Breaking The Day - Chapter 59

This time, Li Chengfeng did not dream. When he woke, it was already night time. He lay by a fire pile, his body covered with some clothing from an unknown source. It was short and not fitting at all. He looked around cluelessly to find that he was in a narrow cave, warmly toasted by the dancing flames. His shadow danced on the rock walls, flickering along with the flames. 

Am I not dead...again? 

He thought of something and quickly touched his foot only to realise the skin there was much fairer than everywhere else, as if it was newly formed. 

His brows were furrowed tightly as he sank into deep thought. 

As he thought, he smelled something delicious coming from outside and his stomach started to rumble. He shot up and out of the cave to see Su Yuehan roasting rabbit meat over a fire, at the same time chewing on a rabbit thigh. 

“Ah…” Su Yuehan was stunned for a moment, though she then smiled. “You’re awake, Young Master?” 

With the clothing draped over his shoulders, he sat by her side and stared at her wordlessly. 

She saw the look in his eyes and stopped chewing. “Young Master… yours isn’t ready yet. I’ve already eaten this, you…” She pretended to offer the thigh, though her expression obviously said: this is just out of courtesy, don’t eat my food!” 

But what sort of person was Li Chengfeng? 

He took the rabbit thigh shamelessly and said, “I don’t mind!” 

She clenched her teeth. But I do! 

She forced a smile and vented her anger on the raw meat still roasting over the fire. 

“This isn’t bad at all. Where did you get this?” Li Chengfeng nodded and gestured at his new clothes. 

“I… I stole them. Please punish me as you will,” she said timidly. 

His eyes darted at her. “Where did you steal it from?” 

“There is a farmhouse near this place, I stole them there.” 

“Were you the one who dragged me here? You were strong enough to drag me?” 

“I did it little by little,” she said with a forced smile. 

He put down the rabbit’s thigh and glared at her. “You were the one who treated me?” 

She was startled and quickly waved, “No, no, it’s… it’s…” 

“Speak clearly!” 

She bit her lip and fidgeted with her clothing, “You healed on your own.” 

He squinted. “Be more specific.” 

“There was a peculiar light coming from your body, then the plants around you started to grow in your direction, then on your body and slowly, your wounds… healed.” 

His heart clenched. His dreams were not insignificant at all! They had ties to reality! 

He looked down at his hands. What was going on? Who… who am I? 

Crickets chirped in the darkness of the night. Li Chengfeng did not speak while Su Yuehan also sat silently. Only the fire crackled. 

“Young--Young Master…” she said timidly. 

He snapped back to reality. “What?” 

“Are you really not the reincarnation of an immortal?” 

His face contorted as he forced a smile. “Of course not.” His expression then changed. “Never tell anyone of this or they’ll come kill us.” 

She looked startled and nodded vigorously. 

Chengfeng had forgotten about his food amidst conversation. Looking down at his hands, he fell deep in thought. If he really could revive himself upon death, then that was an awesome ability. 

But how could he wield this power consciously? 

After some thought, he still did not test the cultivation method he memorised in his dream in front of Su Yuehan. 

She secretly observed his expressions while roasting the rabbit, noticing his changing expressions. “Young Master…


“You don’t look too good. Are you worried about Madam and the rest?” 

He sighed. “Yeah, that too.” When he realised this beautiful girl had turned ghastly pale, and her lips almost colourless, he was scared. “What happened to you?” 

She forced a smile. “I’m just tired, I’ll be fine once I sleep. Young Master, since we survived the great ordeal, I’m sure we’ll have good days to come!” 

He smiled bitterly. “I think surviving a misfortune just means we’re going to encounter another one!” 

“Huh?” She was scared. “What do you mean?” 

Li Chengfeng looked towards Cheng’an City and squinted, his tone flat but with a hint of murderous intent. “Do you think that Grim Stork from the northwest appeared out of thin air?” 

“Young Master, you mean…” 

He sighed. “The tree wants to rest but the wind refuses to stop. That is why I say there are more problems waiting for us!” 

“Then should we run further? They can’t chase us to the end of the world.” 

“No, one cannot escape from misfortune!” He shook his head. 

“But… that’s the Zhan family!” 

He smiled. “Have you seen an arch bridge before?” 

She pouted. “Young Master, I’m just a young village girl who hasn’t seen the world.” 

“No matter how gigantic, how tall an arch bridge is, it has a fatal weak point. As long as you find the weak point and take that piece of rock out, the entire bridge will fall. 

“Like the saying: a dam of a thousand miles can fall from an ant’s nest.” 

He clapped. “You’re smart.” 

Now that she was interested, she let go of the wooden stick and asked, “Where is the Zhan family’s weak point?” 

He reached out to turn the stick and said, “I don’t know!” 

She looked at him with the ‘then what did you say all of that for’ look. 

He smiled. “We’ll find it sooner or later. The person straightens when he reaches his bed.” 

“Huh?! Young Master, don’t laugh at me but doesn’t the saying go: the boat straightens when it reaches the docks?” 

He made a face. “Well, it’s the same thing too! You mean you kneel on your bed at night?” 

She was absolutely repulsed. “You’re disgusting!” 

He took the meat and took a deep breath. “Smells delicious!” 

She stared and nodded. “Yeah, smells awesome!” 

“Then I’ll eat more, you just smell it.” 

Su Yuehan: “...” 

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