Breaking The Day - Chapter 56

Su Yuehan pointed at herself, unable to speak. “I...I need to take my clothes off too?” 

Su Yuehan was proficient in all kinds of spells, as well as a great illusionary master. After her tragic love story, she hated all men in the world. She would never get into intimate contact with anyone even under a false identity. Even when the prefecture chief, Zhang Junheng, wanted to get intimate with his mistress, she solved all her problems using hallucination spells. 

While such an awkward situation wasn’t a first, all her past problems could be solved with a spell. 

But… with this peculiar guy, she did not dare use any spell on him. What if it deflected or caused a reaction? Then her plan would fail. 

Li Cehngfeng did not know what she was thinking, of course. When he saw how she hesitated, he said, “My clothes aren’t enough. You just take your outer layers off and keep the undershirt on. Stuff pebbles in them like me and tie the clothes around your heels or hips.” 

She hesitated but when she saw him still stuffing his clothing, she took her outerwear off. 

When she fell down the valley, the long cloak she had for warmth was already long-missing. All she had left was the cotton clothing she wore as an outer layer. She took it off and started to stuff pebbles inside. 

Li Chengfeng stuffed his clothes full of pebbles, then tied them to his heels like a prisoner’s cuffs. He took the fish’s gas bladder, cut a hole and let the fishy air out. After washing it, he filled it with air once again then pinched the hole with his fingers. He turned to her. 

Su Yuehan was wearing a dark green hanfu, her undergarments wrapped tightly around her chest and highlighting her seductive hips. 

After falling from the cliff, she had lost her cloak and hairpin so her hair was a little messy. Her pretty, round face was smaller than Li Chengfeng’s palm but her eyes were large and bright. She lowered her gaze, her eyelashes fluttering like a little deer. Her black hair cascaded around her shoulders like a water nymph. 

While she was not as seductive as Su Zhixian from before, there was still an attractive innocence in this form of hers. 

Li Chengfeng was stunned for a moment. She covered herself, embarrassed, and looked down. “Young Master?” 

He snapped back to reality. “Are you ready?” 

Su Yuehan nodded. “My clothes will definitely be heavy once they’re wet, I don't need many rocks.” 

“As long as you sink!” 

After checking them, he nodded and they walked towards the spot closest to the tunnel entrance. They then waded into the water. 

Although they held gas bladders in their hands, the rocks helped them sink to the bottom. 

At least the lake was not too deep, only about seven to eight metres to the bottom. There was some light here. She could still see his hand gestures clearly. 

He gestured for her to follow behind him as he took steps towards the entrance. However, being lighter, Su Yuehan kept floating up with every step, slowing them down immensely. 

He then reached out to grab her waist close to him so she would not float anymore. 

Embarrassed and furious, yet unable to express it, she forced herself to look down and match Li Chengfeng’s rhythm as they travelled. 

After two steps, he felt like she was too quiet. He turned to see that her dress was almost floating upwards and revealing her chest. In the end, as it was too dim, he did not see anything. 

He did not dare look anymore. Turning around, he loosened his grip on her and quickly led her to the tunnel. 

After a few metres, they both inhaled from the gas bladder and continued heading towards the tunnel. 

WAlking underwater was much slower than swimming. The journey to the entrance toko almost two minutes. He peered inside but it was pitch black, only a hint of light at the end. He gestured for him to follow him close as he led the way inside. 

The tunnel was not wide and they had to bend down to pass through. With his bone spear in one hand and Su Yuehan in the other, they slowly walked through. They took a few steps until the tunnel suddenly opened up into an underground chamber. It was vast with countless egg-like spheres. They were half-floating in the water, half-attached to something that looked like an umbilical cord. 

He looked up and saw that the exit was on the other side, about seven to eight metres away. There were a few rays of light in here, shining directly on the eggs. 

They leaned closer to see something wriggling inside the spheres. He stepped forward to touch one out of curiosity, immediately feeling something inside hit his hand. Startled, he retracted his hand immediately. He found it amusing but saw that Su Yuehan was staring at it in terror. 

Li Chengfeng shook his palm but she quickly grabbed it and gesticulated wildly. She pointed at the wriggling thing in the egg and pointed at the shallow beach from before. 

He finally understood and was equally terrified. 

These were all… black fish eggs! 

That black fish had swallowed him whole, and he only got lucky because he had a sharp bone spear with him. He could have died! 

But there were countless small black fish here, how would he fight them with one spear? If each one just took one bite, he would just end up a pile of bones! 

An elephant must still fear a colony of ants! 

Alarmed, they both looked at each other’s pale faces and nodded at the same time. Their movements became unbelievably light, deeply terrified of touching the eggs. 

However, he had just taken two steps when he realised she hadn’t moved. He turned around to see Su Yuehan staring at an egg… the one he touched from before. 

There was a crack on the outer surface of the egg. The fish larva inside was currently slamming itself on the surface. Even worse, its movements seemed to have triggered all the other fishes, which had all started to slam against their eggs too. 

Li Chengfeng was so terrified his soul was sucked out of his body! 

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