Breaking The Day - Chapter 46

Madam Xie looked excitedly towards the direction Green Bead pointed at, 

Su Yuehan watched a shaky Li Chengfeng climbing up the Grim Stork. He barely dodged a swat from the Stork, like a boat in an ocean storm, yet his movements were impressively agile. A single misstep could be lethal at a moment like that. 

“Should I save him?” Su Yuehan had a major dilemma. “If he really is the reincarnation of the traitorous immortal, he will not die here…. I think…. Not?” 

Just as Su Yuehan struggled internally, Chengfeng had already reached its shoulder. To the Grim Stork, he was a flea. It swatted at him but this flea was too agile, dodging its swats every time. 

Li Chengfeng swayed, struggling to climb up its shoulder. When he saw another swat coming, he leapt up towards the head. 

He focused his qi in his dantian, stabilising himself at the top of the beast. He raised his sword high, let out a mighty roar then used all his might to stab it straight into its crown! 

He felt the sword sink downwards upon contact with the Grim Stork’s skin, then a crack. The sword had passed through! 

He was ecstatic. This heirloom sword was sharp enough to cut through steel, therefore once it penetrated the skull, the monster would definitely die! 

But Li Chengfeng had no time to celebrate, for the sword halted, as if it had hit something very hard. The momentum that came with the sword disappeared. Startled, he wanted to pull out the sword but the muscles beneath the skin contracted and locked the sword in the wound. Li Chengfeng could not pull even an inch out! 

He had just attempted to tug at it when he felt a gust of wind behind him. Before he could turn, he was slapped into the air by the GRim Stork’s tail. 

He flew horizontally and slammed directly onto a cliff face and then the ground. He felt as if all his tendons and bones had shattered. He could not move from the intense pain. 

Clenching his teeth, trying to get up but the Stork had taken another leap and landed before him with a rumbling thud. The giant blocked all the light.

It stared at the weak human who dared challenge it with contempt. Its beak was open, fresh blood dripping from the beak as if laughing at this overconfident idiot. 

A gust of hot air mixed with the ferrous smell of blood shot out of its mouth, almost knocking Li Chengfeng out. 

Li Chengfeng’s mind went blank when he heard a low roar gurgling in its throat. He had one thought: This is it! 

He watched with widened eyes as the Grim Stork reached towards him with its giant front claw. He instinctively raised a hand to his eyes, shutting them tight. 

There was a sudden gust of wind. The claw that was supposed to slam him into pulp did not arrive. 

He opened his eyes to see one person. This person was wearing a leopard fur Dachang, his back slightly bent and looked sickly. Yet with one raised arm, he stopped the claw that had the force of a ton. 

If it wasn’t for the crater in the rock beneath his feet, one would have thought the claw was made of cotton. How could a sickly person block the strike so effortlessly? 

The Grim Stork did not seem to believe its eyes either. It looked at its paw, then the man, then lifted its head and roared. Retracting the claw, it raised the claw up high and swung hard at the man. 

The man coughed violently, then took a step forward. His body shook like a willow tree when he coughed, yet Li Chengfeng could feel that his every movement was as powerful as lightning. The sickly body seemed to contain terrifying power. 

The man punched straight at the claw. Everyone saw the tiny human’s fist come into contact with the giant claw, then felt a shockwave radiating across the land, finally hearing a deafening thud. As if it had been struck by a giant hammer, the Grim Stork was thrown backwards. In the blink of an eye, it slammed heavily into a cliff wall tens of metres tall, sinking deep inside. 

Chengfeng’s jaw dropped! 

Was this person a cultivator? Which sect was he from, how could he be this powerful? 

That’s impossible, which cultivator would look this sickly? 

Although Chengfeng was not a cultivator, he was a martial artist. The paths of martial arts and immortality were similar in many places. A cultivator would never have such a weak physical vessel! 

But how could a commoner be so powerful? 

After the very effortless punch had thrown the arrogant beast backwards, he turned to look at Li Chengfeng, who recognised that the duo he’d given directions to were his saviours. 

He looked around to see the beautiful girl in red fox fur standing by the path. She looked at him worriedly but the man smiled, implying for her to not worry about him. 

She stepped forward and took the Dachang cloak off his shoulders, patting snowflakes off his shoulders. She said in a gentle voice, “Let’s not waste too much time, your body can’t take anymore.” 

He gazed at her deeply and nodded with a smile. “I know.” 

Just from these words, Li Chengfeng realised it was not a Central Plains accent. They also had a peculiar relationship. While he could sense that they both cared for - even loved- each other, they still maintained a distance between themselves. Even physical contact was very reserved. 

After the girl walked to the side of the road with the cloak in her arms, the man turned towards Li Cehngfeng. His eyes were kind, wanting to say something but swallowed it. In the end, he said, “Stay away.” 

Li Cehngfeng scrambled to get up. Asparta, who was running uphill, put down Li Chun and was instructed by Madam Xie to rush back down. He arrived before Li Chengfeng, then helped him up by his shoulders. 

With Asparta’s help, Chengfeng limped away. He walked tens of metres, then could not help but turn around to look before he climbed up. 

The man’s initially bent back had straightened, his muscles inflated. The skin-tight clothing on the top half of his body had ripped. It was as if his body had expanded double. He stood regally, looking like a deity from the heavens! 

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