Breaking The Day - Chapter 53

Su Yuehan could not stop him now. She was currently a handmaiden and could not expose her identity. It would ruin the greater scheme of things. 

She initially planned to run into Li Chengfeng’s arms, taking this opportunity to block his view and kill the Grim Stork with a spell. However, now that he had given her an order, she could only feign shock and run aside. 

She watched as he crouched low, then burst into a shout as he hurled himself at the Grim Stork! 

When it saw that Li Chengfeng was bold enough to strike, the Grim Stork let out a roar and struggled to lift a front limb, swatting directly at Li Chengfeng. 

Although he did not possess Internal Work, he had exceptional training in External Work. While his body was as tough as steel, there was almost no space to dodge the swat. He fell back and utilised his flexibility to fold his body backwards. The claw almost cut his cheek, a strong gust of wind blowing his fringe upwards and the next claw cutting them in two. 

Li Chengfeng then slid forwards to dodge another swat, digging his bone spear into the ground and using the momentum to launch himself to its head. 

The Grim Stork swatted again but he was quick as lightning, landing on its head. He let out an angry roar and stabbed his bone spear right into its eye! 


It wailed and struggled, flailing its front limbs about. Li Chengfeng immediately let go and jumped off. He ran about its body, then following its sides up to the head to yank the bone out again! 

Green blood gushed out as the Grim Stork screamed. He clenched his teeth, raised the blood-stained bone, then stabbed it into its head!

The bone pierced through its head! 

The Grim Stork’s roar shook the skies, its tail swishing and jabbing at Li Chengfeng. If it touched him, it would pierce right through even if Li Chengfeng was made of steel! 

“Dodge!” Su Yuehan was extremely anxious. 

She still would not be able to save him even if she exposed her identity to cast her spells now! 

But he did not retreat. He chose the more aggressive, seemingly suicidal path! 

Before he lived in Cheng’an city, he had lived a peaceful childhood. It was when he arrived in Cheng’an with its violent street fights and martial experts that trained him to take the more aggressive path when desperate. He would rather die trying to finish off his enemy. 

At this last moment, Li Chengfeng’s arms exploded with power as he pushed the bone downwards then twisted it hard! 

The Grim Stork’s tail switched a different direction from the pain, sliding past his cheek. There was a long cut across his face. 

The giant figure finally came crashing down, its slender tail drooping and landing on the ground. A stream of blood dripped from the cut on his cheek. 

The series of sudden events had left him absolutely stunned! 

Li Chengfeng stood at the same spot, panting heavily. He could not quite understand why a heavily-injured Grim Stork had just fallen from the sky. 

“Congratulations, congratulations!” Su Yuehan ran happily over, fussing over his wounds. 

He did not turn around. “What are you celebrating for?” 

“The monster was heavily injured when it fell down the valley, this must be the Martial Saint’s doing. He must have won the fight, therefore Madam and Master must be safe too!” 

Li Chengfeng was ecstatic, hugging Su Yuehan and spinning her around as he cried, “YEAH!”

She blushed and looked down as if embarrassed. “You’re so smart, even if I didn’t say so, you would have thought of it already.” 

Then, she struggled lightly and he let go. His tight nerves finally relaxed as he chuckled, “You don’t have to be so polite. I’m not a very detailed thinker sometimes.” 

She replied casually, “You’re not a rough man either.” 

He raised an eyebrow with a smirk, “How do you know I’m not rough?” 

She was stunned and then scolded him with a red face, “Hey, how shameless of you! Ptui!” 

He let out a hearty laugh and walked to the carcass to pull the bone out of its head. “This Grim Stork bone is really sharp!” 

However, the bone refused to budge at all! 

Bracing a foot against its head, he pulled but still could not get it out! 

Annoyed, he braced both feet against its head and pulled hard with all his strength. With a pop, the bone shot out and he fell backwards unto the lake shore, tumbling pathetically. 

Su Yuehan keeled over laughing but he was not upset at all. He studied the one-metre long bone spear and tested the tip with his finger. Just a light touch made a cut at his fingertip, causing blood to flow. 

He was delighted. “Good, this is good! It can be made into a weapon!” 

Li Chengfeng previously tried to cut its head with his heirloom sword, only to make a cut in its skin without puncturing the bone. However, this bone spear successfully pierced through its skull! One could only imagine how sharp it was! 

Su Yuehan said, “That was too dangerous. What if you were a second late? What would have happened?” 

He laughed. “Life and death is often determined in one second. One second later and I would have died. Thank goodness for my martial arts training or I would have died here today!” 

She looked up at the cliff sulkily. “But we still can’t get out, what do we do now?” 

He was indifferent. “I have just single-handedly killed this monster, do you think a mountain valley can trap me? Nothing is impossible!” He raised his spear in the air haughtily, “With this spear in my hand, the world is mine! Hahahaha!” 

Just as he finished speaking, a string of bubbles gurgled to the surface and a large shadow jumped out of the water. Chengfeng was swallowed by this dark shadow in an instant, which leapt in an arc and landed back in the water. A large fishtail was seen at the surface and then… nothing! 

Even the experienced Su Yuehan was stunned! 

She could not even react in time, her mouth agape and eyes widened. 

What was going on? One fell from the sky, and now another just jumped out of the water? 

Did that jerk die just like that? 

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