Breaking The Day - Chapter 57

Li Chengfeng, illogically, screamed underwater. “RUN!” Bubbles rushed out of his mouth and at the same time, the fish egg he touched cracked open and a small black fish as thick as a finger wriggled out. 

Although it was small, he could clearly see its ugly look and countless teeth as sharp as steel needles. 

It bared rows and rows of its chillingly sharp teeth at him, retreated a little, then shot directly at him like an arrow. 

While he usually had quick reflexes, it was quite a different experience underwater. He swatted the fish away but it landed inside Su Yuehan’s gas bladder. Furious, it bit hole after hole in the gas bladder.

Air stored within started to float out of the gas bladder. 

Li Chengfeng’s face paled while Su Yuehan’s eyes widened. She quickly inhaled the remaining air but also sucked in some water and started to cough.

The small fish swam out of the fish maw, shaking its head and then shooting directly at her. Su Yuehan was furious but could not reveal her abilities so she merely dodged it by falling backwards. Li Chengfeng’s bone spear was thrust forward, accurately piercing the small fish the size of two fingers. 

The fish was a new hatchling. While it was aggressive, it was still young. After some struggle, wisps of red blood flowed out and it stopped moving. 

He heaved a sigh of relief, quickly passing his gas bladder for Su Yuehan to take a breath. She looked at him grateful then nodded. 

He pulled her towards the exit but suddenly felt her grip tighten, slightly hurting him. 

He turned only to see the countless dark red eggs starting to vibrate. The little black fish inside were moving, twisting and biting to break free of their eggs, finally hatching! 

Su Yuehan and Li Chengfeng paled as countless small fish broke free of their eggs. They formed a dense school surrounding the two, scanning the area with blood-red eyes. Then, like a mad gust of wind, they shot directly at the dead fish. Within a second, the black fish had been eaten completely. Nothing was left! 

All the fish congregated and locked eyes with Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan. They glared aggressively as if they would pounce any moment now! 

Li Chengfeng felt his hair stand on end. There was no time. He gestured at Su Yuehan. With one hand gripping the gas bladder, he used the other to pull at the clothes tied to his heels. Su Yuehan’s setup was more convenient. She tugged at the heavy clothing tied to her waist and they came off. 

After she was free, she immediately helped him out of his cloth shackles and they both swam as fast as they could forward. 

When the fish saw them swim away, they immediately shot forward! 

The school of fish looked like a horizontal tornado, constantly twisting. One could see countless terrifying blood-red eyes dotted within the tornado! 

Humans were most powerful during desperate moments. He waved his arms frantically, feeling his kicking legs kick away some fish a few times. 

Su Yuehan looked down to see that the starving fish were a current of black beneath her. The fish were much faster than them.

While Li Chengfeng was fast, he still felt pain in his legs. The fish had bitten off a few chunks and some fish were fighting over his flesh. Within a few moments, even several fish were cannibalised by their mates. 

Li Chengfeng’s bleeding wounds merely aggravated the school of fish, swimming faster and faster. 

Su Yuehan turned, noticing that Li Chengfeng was falling behind due to his wounds. Startled, she hesitated once again. Should she act now? 

But that was just a passing thought. She had made her decision! 

If she continued to hesitate, forget about the magic-less Li Chengfeng, even this ancient demon would become a pile of bones beneath the lake! 

She had only lived about a century long not because of her spells or vast cultivation- it was mostly because she never put herself in dead-end situations! 

She relied on cunning and caution! 

If she was unlucky enough to suffer enough damage to her True Yuan, then she would die too. 

Su Yuehan jerked him upwards and pulled him in front of her. Using her body to block his vision, she pointed with a finger. Small white dots of light quickly congregated at her fingertip, forming a glowing ball. Then, the school of frenzied fish was blasted away.

A current spread through the water, scattering the school of fish. Most of the fish nearest to her died while the rest immediately pounced on their dead friends and cannibalised them. 

After Li Chengfeng was pulled upwards, he looked down. All he saw was the fish eating each other. He dared not watch anymore and continued to pull Su Yuehan upwards. 

They swam more than ten metres ahead. When they saw their surroundings brightening up, they looked at each other and accelerated. 

They quickly swam to the end of the tunnel and the space opened up immediately. Endless water lay ahead but there was a black patch of land about ten metres ahead. 

Chengfeng and Yuehan gave each other a look, took their last breath from the gas bladder, then swam as hard as they could forward. 

Before they swam a few more metres, the black fish had caught up to them in an angrier tornado. 

They paddled as fast as they could but about six metres away from shore, the black fish had caught up and was biting his leg off. 

Li Chengfeng was in so much pain he could not hold on to the gas bladder, which floated away. Yuehan gritted her teeth, about to use her powers again when he pressed hard on her shoulder. 

Her heart clenched. Had he noticed her powers? 

Before she figured it out, she felt him push her entire being away, as hard as he could. 

Su Yuehan broke through the surface like a fish, now barely two metres from the shore. 

She paddled frantically and finally reached land. She stood up and turned to see that Li Chengfeng had already floated to the surface too but was coughing blood and looked terrible. He dog-paddled to land but just before he arrived, his movements slowed down and his body slowly sank down. 

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