Breaking The Day - Chapter 33

The rich gentleman realised he was played by Li Chengfeng. His face was green as he glared daggers at Li Chengfeng, who was indifferent and looked at him teasingly. However, Qiu Liansheng was in no mood to laugh. He whispered, “Brother, I think he’s from the Zhan family of the northwest.” 

Li Chengfeng was stunned for a moment. Qiu Liansheng continued, “Look at the fragrance pouch peeking at his waist! It’s a purple goldfish pouch embroidered with golden thread with seven golden stripes! Only counts are qualified to wear that! Look at the fabric of his clothing, it’s good silk from the northwest, and the servant behind him has the Champion Marqui’s emblem on his sleeve!” 

Li Chengfeng felt a chill. Although he was the King of Troublemakers, he was not an idiot who could not read the room. One could be reckless and arrogant but must be smart enough to know who should not be provoked at all costs. 

Within Cheng’an, the prefecture chief, Zhang Junheng, was a person that must never be provoked. However, Li Chengfeng had angered him. That was just an unlucky incident. If he had a choice, Li Chengfeng would never have gotten on his wrong side. 

Who would be stupid enough to provoke a prefecture chief? 

Similarly, the Zhan family was also not one Li Chengfeng would anger. Although they were thousands of kilometres away, they were a powerful influence. Even a three-year-old had a nursery rhyme that called the King of the Northwest a hero!

Across the lands of Daqi, no sane person would deliberately provoke the King of the Northwest, the Zhan family. 

As the saying went, it is difficult to get off once you ride a tiger. Put in this predicament, Li Chengfeng’s mind raced to find a solution when they heard a sudden strum upstairs and a bright voice. “I am humbled that both you gentlemen came to visit my teahouse today but I miss my poor sister, Zhixi and am in no form to serve you two today. Please forgive me for this. Come another day and I will make sure you will be treated well, alright?” 

The Zhan family’s Fourth Young Master squinted, his fury stuck in his throat. The middle-aged servant next to him said in a low voice, “Fourth Master…” 

He turned furiously, glaring and gritting his teeth. “I am humiliated here and all you want to do is watch, am I right?” 

The servant whispered, “Well, he did not actually insult the Zhan family. Eldest Master reminded us to lay low and remain vigilant when we’re so far from home.” 

The Fourth Young Master clenched his teeth and glared at Li Chengfeng. “Let’s go!” 

Li Chengfeng heaved a sigh of relief as the man left with his two servants. Suddenly, someone burst into the hall, yelling, “Young Master! Young Master!” 

It was Zhao Xiaobao. 

The Fourth Young Master of the Zhan family paused, then looked at Li Chengfeng. He had an idea. He took another step forward right in front of Zhao Xiaobao but it was at that moment when Zhao Xiaobao slammed directly into him. 

The Zhan gentleman was thrown back like a piece of paper, sliding backwards across the floorboards. The crowd was silent, even Zhao Xiaobao was speechless. Am I really that strong? Did I really throw a man back that far? 

Li Chengfeng’s heart skipped a beat. He watched as the man crawled up, smirking murderously. 

The Zhan gentleman’s two servants looked at each other helplessly. 

Their fourth young master was always looking for trouble. But this was… too much! 

The Zhan gentleman rushed at Zhao Xiaobao furiously, grabbing him. He lifted his fist to hit Xiaobao but it was caught by someone else. He turned to see Li Chengfeng smiling at himself. 

Li Chengfeng let go of his hand. “I’ll compensate for it if Xiaobao has wronged you, please have mercy!” 

The Zhan gentleman snarled, “Do you know who I am?” 

Li Chengfeng was a man who rarely hung his head, yet this time, he lowered his head and said in a low voice, “I do. You’re from the Zhan family, the King of the Northwest!” 

“Then do you know of our rule?” 

Li Chengfeng felt a chill. “I don’t?” 

The Zhan gentleman’s face contorted. “Anyone who wrongs the Zhan family shall compensate in blood!” 

The intelligent Zhao Xiaobao realised the situation: his young master had gotten himself into trouble! And this guy was someone they couldn’t afford to offend! 

Zhao Xiaobao frantically apologised, “Sir, I sincerely apologise for bumping into you, I was in a hurry and wasn’t paying attention!” 

The Zhan gentleman had his hand on Zhao Xiaobao’s neck when he snarled, “You weren’t paying attention? Then what use are your eyeballs?” As he spoke, he flicked his wrist and lifted his hand in preparation to dig Xiaobao’s eyes out with his fingers. Zhao Xiaobao shrieked in terror. He had always been a timid guy, only forgetting himself when Li Chengfeng or Madam Xie was in trouble. This incident had turned him into a mouse again. Although he’d learned kungfu all his life, he did not remember anything now. 

In a swift motion, Li Chengfeng pulled Zhao Xiaobao away and yelled, “You may be powerful but you must be reasonable! Who digs another person’s eyes out just for bumping into him?!” 

The middle-aged servant couldn’t help but step forward to say, “Fourth Young Master…” 

The Zhan gentleman turned and glared, “Are you blind? He’s insulting me and you’re helping him? Are you on the Zhan family’s side or not?” 

The servant privately sighed and retreated back. 

“Reason? Alright, I’ll talk reason!” The Zhan gentleman laughed coldly and lifted his clothing to reveal the belt at his waist. The crowd held their breaths. The Count’s golden belt?

He snickered, “I’ve been a Count since birth. You’re a puny peasant who just talked back to a Count, based on Daqi law, how do we punish criminals like that?” 

Li Chengfeng was silent. Zhao Xiaobao was trembling, holding back his tears as he stepped out from behind Li Chengfeng. “Young Master, I’ll be fine. Leave me, I will not trouble you.” 

The Zhan gentleman laughed, “Good, very good!” As he spoke, he curved his fingers and lunched for Zhao Xiaobao’s eye sockets. 

Zhao Xiaobao screamed and shut his eyes. However, nothing came and he slowly, timidly, opened them again. 

He saw Li Chengfeng diagonally in front of him, grabbing the man’s wrist with one hand. 

Now that his wrist was grabbed a second time, the Zhan gentleman was furious. “Let go! I’ll chop your hand off if you don’t!” 

Li Chengfeng did not even look at him. Staring at Zhao Xiaobao, he said, “Zhao Xiaobao, listen to me! I am the only one who can bully you in this world! If anyone else touches you… Hmmph! I don’t care about stupid Counts and positions, they’d all better stay away!” 

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