Breaking The Day - Chapter 54

The initially tranquil waters rippled and rolled violently. Su Yuehan rushed to the shore but paused the moment she took a step into the water. Just like the last time with the Grim Stork, she did not know if she should help. 

If she did and was found out, then she would have to escape out of Cheng’an like how she did from the Zhan family of the northwest. Most importantly, she would forever lose the opportunity to steal this person’s Immortal Energy. 

She was not sure if he was the traitorous immortal but knew that the immortal energy within him could not be faked. At this point, the only reason why she had not been captured was that she operated by a rule: once discovered, run at least 500 kilometres! 

That was a non-negotiable rule. Years ago, she returned to an old place. Before she could switch her identity, she was caught and almost lost her life. That was an awful lesson to learn. 

After that incident, she was never caught again. 

Although immortal energy was tempting, her own life was more important! 

One has to be alive to enjoy anything in this lifetime! 

She stared at the lake, then hesitated to take the next step. If you really are the traitorous immortal, you will definitely survive this! 

However, the waters slowly calmed down and her heart slowly sank. She was a demon with years of cultivation experience though. She was used to the mundane world, having witnessed many births and deaths. Li Chengfeng would just be an insignificant blip in her long, long memory. 

“Looks like he wasn’t it!” Su Yuehan sighed soundlessly as she stared at the gradually quiet waters. “That’s too bad, I thought I had another chance to ascend to immortality once again!” 

Just as she was about to fly and leave this valley, there was a splash and a black silhouette shot out. It was the strange fish that previously swallowed Li Chengfeng. It was as quick as lightning, and with a powerful flick of its tail, it swatted Su Yuehan back in the air. 

Su Yuehan finally stopped mid-air after being thrown back a few meters. She raged, “How dare you! I’ll peel your scales off one by one, I’ll break every fish bone in your body, and you’ll understand that… Hmm?” 

While she was yelling furiously at the fish, she realised that it had landed on the shore and was flopping around violently. 

“Eh?” Su Yuehan thought this was weird. She descended and landed by the shore. “Why would this weird black fish leap out of the water and kill itself?” 

The black fish was huge, about four to five metres long, more than one metre wide. It came up to Su Yuehan’s hips although it lay flat on the ground. 

After it struggled violently, a hole opened up at its stomach and a sharp while bone pricked through. Then, the bone was retracted, then poked out, then retracted and after a while, a long cut was made. A person with a bone in his hand soon wiggled out! 

Who else would it be? 

Su Yuehan was stunned, as if she had seen a ghost. 

Li Chengfeng crawled out of its stomach and stabbed its head angrily. The fish died in just a few stabs. 

“You stupid fish, how dare you ambush me! If I hadn’t had this bone, I would have been eaten alive! You stupid fish!” Li Chengfeng poked at it while yelling. 

After venting his anger, he wiped the blood off his face and almost vomited at the smell of fish blood. “Ugh! Now I stink!” 

Li Chengfeng then kicked the dead fish, and turned around to the water and took off his tattered clothing to wash himself. 

He turned as he washed only to see Su Yuehan watching him in shock. He grinned. “What, aren’t you happy I’m alive?” 

She stuttered, “You crawled out of that fish’s stomach?” 

“What, you were hoping for it to eat me?” 

“No, I just thought you were dead for sure!” 

He eyed her suspiciously. “What, you’re still hoping for me to die?” 

“No,no, I didn’t mean that!” 

“Then why didn’t you react when you saw me alive?” 

She wiped a tear. “I’m just in shock! If you died, wouldn’t that mean I’ll die here too?” 

He laughed heartily. “You’re right! Fortune must come after misfortune! I’m telling you, we’re getting out for sure!” 

“Why would you say that?” 

“Turn around and see,” he said mysteriously.

She turned to look. “What?” 

Li Chengfeng knocked her head. “Stupid! Just think about it, can fish that big live in this small lake?” 

Su Yuehan’s mouth widened. “You mean…” 

“There must be a tunnel leading to the outside beneath this lake! How can a fish grow so big here? Just from eating unfortunate souls that fell into the lake? It would have starved already!” 

Su Yuehan was genuinely impressed this time, clapping, “You’re awesome, Young Master! Will you go scout now?” 

He waved, “No way, I need some food first. I can barely stand. There was that stupid bird, then the fish, they almost killed me!” 

“What are you going to do? You can’t eat magical beasts, their blood and flesh are poisonous.” 

He eyed the black fish. “This fish is so ugly, do you think it’s edible? It stinks too.” 

“Perhaps it’s edible once we cook it!” 

“Yeah, I’m so hungry I thought I was going to eat it raw.” 

Su Yuehan smiled. “Yeah, I’m hungry too!” 

He looked at her. “Then what are you waiting for?” 

“What do you mean?” 

They both stared at each other for a long moment until he hit her head. “Are you waiting for me to cook a fish for you? Who is the Young Master here?!” 

She clutched her head, finally understanding as she thought bitterly to herself: she’d been many identities in her lifetime but… she had never been a subordinate that lived to serve! 

She turned around and made a face, heading unwillingly to the fish as she complained to herself: why did I have to be a handmaiden? And I thought I was so smart! I’m so stupid! 

She suddenly turned around. “Young Master…” 

He was exhausted, sitting on the shores. He did not turn around. “What?” 

She asked timidly, “Can you lend me that bone? I can’t tear off the fish meat with my hands.” 

He passed it to her. “It’s very sharp, be careful.” 

She went up to the fish again but suddenly turned around once more. “Young Master…” 

Li Chengfeng raged. “WHAT IS IT?! Can’t you just let me rest as I wait for my meal?!” 

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