Breaking The Day - Chapter 51

Next to the lake, Su Yuehan was watching everything unfold in shock. 

She had never seen such a thing in her ancient lifetime! 

Li Chengfeng was completely cocooned within countless green leaves and vines. Colourful flowers even bloomed swiftly, yet wilting after a few moments and falling off, turning into soil. 

The plants continued to grow, bloom, wilt, fall… then grow, and bloom again… 

The cycle seemed to last forever! 

She wanted to step forward to look closer but in just a single step, all the vines around him suddenly stood up vertically, snaking and waving to form a screen! 

Obviously, this was no obstacle to the great Su Yuehan. With a chuckle, she extended an arm only for a vine to suddenly strike the back of her hand like a whip. Her skin broke and bled immediately! 

She was first startled, then raised an eyebrow slowly and licked the wound. The wound healed at a speed visible to the naked eye. 

“Interesting…” She regarded the green wall, itching to challenge it. After some thought, she gave up and floated upwards, then flew around to check out her surroundings. 

After circling the area, she returned to notice upon landing that the vines were no longer growing. They had started to wilt and crumble, turning into ashy detritus. 

She was also observant enough to notice that half of the greenery around the lake was gone now, especially that the moss-covered cliff faces had turned bare. 

She stared at him for a long time, growing suspicious. What sort of spell was this? Did he heal himself using plants? 

With a dull moan, Chengfeng slowly came to. She quickly came to his side, her sharp, intelligent gaze turning into a panicked girl’s frantic expression. 

“Young MAster, you’re finally awake!” 

 Annoyed that the first thing he heard was loud weeping by his ear, he scolded, “Stop crying or I’ll die right here!” 

The weeping stopped immediately, turning into a soft sob. 

He turned to see that Su Yuehan had fallen to her knees by his side, wiping her tears. 

He smiled. “Can’t believe a pretty girl like you ended up here with me in the underworld. It’s such a pity!”

“Young Master, what are you talking about? You’re not dead,” she cried. 

“I’m not?!” He leapt up and looked at the sky. He saw the cliff faces surrounding them and the misty skies, then the lake nearby. 

He felt around his body, gasping, “I didn’t die after falling from such a height? And you’re fine too?” 

She closed both fists and said sincerely, “The heavens must be watching over us, that must be why we didn’t die!” 

He stretched his arms and legs. “I’m not injured at all?!” 

He thought about the …dream he had and wondered, ‘Was it because of that dream?’ 

It couldn’t be?! 

Chengfeng had many questions but suddenly thought of something and his expression changed. He grabbed Su Yuehan and yelled, “Had you gone mad?! You did not have to drag me with you if you wanted so badly to kill yourself!” 

She pouted and said tearfully, “I panicked…” 

“Panicked?” Li Chengfeng did not believe her. “You panicked and then tried to kill us both?” 

Large drops of tears fell down her face. “I admit that it was my fault, please forgive me, Young Master.” 

Pretty girls were Chengfeng’s weakness. This was a swindler who could cheat an entire family, yet unable to stand a pitiful, crying girl. 

Startled, he said, “Alright, alright. But I won’t let you go next time! I’m not saving you if you fall next time!” 

She smiled through her tears. “Just let me fall if it happens again!” 

He laughed. “Of course!” Then he paused and looked at her. “You fell so far, yet you weren’t injured at all?” 

She blushed and muttered unwillingly, “I… fell on you when we landed in the water, that’s why… I wasn’t injured.” 

He glared. “So, that means you were the reason I fell, and then you used me as a cushion? I have not met a handmaiden like you!” 

She lowered her head. “I’m willing to accept punishment, Young Master.”

His heart clenched, seeing as she looked so pitiful. He turned and looked around. Changing the subject, he said, “Where is this? I have taken this road so many times and yet I never knew this place existed at the bottom of the valley. How do we get out?” 

She blinked at him as if to say, ‘How would I know?’. 

He looked around. They were standing at the shores of the lake, solid ground forming a ring around it. At the end of the lake was a bare cliff face. With a glimmer of hope, he walked around to realise it was just a hole. This place was an elongated ellipse, with the lake at the centre. There were no paths connecting to the narrow ground around it. 

Li Chengfeng looked up at the misty skies and yelled hopelessly, “Father, Mother! Are you alright?! Your son is still alive!!” 

His voice echoed but there was no reply. 

Su Yuehan asked timidly, “Young Master, will we be stuck here forever?” 

He raged, “Hey, don’t say that! I have an idea!” 

Su Yuehan was privately surprised. The cliff faces were tall and steep, he did not know any spells and had no magical items. How would he escape? 

He folded up his sleeves and trousers, then waded into the water. He swam to the bottom of a cliff face… then started to climb up. 

Su Yuehan’s jaw dropped enough to put her fist in her mouth. She stuttered, “Young Master… y-y-you’re not planning to climb up, are you?” 

He looked like a large lizard climbing up the smooth cliff face. Craning his neck, he looked at Su Yuehan like it was a stupid question, “You have a better idea?” 

She looked at him like she was equally stupid and smiled. “You’re the smartest!” 

He had a determined look. “I must reach the top!” 

She raised a fist. “Nothing is impossible!” 

Fifteen minutes later…

“Ah….” A long scream came from Li Cehngfeng as he fell all the way into the lake, causing a huge splash. 

“Hmmph! I was almost there!” 

Su Yuehan sat on a boulder by the lake, one hand supporting her chin as she yawned. “You’re the best! You can do it!” 

He shot out of the water and slapped the surface angrily, causing another splash, “I really was almost there!” 

She smiled apologetically. “Yeah, you’ll definitely reach the top, Young Master!” 

As if. You’ve literally only climbed ten percent of the wall.

Li Chengfeng felt pain all over, as if his tendons were about to tear and his skeleton falling apart. “I… I… I can’t do it. Looks like we can’t climb out of here.” 

“Young Master, nothing is impossible! You just have to do it!” 

“Hmmph! He gathered his courage and once again scaled the slippery cliff face. 

Fifteen minutes later, there was a long, agonising scream as he flailed about mid-air, finally falling heavily into the water. 

“Damn it!” He screamed like a madman when he shot out of the water. 

Su Yuehan stared at him blankly. Is this idiot...really the reincarnation of the traitorous immortal? He doesn’t look like one though! If a stupid idiot like that can ascend to immortality, then I could have become a deity already! 

When she saw that he was looking at her, she quickly added, “You can do it, Young Master!” 

He was going insane already. “Damn you, this wall is impossible!” 

She smiled. “Young Master, nothing is impossible!” 

He raged. “That’s nonsense! Nothing is impossible but one must know when to give up too!” 

She then broke into fits of laughter as he glared, “Are you laughing at me?” 

She looked down immediately. “I wouldn’t dare.” 

He looked up at the clouds of mist, gritting his teeth at the peak he could not see. 

Although it was not cold here, plus the lake water was slightly warm, the rocks on the cliff were cool enough to hurt after grabbing on for a while. The key problem was that they were wet and slippery, and had few footholds. Even if there was one, one was prone to slipping off. 

“Young Master, we can’t get out of here, can we?” Tears welled up again. 

He glared. “Nonsense! I have my last trump card!” 

“Really? What is it?” 

His face turned solemn as he took a deep breath and focused his Qi to his dantian. He crouched slightly, looking like a powerful master about to unleash his powers. He focused, then screamed, “HELP!!!” 

Su Yuehan was speechless. 

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