Breaking The Day - Chapter 55

Su Yuehan was startled by Li Chengfeng, retreating and asking gently, “We don’t have fire… how do we cook the fish?” 

Li Chengfeng was also clueless. “F-f-from… firewood?” 

Su Yuehan looked around. “There are no trees in this hole, where will we get wood?” 

He thought for a moment and got up to take a rock from the shore. “Look around, we could use flints.” 

The Young Master of the Li family looked around and finally found a few drier rocks. As he looked around for dried grass, he saw the pile of wilted dried leaves on the ground and grinned. “Well, that didn’t take much effort! I wonder why there’s a pile of dried leaves and vines here?” 

He cocked his head and thought for a moment but could not figure it out. He then piled some together with his hands and started rubbing the rocks together to create a spark. 

After about three minutes, the rocks in his hands were scorching and sparks flew but the bunch of dead grass just would not ignite. He raged and hurled the rocks on the ground. “Stupid!! Stupid rocks!” 

Su Yuehan said timidly, “Young Master, why don’t we… change the rocks?” 

“No, we’ll just eat the fish raw! It’s so humid here, we won’t be able to start a fire!” 

“What about you let me try?” she probed. 

His eyes darted at her condescendingly. “You? I couldn’t do it and you think you can?” 

Privately, her lungs were about to explode but she maintained a timid face. “Let me try? If it works, you’ll get a good meal.”

He passed the rocks to her. “If you can get sparks, I’ll eat the fish raw!” 

He had just finished when she merely rubbed them. With a ‘crack’, two sparks fell on the pile of dried grass. With her body blocking his view, she pointed and smoke started rising out of the pile, slowly igniting into a small pile of fire. 

Li Chengfeng’s jaw dropped. 

Su Yuehan was equally relieved that it worked, secretly delighted with herself. Well? Eat the fish raw, eat it raw! I hope you die, I hope you die!” 

However, she was obviously not familiar with the young master because she did not expect his shamelessness. 

He glared at her. “What are you staring at? Go roast the fist, I want roasted fish!” 

She was stunned. “Huh?” 

“What, haven’t you met a shameless Young Master before?” 

She shook her head. “Nope!” 

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” He looked down on her. 

When she finally closed her mouth, she feigned humility. “Well, I learned something today, Young Master!” 

He laughed heartily. “If you spend time with me, you’ll learn more!” 

Su Yuehan was speechless. How shameless could a person be? Who did he pick this up from? Look at him, he’s so proud of himself! Perhaps it’s just a natural talent! 

Although they did not have salt, the starving Li Chengfeng did not mind. Plus Su Yuehan was talented at roasting the fish, making them exceptionally fragrant. He nodded vigorously. “Can’t believe the ugly fish has such tender meat.” 

Su Yuehan ate two pieces then stopped, blinking as she stared at him, touching her chin. 

“Why are you looking at me?” 

She snapped out of her thoughts. “Huh? I was just thinking, the magical beast wanted to kill you, but you killed it. Then the big black fish wanted to eat you, and you ate it. I think you must be some reincarnation of an immortal to be this impressive!” 

Li Chengfeng was stunned for a moment. He thought of the two dreams he had, then the incidents that happened to him. He had never thought in that direction before but the way he had survived all these misfortunes made him deny it.

“Nonsense, there was a reincarnated immortal but that was a princess in the palace. Nineteen years ago, she was…” Li Chengfeng glared and gestured “...killed already!” 

Su Yuehan smiled. “I was just saying. Plus even if you’re not a reincarnated heavenly immortal, you’ll definitely be able to ascend to immortality in the future.” 

He chuckled and said, “We still have to get out of here for that!” 
He took another few bites then stood up, clapped his hands, stretched his legs and turned to her, “Wait for me here, I’ll go scout around below!” 

“Be careful, Young Master!” 

 As she watched Li Chengfeng dive into the water, she thought to herself, ‘This jerk hasn’t died despite several close calls, and has Immortal Qi protecting his physical body. I’ll dig my eyes out if this guy is not an immortal reincarnation!” 

Su Yuehan waited by the water. It was barely two minutes when he popped out of the surface. He gasped for large breaths of air but accidentally swallowed huge gulps of water and started coughing violently. 

She quickly ran over and dragged him to the shores. She slapped his back. “Young MAster, are you alright?” 

He supported himself off the ground with both palms, still coughing as his face paled. “F**k, I almost died!” 

“Was there another black fish?” 

He waved and then collapsed on his back, panting heavily. “There is a large hle beneath and I can see a tunnel connecting to another lake but the tunnel is too long. I can’t reach the other end even if I suffocate myself!” 

Su Yuehan looked like she was about to cry. “What then? If you can’t hold your breath that long, I can’t either!” 

He broke into a grin. “But don’t you know me? Nothing is…”

Su Yuehan continued, “...Impossible as long as you’re willing to give up.” 

Li Chengfeng glared at her. “Young Master, when you said the same thing just now, a magical beast fell here…”

“Nonsense, that was a coincidence! Nothing is impossible if you’re willing to work for it! I will have my ways!” 

She forced a smile. “What are you thinking?” 

Li Cehngfeng looked at the black fish, where one chunk of flesh had been cut off. “We’ll need our big black fish!” 

She watched, puzzled, as he walked to the fish. Ignoring the blood, he used his bone spear to cut its giant fish maw out. He shook it in his hand, delighted with himself. 

Her eyes lit up. She was genuinely impressed. “You’re smart!” 

A fish’s air bladder usually had two bubbles. Li Chengfeng cut the connecting section carefully, then cut a piece of air bladder about half their body sizes to pass it to her. Then, he picked up his tattered clothes and took off his undershirt to reveal his muscular chest. 

She blushed. “Young Master, what are you doing?” 

Li Chengfeng stuffed pebbles into these clothes, then tied them to his feet. He turned to her. “What are you standing there for? Take them off too!” 

Su Yuehan’s eyes widened. “Off?!” 

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