… but… I want to be prettier too.” 

When she finished, Zhou Bo’s hand fell from Zhou Ling’s palm, sliding onto the ground. 

Zhou Ling was deeply entrenched in grief, collapsing on Zhou Bo’s body as she cried, “I was wrong! I was wrong!” As she cried, she pulled out a dagger, then said to Zhou Bo’s body tearfully, “In our next life, we shall be sisters again! I will be your younger sister this time!” When she finished, she raised her dagger and slashed her own cheek hard! 

Her beautiful face was destroyed in an instant! 

Chengfeng stood in shock, instinctively screaming, “DON’T!” 

Then, Zhou Ling lifted the dagger and slashed her other cheek open once more. When she heard Chengfeng’s voice, she turned with vengeful spite in her eyes. 

She yelled, “I hate you all! I hate cultivators!” When she finished, Zhou Ling lifted the dagger and plunged it into her own chest! 

The blade flashed, and the night was bloody. 

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