Breaking The Day - Chapter 58

When he was about to sink completely, Su Yuehan leapt forward to grab his arm and dragged him to shore. Just as his bottom half left the water, Su Yuehan’s eyes teared up. 

His bottom half was riddled with countless bites from the black fish, his flesh blurred by blood and wounds. The flesh on his calf was picked clean, Li Chengfeng must have fainted from the intense pain! 

At that moment, Su Yuehan felt as if she had been hit in her chest. She felt herself cry! 

Su Yuehan waved her palm and the small fish still biting him were blasted away immediately, scattered on land and flopping around as if still looking for prey. 

A vortex appeared in the water as an angry current of black fish rose to the surface. Like an angry python, the stream of black was in a frenzy heading towards her. 

She glared at the black current and a green vein popped from her forehead, blue blood veins appearing at the corner of her eyes. 

Know your place, you puny animals! 

“Die!” Su Yuehan roared and slammed her palm down! 

A few wind blades appeared before her, twisting downwards like a blender. 

The school of black fish were caught between the spinning wind blades and were immediately cut up into bits!

In just a few breaths, countless black fish died among the blades as more were attracted by the pool of blood. The shore was now covered in a layer of bloody fish pulp. It stank. 

Still angry, she looked down to see a lucky black fish still struggling next to Li Chengfeng, trying to flop towards his wounds. It opened and closed its mouth, its blood-red eyes locked on his blood as if it could not wait to get a taste. 

She stomped on it furiously. After a while, the vein on her forehead and blue vessels around her eyes finally faded. She took a few deep breaths and looked at Chengfeng with a complex gaze. She squatted slowly. 

Extending a hand, she wanted to touch his bloodied wounds but her hand once again hovered over his wounds. Then, she retracted it due to her trauma from before. 

Su Yuehan had seen countless injuries. She had once snapped a person in half herself, then watched the person struggle in front of her until they died. 

She had also seen people burned alive, some struggling for several days before taking their last breath. 

However, the injuries on this man were the one that disturbed her the most! 

He… he only sacrificed himself to rescue me because I saved his mother! 

It’s only because I… saved his mother, that’s why… he sacrificed himself… right? 

No, it cannot be him! 

Questions raced within her mind, she did not notice that she had already teared up. She could not help but think of the person who had long become a faded memory.

She clutched her heart, which was aching badly. 

There were countless demons in this world who were adept at all sorts of spells, yet she was the only one who could morph into different identities because she had given away her heart to Hades as an offering. Her heart had been a rare Multi-Coloured Pure heart, which was found only one in a million girls. 

But what was the use of a heart like that if she no longer believed in love? 

Since then, she never felt the pain of separation or love, nor could she feel her sorrow. The person that tortured her memories slowly faded away until she merely felt a slight ache in her chest when she occasionally thought of him. 

She had not felt this pain in a long, long time. The last time she did, she had made a cursed vow before she died. 

Could it be him? 

An encounter among the flowers beneath the moon, the countless stars shining in the night sky; 
As the leaves of the red wutong fall, the silhouette of the leaving man fades; 
A vow made at dawn to sacrifice oneself, so all enmity will soon disappear in smoke; 
A man in love risks his life to save his lover, forgetting himself in the heat of the moment.

Su Yuehan panted laboriously, her chest hurting so much she fell to her knees. Beads of sweat sprouted from her forehead as she let out a painful scream. This pain was worse than the Dragon Flames torturing her. Her fingers dug into the ground like five hooks, stone turning into powder from sheer force. 

After a long time, when she snapped back to reality, she realised that she was kneeling with both palms on the ground, drenched in sweat. The pain in her chest slowly faded. She took deep breaths, scrambling to get up. 

Not far from her, Li Chengfeng was once again covered in a thick layer of grass and flowers like before. This time, it was on a much smaller scale and the golden Immortal Qi wafting from it was much less noticeable. 

She could even see flesh growing slowly on his calf through the gaps of the grass. When his flesh had grown back down to his heel, the plants no longer provided anymore spiritual qi. 

Surprised, she looked around and realised that within tens of metres of radius, all the plants had wilted into ash. Even the ground had turned an ashy black! 

She gasped privately, “Is there not enough Immortal Qi to save him?” 

She was right. Due to repeated injuries, the Immortal Qi within him was extremely weak, only enough to keep him alive. When he woke, even if he healed, he would remain crippled forever. 

Su Yuehan’s face paled, watching as the wilted plants fell off his body. When the dim golden light retracted back into his body, one foot remained wilted and bloody! 

Her gaze locked on his wound, she breathed irregularly, stuck in a dilemma! 

After a while, she gritted her teeth. “Fine!” 

She pursed her lips and spat out a blue Internal Pill. After spitting it out, her face immediately paled as if blood had been drained out. 

She held her pill in her palm then placed it at the shrivelled foot. The Internal Pill hovered mid-air, spinning as a blue thread extended towards his wound. A second thread appeared, then a third, then countless threads slowly wrapped around his foot until new flesh grew from his bones again! 

His tendons, bones, blood vessels and finally skin all grew back! 

After his foot was regenerated, she summoned the Internal Pill back and swallowed it. She almost spat it out on accident as she clutched her chest and stumbled, casually wiping blood from the corners of her mouth. Staring at the unconscious Li Chengfeng, she gritted her teeth and cursed in a weak voice, “I don’t owe you anything now! But if you think I’ll let you go now, you’re very wrong! You’ll return what I spent on you sooner or later, plus interest!” 

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