Breaking The Day - Chapter 34

Zhao Xiaobao stared at the master who bullied him day and night, stunned. He suddenly felt a sob well up in his throat and could no longer hold back his tears. They flowed as he sobbed, nodding vigorously as he rubbed his tears away. 

The Zhan gentleman was both shocked and surprised. With the flick of his other wrist, he was now holding a dagger and thrust it right at Li Chengfeng. 

Li Chengfeng huffed. Although he was famous for being a swindler across Cheng’an City, not many knew that he had also been taught the Cleansing Moon Sect’s martial arts and he had never missed training once! 

He pressed the Zhan man’s hand downwards, shoved his hand with the dagger towards himself, then slammed his palm into the Zhan man’s chest. 

He’d grabbed Zhao Xiaobao twice! Li Chengfeng must make him at least cough up blood! 

However, just as he shoved his palm forwards, the middle-aged servant who was advising the man grabbed the Zhan man’s sleeve back to pull him away, meeting Li Chengfeng’s palm with his own. The impact was heavy. 

The bustling crowd heard a dull thud as the air around Li Chengfeng shook. He dug his feet hard into the ground, causing the stone slabs to crack. 

The servant was pushed back slightly from the momentum. He stared at Li Chengfeng in shock, for he did not expect such a young man to be so skilled! 

Not just the servant, even Liu Sumei and Little Bell who were watching from upstairs had their eyes widened, covering their mouths with one hand. 

Little Bell was speechless for a moment. She quickly smiled towards Liu Sumei, “Miss, this Mr Li’s martial arts skills aren’t bad at all.” 

Liu Sumei glared at her but turned to look at Li Chengfeng. Her eyes were filled with worry, though with a hint of softness. 

Little Bell looked down, touching her chin and curiously regarding Zhao Xiaobao. She couldn’t help but giggle at Xiaobao, who was ‘crying beautifully’. “This man is prettier than a girl, and he cries more than one too! Can’t believe there are men like that!” 

As she spoke, she turned to Liu Sumei, “Sigh, Miss, do you see him? Eh?” 

Liu Sumei seemed to be staring off into space, her eyes locked unto Li Chengfeng. Little Bell shook her hand. “Miss, what’s the matter?” 

Liu Sumei snapped back to reality and forced a smile. “Nothing, it’s just… this reminded me of something that happened. What did you say?” 

Little Bell was about to speak but saw that the servant was regarding Li Chengfeng from head to toe. With a slow nod, he said, “You’re very young but have already attained such heights in martial arts. Not bad, not bad.” 

The servant took one step forward. Li Chengfeng saw how the bent-back, timid-looking middle-aged man suddenly looked up with lightning in his eyes. With a step forward, his joints crackled as yellow light wrapped his hand. The yellow light condensed into tiny swirls, twisting like vortexes around his arm. 

It seemed like this servant had vast hidden powers after all! 

Now that the Zhan gentleman was protected behind the other servant, he roared hoarsely out of humiliation, “Kill him!” 

The servant turned to look at his master, his gaze unwilling. He sighed, “It’s a pity!” 

Li Chengfeng snickered coldly. “Yeah, it is a pity! You’re such a powerful man, yet you’re willing to be his dog! It’s a pity, a pity!” 

The servant grinned. “It is an honour to be the Zhan family’s dog!” 

Li Chengfeng bent his knees and pounced directly at the servant. 

The servant looked at Li Chengfeng with pity and contempt in his eyes, as if looking at a moth flying into a flame. Li Chengfeng was nothing to him. 

He lifted an arm and the hand with the yellow currents twisted into a mudra. An incantation appeared between his fingers instantly. He pointed at Li Chengfeng, causing the scripture to burn up in flames, then yelled, “Lock!” 

The burning scripture exploded in a flood of yellow sand, trapping Li Chengfeng within. The yellow sand became chains, quickly wrapping themselves around his four limbs. In just a second, Li Chengfeng was all tied up. Yellow sand billowed around him like a pillar of tornado, swallowing him whole. 

The servant smiled faintly. 

A martial artist who had trained to his peak might stand a chance against a cultivator in hand-to-hand combat. However, if a cultivator was experienced, he would know to restrict his opponent using magic from the beginning or keep a fixed distance away. In that case, the martial artist would not stand a chance. 

The canyon between a martial artist and a cultivator’s abilities still could not be crossed. 

To the servant, Li Chengfeng was a martial artist who did not stand a chance. He was just another casualty at all, this was a praying mantis trying to stop a carriage. He did not know his own abilities. 

However, just as he was about to step forward, terrifying aura radiated from Li Chengfeng. This war-hardened man and his sharp senses told him the situation was about to take a horrible turn! 

The crowd merely watched as Li Chengfeng broke out of the yellow sand vortex like a sharp arrow. He bent his arms and held them close to his torso, his fingers straight like a knife as he shot out! 

The servant’s eyes widened, completely shocked! 

That was impossible! 

He felt a chill when he saw Li Chengfeng escape his magic unscathed. His experience told him not to think too much and instantly formed another mudra. He yelled, “YAH!” 

The swirling yellow currents around his arm turned into solid yellow armour. It shot up and spread across his body, wrapping him whole. 

In a blink, he was covered in a layer of fish scale-like armour, only his eyes were exposed. 

Only the ones familiar with cultivation knew that this was the Yellow Sand Secret Technique unique to the Zhan family of the northwest: Flowing Sand Armour! 

Although it was made up of yellow sand, it was so strong it could not be damaged by any knife, blade or axe! 

Li Chengfeng leapt forward, his left foot leaving a shallow imprint in the ground. He then thrust his right arm like a spear right at his opponent’s chest! 

Li Chengfeng’s finger merely came into contact with the sand armour when the armour dented inwards. But he could feel that there was a separate force neutralising his own power! 

He huffed, realising that this person entered cultivation through martial arts. He had utilised the secret technique of the Cleansing Moon Sect, one that only male descendants were taught: Three Moons Technique! 

If this technique could not defeat his opponent, then he was going to lose this fight. 

Li Chengfeng’s straightened fingers curled abruptly, leaving his index finger only curled halfway at the second joint. He then expelled energy in an extremely short distance to hit the servant’s sand armour. 

The sand armour had not fully recovered from the first impact but the second one was already crashing down on it. Due to the inability to neutralise both impacts, it cracked. 

The corner of his lips curled upwards. He closed his fingers into a fist to expel his third wave of energy, packing the most power he could to hit his opponent. 

There were three waves: the first being the sharpest, to attack a specific point and compromise the opponent’s defenses, the second being the fastest, attacking the opponent at lightning speed to break the armour, then the third being the most powerful, focusing all the fighter’s powers into one point and then expelling it like a flood breaking through a dam! Used to penetrate the enemy’s body! 

It was a secret technique from the Cleansing Moon Sect invented by the sect’s founder upon ascending to immortality! 

The Consecutive Three Moons Technique could bring death in the blink of an eye! 

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