Breaking The Day - Chapter 45

Li Chengfeng shot forward immediately, catching Li Chun just as he was about to hit the ground. 

Madam Xie shrieked, also about to run forward but was held back firmly by Su Yuehan. 

Everyone had completely given up hope now. They let out their most hopeless scream and ran like madmen. 

The Grim Stork took a leap that spanned tens of metres away, blocking off the path to escape. 

The people in front could not stop in time, tripping and falling right before its feet. It pecked at them with its sharp beak, picking them up. It then stretched its neck up and swallowed them whole like a bird eating small fish.  

The ones nearest to the Grim Stork were terrified and turned to rush in the opposite direction. The people behind could not react in time and both sides collided, causing the people in the middle to be squashed like burger patties. They screamed, some tripping over and getting repeatedly stepped on. In the beginning, they did their best to struggle and get up but after a while, they did not move again. 

The most unfortunate ones were squeezed off the path, falling down the tall cliffs and swallowed by the mist. Their long screams could be heard until they disappeared into the valley. 

Li Chengfeng turned to yell at Madam Xie, “Mother, you run! Run!” 

She looked at the crowd rushing towards her and screamed, “To where?” 

He pointed up the mountain. “Quick, up the mountain! Climb up!” 

This woke many people from the madness. They scrambled to clamber up the mountain wall. 

Carrying Li Chun, Li Chengfeng rushed towards Asparta, “Asparta, carry my father on your back and escape up the mountain!” 

Asparta hesitated for a moment but Agatha next to him immediately yelled, “Me, Green Bead and Yuehan will bring Madam up the mountain together!” 

He immediately nodded. 

Chengfeng urged them, “Mother, you’re all the slowest, you go first!” 

Madam Xie knew this was not the time for fussing so with Green Bead, Su Yuehan and Agatha’s help, she started climbing up. 

However, they had climbed a few metres when she turned around to realise Li Chengfeng had not followed them up. He stood at the same spot, eyes fixed on the Grim Stork. 

Madam Xie was horrified. No one knew a son like his mother. Madam Xie knew what Chengfeng wanted to do! 

Absolutely aghast, she yelled, “NO! RUN, MY SON!” 

“Run?” muttered Chengfeng to himself. “You all can run, not me… My father has fallen, I cannot run! If I run, the Li family… will be done for!” 

“I cannot run! Everyone else can, not me! I am the Young Master of the Cleansing Moon Li family, I am the Young Master of the number one sect in the world! I am the future of the sect, I cannot run!” 

Li Chengfeng clutched the hilt of his long sword tighter, his gaze sharpening. His body trembled from fear, yet he forced his legs to move and took his first step towards the Grim Stork! 

With a shaky body and terrified soul, he steeled his nerves and decided to face the enemy! 

The first force he had to fight against was not the fierce magical beast but… the chaotic crowd rushing towards him. 

The good-for-nothings running like madmen were also martial artists, slashing any person standing in their way with their swords until they saw a young man with fiery eyes staring at them. 

The leader was a trained martial artist, spattered with blood because he had killed the most people. Even he did not know how many of his victims were Li family members or other people. He looked at Li Chengfeng, panicking. 

He sensed the terrifying murderous intent radiating off Li Chengfeng and yelled, “Young Master Li, please show us mercy!” Li Chengfeng’s eyes darted at the Li servants he had killed and said coldly, “Did you show them mercy?” 

The warrior shuddered and suddenly screamed, “The Li family wants to kill us, we must fight!” 

As he spoke, he charged forward, waving his sword. 

Everyone else hesitated to follow but saw Li Chengfeng move like lightning, his Brilliant Cleansing Moon Sword leaving a huge arc mid-air. The warrior had only taken two steps when his head fell off his shoulders. Blood sprayed three meters high while his body staggered and collapsed. 

The crowd was stunned. 

Li Chengfeng did not even look at the dead warrior and turned to glare at the crowd. He uttered slowly, “Put down your weapons! I will let you leave!” 

“But without weapons we…” 

He roared furiously, “Put your weapons down! Unless you can beat the monster with your weapons?!”

His words snapped them back to reality. The few leaders tossed their weapons away and turned to look at the Grim Stork who was swallowing a few people. The more they panicked, the more they felt like falling to their knees. 

Li Chengfeng moved aside once they dropped their weapons. The crowd flooded behind him. He yelled, “Escape up the mountains, run in different directions. Don’t head towards the same direction.” 

Everyone understood and scattered. 

Like a stone in a current, he stood firmly on his ground. The crowd running towards him automatically separated when they passed him and scattered to the right and left. 

The usual grinning, flirtatious trickster was replaced with a Young Master with a determined stare. Like a boat rowed against the current, he trekked forwards!

One hundred metres, eighty metres, fifty metres, thirty metres, fifteen metres, ten metres! 

Li Chengfeng was approaching the Grim Stork. After another piercing cry, he could smell the heavy stink of blood from its throat! 

He broke into a small jog and accelerated. When the beast was just three metres away, he let out a roar that sounded as if his blood was ablaze, then took a powerful step and shot towards the Grim Stork like a cannonball! 

At this moment, the Brilliant Cleansing Moon Sword seemed to even slice air in half, it was the most powerful slash the Young Master had ever made in his life!

Su Yuehan watched Li Chengfeng going up to challenge the beast, not sure if he was stupid or brave. She did not believe a mortal warrior could challenge a magical beast like the Grim Stork that escaped from the Demon Realm! That was a death wish! 

When Madam Xie saw how her usually unreliable son chose the same death as his father at this moment, her heart shattered.

She had spent her life supporting the entire family… if her only son died here, what was all of her effort for? 

She screamed herself hoarse for her son to run but her voice was buried among the other screams of terror like a pebble tossed into the ocean. 

Li Chengfeng’s entire being was extended as he flew, shooting ahead like a fired arrow!

The Grim Stork, as usual, did not take it to mind. It flicked its claw lightly and Li Chengfeng disappeared. 

Madam Xie and Green Bead screamed in grief while Agatha widened her eyes and covered her mouth. They did their best to look for Li Chengfeng’s body. 

Only Su Yuehan had the sharpest eyesight, pointing and yelling, “There!” 

Madam Xie and Green Bean focused their eyes and saw that there was a person hanging off the Grim Stork’s front claw. His sword was stabbed right into its claw as he climbed upwards. 

“Young Master is alive! He’s alive!” Green Bead yelled emotionally. 

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