Breaking The Day - Chapter 48

Li Chengfeng grabbed Agatha, who almost fell in, then clenched his teeth and threw her upwards to a safer part of the mountain wall. Asparta followed her without regards to his own safety, struggling to pull her upwards. 

However, Agatha kept screaming, “I’m fine, go save Madam and Young Master instead!” 

As if he did not hear her, Asparta dragged her to the inner side of a mountain path with all his might. Then, he finally rushed towards Li Chengfeng. 

He saw Su Yuehan instinctively grab Madam Xie, who had slipped off the cliff. Chengfeng immediately reached out and yelled, “Mother! 

Su Yuehan was currently hanging mid-air, one arm grabbing the edge of a boulder and the other to Madam Xie. Li Chengfeng was only less than a metre away but could not move as the ground beneath his feet crumbled. 

Su Yuehan hesitated, then suddenly clenched her jaw and used all her might to pull Madam Xie up. Then, with her back towards the cliff wall, she found a dent in the boulder wall that could barely support her weight and supported Madam Xie upwards with her arms and shoulder. 

Li Chengfeng immediately bent down to grab Madam Xie, who had been pushed upwards by Su Yuehan. 

The moment he grabbed Madam Xie, the ground beneath his feet crumbled once more. Terrified, he took a deep breath and used the last bit of his strength to toss his mother upwards. “Asparta, catch!” 

Asparta had just arrived at the edge of the cliff. He reached far down to grab Madam Xie by her shoulders, let out a loud cry and used all his strength to pull her up. 

Li Chengfeng finally relaxed when he saw Madam Xie finally making her way out. However, the rocks beneath his feet chipped away once again. He fell sideways, though thankfully for his quick reflexes, he grabbed a protruding rock. He was now dangling mid-air. He looked down but instead saw Su Yuehan sliding at top speed downwards into the canyon below, scrambling to grab any surface she could to no avail. 

At this exact moment, Chengfeng and Su Yuehan locked eyes for him to clearly see the fear and helplessness within hers. Clenching his jaw, he let go and fell towards Su Yuehan. 

Su Yuehan was stunned. She had just been pretending to look helpless and scared. As a powerful demon, how could a cliff kill her? 

And yet this Young Master was willing to risk his own life to save her?! 

Su Yuehan, who thought she had seen it all, was utterly shocked! 

It reminded her of a saying: A man in love will risk his life to save his lover, forgetting himself in the heat of the moment. 

The saying was an ancient one. She remembered faintly of an incident a hundred years ago, when she was just an innocent young girl. A person she had fallen in love with had said this. She thought the love-struck man would be this man, if she ever needed help. 

But that was not the case. 

The day she died, she had waited for his arrival bitterly, for him to save her, yet he never appeared. He lied! 

Her death was one filled with rage and despair! 

Due to the concentration of intense hatred, her soul was transformed into a demon! She never believed that a man would ever willingly die for her. 

And yet, this man’s actions had reminded her of this long-forgotten quote! 

She widened her eyes, watching Li Chengfeng bearing the intense pain in his body to leap towards her. He grabbed her shoulder tightly and yelled, “Hold on tight!” 

Su Yuehan’s mind was racing. She did not hear him. 

When Li Cehngfeng saw her staring at him blankly, he thought she was in shock. Due to the critical circumstances, he had to grab her shoulder with one hand, then the edge of the cliff with the other. 

However, the edge broke off before he could hold on for long and he fell. Terrified, he turned to see Madam Xie screaming in deep pain and Green Bead calling to her Young Master tearfully. Their faces grew further and further away from him! 

Was he going to plummet to his death just like that? 

No, no, I cannot die! 

He flailed his arms in the air, his intense desire to live defeating the intense pain in his body. He grabbed a tree growing on the edge and swung himself upwards. 

With a shout, he pulled Su Yuehan up and hung her on the tree. Just as he was to climb upwards, he heard crackles from the roots. When he turned, he saw that the tree was slowly uprooting from their weight. 

He did not dare move, half his body grabbing unto the trunk as he panted heavily. 

Su Yuehan finally snapped back to reality, staring at him in shock. She suddenly asked, “Why did you save me? 

He was confused why the handmaiden would ask such a question. “Huh?” 

She stared at him intently. “Why did you save me?” 

He did not know to laugh or cry. “Look at the state we’re in! And you choose to talk about that?” 

As if she didn’t hear him, she asked, “Why did you risk your life to save me? Didn’t you know you could have died?” 

He sighed and gazed deeply into her eyes. “Ever since I saw you for the first time, I liked you. *Birds chirped happily, flying by the riverside; there stood a beauty; the man’s perfect partner.” 

[T/LNote: <> or 《周南·关雎》by Anonymous is a Zhou Dynasty poem from the Book of Poetry. These are the first 2 lines of a long poem. A beautiful girl picks floatinghearts (Nymphoides) by the river as the man pines for her from afar. He then decides to play the guqin to win over her heart.]

Su Yuehan blushed. Even though she was currently at the edge of a deathly cliff, her eyes gleamed hopefully. “Is what you say… true?”

Li Chengfeng did not notice the shock and complicated emotions in her eyes. 

He looked at her for a long time, then could not hold it any longer and burst into laughter. “You believed me? You really thought I’d die just because I like you?” 

Su Yuehan was stunned, stuttering, “You… you… you... What do you mean? 

He laughed. “You saved my mother, of course I’ve got to save you too! Stop overthinking! Let me tell you this, there are many girls who like me! If they held hands, they could form a ring around the entire Cheng’an City… Eh, eh, don’t move! This tree is going to snap, don’t move! Wait for them to come save us!”

Su Yuehan started shaking, her cheeks a deep red. She gritted her teeth and slapped him. 

Startled, he dodged and grabbed her hand. “Hey, are you mad? You’ll kill me!” 

Su Yuehan used her other hand to hit him, scaring him into grabbing her other hand. Both his hands were now full. The tree sank downwards and she slipped further. They barely held on. 

Su Yuehan quickly used her feet to stabilise herself. Drenched in cold sweat, Li Chengfeng glared at her. “Are you mad? Do you want to die?” 

She took a deep breath and glared at him, thinking, ‘I hope you die!’

Before she could react, there was the sound of roots snapping off from the cliff wall. They turned only to see the entire tree uprooted. The tree trunk slowly slanted downwards. 

Li Chengfeng was completely drenched in sweat now, hopeless. 

“You b*tch! You might have a death wish but you didn’t have to drag me into it too!” 

Li Cehngfeng screamed as he and Su Yuehan, still grabbing the tree, plunged down the deep, misty canyon. 

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